Top 6 Guitar Blogs

When you have a question about guitars, you hit the internet to seek the answers. You’ll find articles written by guitar experts, tutorials about how to play the guitar and pretty much everything in between.

Which websites have the most valuable information to offer readers?

We find blogs to be some of the best resources, and we love how they make it so easy to network with people who write them via social media.

From answering some of the most frequently asked questions by beginners to info about the technical jargon, our guitar experts share a list of the top guitar blogs that they feel offer the most engaging info to every guitar player, no matter what his or her skill level is.

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Our Favorite Guitar Blogs

Guitar Adventures

Author: Guitar Adventures

Guitar Adventures has a wealth of information to offer readers, and we think it is the top guitar blog for newbies who seem to have new questions every five minutes.

Their beginner guides are very helpful as are their guitar tips, which cover just about everything from how to tune down your guitar to how often you should replace your guitar strings.

Beginners will appreciate the simple way that the information in each article is presented, and if you’re an expert interested in writing for them, reach out! They accept guest posts, which is a great way for you to get exposure.

Great content, guys! We look forward to reading more of your work.

Dolphin Street

Author: Robert Renman

Looking for some great video lessons? Check out Dolphin Street.

On this blog, Robert Renman – a Canadian guitar performer and teacher – shares some of his insight and techniques with those who follow.

Learn techniques like the Eric Clapton-style turnaround lick, the blues pluck technique, sweep picking, and how to practice in the minor pentatonic. His YouTube videos have a decent following, and his suggestions are legit.

If you’ve been playing guitar for a while and have the basics down, Robert’s tips can help you fine tune your Blues techniques in a simple, easy-to-follow way.

He has great video, presence, too! Would be great to meet him someday.

Lichty Guitars

Author(s): Jay Lichty, Corrie Woods

If you really want to understand how to play the guitar, you need to understand how it is built; that is what you will learn about by reading the fascinating articles in this blog.

Jay Lichty – a luthier from North Carolina – has dedicated his life and career to building guitars and ukuleles. He is a true artisan, and we love that he takes you inside his shop to see step by step how he assembles some of his pieces.

The blog is very professional and well organized. If you are at all interested in learning more about luthier techniques or are simply curious about how a guitar is made, check out this blog.

Jay specializes in custom acoustic guitars and custom ukuleles, each one more beautiful than the next.


Author(s): Paula Bifluco, Fabio Montone

If you speak Portuguese, you’ll love following along with the adventures of Paula and Fabio. If you don’t speak Portuguese, that’s OK; Google Chrome can help you translate it!

The creative duo behind Pauleira consists of Paula Bifluco and Fabio Montone. Together, they run a guitar customization shop in San Paolo, Brazil, offering basic services such as tuning and adjusting to custom paint jobs and inlay details.

They actually started out with just the blog, and that eventually grew into the successful business they run today. They offer general tips and maintenance advice and show you different ways that you can customize your guitar.

Like what you see? Contact them! They’re available to help you create your dream guitar.

The Guitar Learner

Author: The Guitar Learner

Expand your knowledge of amps, effects, wiring, and pickups with the help of The Guitar Learner.

The combination of words, photos, and diagrams really helps you to understand the dynamics of an electric guitar; something that can be somewhat intimidating to a beginner who has now experience with sound gear or technical terminology.

They touch lightly on acoustic guitars but dedicate most of their info to electric guitars.

Their tips are helpful, and the author shares firsthand experiences to help you learn and see what you can do to improve your guitar’s sound output.

Don’t know much about circuits and sound configurations? Read this blog to learn more!

Guitar Heroes

Author: Guitar Heroes

Guitar Heroes touches on a wide range of topics and answers some very particular questions that others might not even consider writing about. How much does it cost to ship a guitar? The Guitar Heroes crunched those numbers for you!

They offer “pros and cons” articles, tutorials, opinion pieces, reviews, and plenty of other information that beginner guitarists will find helpful.

The info they offer is thorough and detailed, and their tips are original, especially if you’re in need of information about tremolo pedals and octave pedals.

The chances are that if you didn’t find the information you were looking for in Guitar Adventures, you will find it here.