Top 300 Mom Blogs in 2017

Parenting is quite possibly the most challenging job there is. While it may feel like you are experiencing your daily challenges alone, we can assure you that you are not!

Many parents have been in the same boat, but if that is the case, where are all of their tips and suggestions hiding?

The answers are closer than you think.

Today, we would like to share a list of the top 300 Mommy Blogs with all the parents in need of a little help and support. Whether you’re looking for fun craft ideas or tips on cloth diapering and breastfeeding, there is a blog out there for everyone.

We found pearls of wisdom from each and every one of these blogs, so refer to our list to see which one has the answers to all of your parenting questions!

A Busy Mom of Two: The Random Thoughts of a Busy Mom

Author: A Busy Mom of Two

Are you a busy mom looking for support and some savings tips? Welcome to A Busy Mom of Two, brought to you by a full-time working mom of two kids aged 11 and 8.

This blog has a ton of awesome recipes, book reviews, and product information; all presented exactly as described – randomly.

What stands out about this blog is how the author details her money-saving tips and describes how she uses the coupons and loyalty points with CVS pharmacy to save a ton of cash (she calls this “CVS-ing”).

Follow the “giveaways” section to keep up on events featuring kid-friendly freebies and bargains.

It’s a fun blog filled with a variety of information, and if you like shopping at CVS, you’ll love learning more about “CVS-ing.”

A Cowboy’s Life

Author: Chastity

This lovely blog follows the adventures of Texas-based widow Chastity who is raising a young son as a single mom. The blog is full of great information on crafting and recipes, many of which feature quick, tasty dishes with a southern twist.

We especially love the “Texas Bucketlist” and “Around Texas” sections, each of which features blogs about fun places to explore around Texas including cabins, rodeos, waterparks, swimming spots, parks and historic sites.

This blog is well laid-out and pleasant to read – it is definitely worth following if you’re looking for kid-friendly information in the great state of Texas.

The Olivers’ Madhouse

Author: Jaime Oliver

This blog is run by busy mom Jaime Oliver (no, not Jaime Oliver the British Chef). She probably sick of the confusion!

It is sweet, humorous and colorful. Jaime writes about a little bit of everything, always connecting it to her personal experience in an accessible, easy-to-navigate format.

Nothing is off-limits here – and that’s what makes it so great. Expect to find product and movie reviews, travel, health, fitness, and even financial advice.

We particularly love the way she presents simple, practical tips on all things lifestyle, home, finance, and tech.

If you’re looking to travel with young kids or want money-saving tips beyond cutting coupons, you’ve come to the right place. Jaime’s blog has something for parents from all walks of life.

You Baby Me Mummy

Author: Aby

Are you a busy mom looking to run your own business, or just want to learn to earn money blogging? Aby’s blog is designed for Mompreneurs, and it is like no other out there.

A step above the typical “mommy” blog, Aby’s blog offers moms the tools they need to become empowered businesswomen from the comfort of their own home. She offers plenty of useful tips on taking your blogging and business to the next level.

This blog features plenty of amazing tools and resources about making an impact online. Follow Aby and get access to her Mompreneur Facebook group, as well as free courses via webinars.

Mrs. Mummy Harris

Author: Lianne Harris

Lianne Harris runs this UK-based parenting and lifestyle blog full of personal and poignant pieces on all-things-parenting. Her blog, directed to new moms, in particular, covers topics like pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum depression.

What makes this blog so effective is the way that Lianne bravely bares all about the messy, dark topics that many parenting blogs and magazines skip over, such as failure, depression, and body struggles. And this is exactly what makes it so good.

Being a new mom is extremely challenging, and for many, it can be downright lonely and terrifying. This blog will help any new mom get through the tough and messy stuff.

Spit Up is the New Black

Author: Ashley

First off, who wouldn’t love this blog just for the brilliant title alone?

Follow Ashley and crew as they go through the struggles of parenting in a modern, millennial-focused context.

Ashley is an amazing writer, equal parts hilarious and poignant. But what really stands out about this blog is the focus on fashion. Ashley not only offers simple, unique tips on looking and feeling great, but she quickly disproves any notion that Mommyhood means looking frumpy.

We especially love her focus on giveaways of specialty products like breast pumps. Any new mom should stop by and check out Ashley’s awesome tips and advice!

The Mum Project

Author: The Mum Project

This UK/US-based blogger is the digital director of a creative agency, and you can tell this by her fun and slightly chaotic style. Her stories are so well-written, personal and engaging that we guarantee you’ll be hooked within seconds.

It is a blog about getting real—there’s no sugar-coating here. The author describes herself as anything but typical, and talks about all-things-mom in a super relatable yet down-to-earth way.

In the end, sometimes all we can do is laugh about it. This blog might just be the perfect antidote to your daily parenting trials and tribulations.

Telecommuting Mommies

Author: Alaina Forbes

If you have ever wondered how to find jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home, Alaina Forbes’ blog on telecommuting is a great resource for moms who already work from home and want to connect with others.

It’s also a great spot for those who want to start a business from home. The author includes some super helpful tips, such as how to find higher-paying jobs and how to avoid scams.

The blog functions mostly as an information and job-board, where you can read up on how to blog for money, work with Disney, as well as find out what it is like to work in different niches and industries – and the company directory is a fantastic resource.

My Rambling Thoughts

Author: Selena

Ever wonder what other busy moms like you are thinking about in their day-to-day lives? Enter My Rambling Thoughts, a blog about all things mom. Serena blogs about pretty much everything under the sun – and she is a hilarious storyteller.

What stands out about the My Rambling Thoughts blog is the fact that she discusses Military life. She also has a section called “Linky Parties” for social media fun and connections.

This blog is visually appealing, relatable, and an excellent go-to for laughter therapy on the tough days. Give it a read yourself to see how Selena’s suggestions can help you!

Mommy Go Run

Author: Amanda

Mommy Go Run covers all the usual Mom stuff and then some. The author has a special focus all things running, including events, food, and giveaways.

She calls herself an “accidental foodie,” a title many will be able to relate to and shares awesome kid-friendly recipes featuring simple variations on good old-fashioned meat and potatoes, leftovers and crockpot kinds of meals.

This is a great blog to follow for anyone looking to get active with their families. And the best part is that while it is super motivating, it is also focused on self-care. Moms who run should definitely check out Amanda’s blog to achieve balance and a little TLC.


Author: Amanda

Mommity is a very easy-to-read blog that focuses on health, lifestyle and city living.

It also focuses on a topic that we don’t see nearly often enough: being a parent to a child with a serious nut allergy.

Even today when there’s so much more awareness around this topic, it can still be incredibly challenging. That’s why Amanda’s blog is not only useful but important to share with other moms in the same boat.

If you’re looking for tips on how to handle living nut-free in a nutty world, this is an awesome go-to resource. She also has some beautiful recipe, DIY, and lifestyle articles to make parenting a little bit easier.

Amber Nicole

Author: Amber Nicole

Are you looking to link up with other military moms, or just searching for beauty tips, looking to save money, or maybe all of the above? If so, Amber Nicole might just be the perfect bright spot in your day.

This author offers a range of tips on beauty and wellness, and we particularly love her tips on beating the heat and her instructional posts that come complete with amazing step-by-step visuals.

She claims she is not a fashion blogger—just a regular woman trying to save money, but she shares plenty of tips on both topics that you will find to be very useful!


Author: Patricia Swanepoel

The author behind AMummysLifeNZ is Patricia, a NZ-based mother of 4 who has been running this blog for about six years.

One thing we appreciate about Patricia is that she writes about the really tough stuff. Her blog covers topics like disabilities and abuse, and she is particularly open about her battle with postnatal depression.

Patricia is also quite vocal about politics and the like, as you will see by the “Just My Opinion” section.

And finally, on the lighter side of things, check out her crafty DIY section for some new ideas for sprucing up your home.

The Thoughtful Parent

Author: Amy

The Thoughtful Parent is a very informative blog that is packed with useful information on all kinds of parenting topics.

Amy’s blog has a unique spin on the parenting niche and she actually treats it like a research project—since she’s a doctor, her advice comes fairly naturally.

One of the best articles here is one on “mom shaming,” an example of the controversial but important topics Amy often discusses. Many of her posts touch on topics that the world could certainly use more awareness about.

If you love connecting over the real, raw stuff, or are looking for detailed information and fun printables, you should definitely check out this blog!

Mommy Gearest

Author: Andrea

Here’s a super intelligent and unique idea for a blog. Author Andrea is obsessed with buying gadgets, clothes, anything that she can get her hands on. She is here to share her thoughts with the world.

This busy mom of two kids under 10 is on the ball with reviews on a range of topics. She’s also passionate about travel and games.

We love her contests section, which is always up to date and full of practical and family-friendly stuff – everything from Nintendo to gift cards.

Don’t hesitate to pop over there if you’re interested in researching your “stuff” before you buy it.

She’s got a great following on social media too, so you meet up with her there!

First Time Mom & Dad

Author: April McCormick

The subtitle of this blog alone – “two confused parents, one very amused child” – is telling of just how self-aware and hilarious this blog is. It is a tell-all, comically astute overview of the day-to-day antics of bewildered new parents.

What makes this gem of a blog stand out is not a unique topic, per se, but the style. These people are willing to share everything from life hacks to healthy homes and fit families, laughing about it all as they go.

And they don’t only get people to laugh, but they are actively promoting positive change in the home and beyond.

If laughter is the best medicine, look no further than this sweet blog to lighten up even your most stressful parenting moments.

A Slice of Smith Life

Author: Tracy

This blog is brought to you by Tracy, a mom of 5 who offers unique, well-laid out articles that focus on homeschooling. She runs Sacred Heart Academy Homeschool and is a follower of the Catholic Faith.

She blogs a lot, almost daily, and shares lovely photos of her family life, as well. She is clearly devoted to the happiness and education of her children as well as other mothers and parents who choose to homeschool.

In addition to the amazing information she shares about educating kids at home, you will also enjoy reading about her tips on how to prepare fantastic cakes!

Fun Learning Life

Author: Carlee

This mom of 3 kids is passionate about sharing her thoughts about all things parenting, especially fun and educational activities for kids.

If you are looking for a little everyday fun, plus awesome giveaways and reviews, Carlee has a wealth of kid-centered information all in one place.

This blog has some great recipe ideas, tips for getting kids ready for summer camp, and sleepover party ideas, too.

This mama is based in Florida, as are many of her events and offerings, so if that’s your locale as well, you should definitely check it out!

Balancing Pieces

Author: Kristen

Kristen is a makeup artist and mother of one young girl, and she is here to share some awesome beauty tips with you. You’ll learn about great products as well as techniques on how to apply makeup.

There’s so much information on parenting and staying pretty here, that it’s hard to know where to start. But we do love her snippets on daily mom life.

She even has an entire section devoted to “Lipsense,” a clever brand of lipstick that is smudge-proof and waterproof – in other words, it’s perfect for moms!

Kristen offers a balanced perspective on all the things that matter, and her blog is an absolute pleasure to peruse.

Homeschool Ways

Author: Adriana Zoder

Ever wonder where you can find tips and information about being a mom who homeschools her kids?

Adriana Zoder is an organized homeschooling mom who is very experienced in the art of teaching at home as well as building educational tools for kids of all ages. She’s an author, speaker, polyglot and writer from Tennessee with two kids whom she has homeschooled since day one, for over five years.

She even has the blog laid out as a day-to-day schedule to help others organize the week, with fun exercises based on a weekly curricula – how cool is that?

Adriana obviously knows what she’s doing when it comes to homeschooling, so anyone interested in trying it would benefit greatly by following this talented teacher and blogger.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Author: Sarah

Sarah is the 29-year-old author of Boo Roo and Tigger Too and mother of 3. She has worked for the NHS for over 10 years and has performed a host of other roles, as well. We love the way she’s given Winnie the Pooh nicknames to herself and her babes.

She’s got a super detailed section on home décor with down-to-the-detail tips on pretty much everything you can imagine.

She also talks about her pregnancy and family in quite some detail, which makes this a great resource for both first-time moms and those who already have experience.

Sarah has quite an extensive review section on this blog, so take a peek if you’re looking for ideas for books, movies, and toys.

Queer Little Family

Author: Bread

Are you an LGBTQ family looking to connect with others, or do you know one?

This blog is one of the few that focuses on an unconventional modern family, and it is doing a pretty amazing job at spreading awareness about what it’s like to be an LGBTQ parent.

If you’re interested in reading and don’t know where to start, check out their answers to “Sex Frequently Asked Questions of LGBTQ Parents.”

These two moms are interested in connecting with other people, too. So, if you have any questions, or if you would just like to follow, please stop by – you won’t be disappointed!

Simplistically Living

Author: Brittanie

Simplistically Living is the brainchild of author Brittanie, a “geeky” mom to 2 little boys who originally started this blog to share coupons and money savings tips.

Since then, it has morphed into a blog with way more fun stuff like crafts, recipes and product reviews, as well as day-to-day mommy musings and advice.

We love that there’s a section devoted to mompreneurs and another that is all dedicated to the art of simple living.

Moms will also love her tips and tricks, which include useful tips on common problems like getting kids to eat picky food and handling potty training.

The View from Up Here

Author: Brittany

The View from Up Here is a visually stunning and easy-to-follow blog with gorgeous graphics and instructional blogs on all things parenting. Author Brittany is a stay-at-home mom of 2 young boys and is based out of Florida.

This blog covers a little bit of everything, but we particularly love her focus on fashion and style for kids and adults.

Brittany also has a wealth of fun crafting, recipes and party ideas, some of which are set up as beautiful printables.

And if you’re looking for cleaning or organizational tips, Brittany has that covered too.

Caffeine & Fairydust

Author: Maz

This lovely collaborative blog via Maz, a mother of two based out of Cape Town, is one of the best we’ve seen yet – not only for its visual appeal but also its unique categories and extremely well-organized setup.

When you pay it a visit, we suggest that you start by looking at the menu under “parenting” which features such sections as “Pregnancy (Sucks! Just kidding. Not.)” and “For the Dads.”

The writing and ideas on here are fresh, clear and compelling, not to mention useful as heck, if even for a great belly laugh in the middle of a long day of chaos.

Jamerican Spice

Author: Collette

Collette is a stay-at-home mom of 2 who is busy bringing a little of her Jamaican heritage to her Louisiana world and beyond through this inspiring and informative blog. Her aim is to uplift and inspire those in her real life and virtual communities.

One thing that stands out about this blog is the focus on music, which Collette is clearly passionate about. Music fans should definitely check out her “Music Mondays” section, which features plenty of events, reviews and giveaways.

If you’re looking for financial budgeting and savings tips, you should definitely check out some of her ingenious budget hacks on the Budget/Savings page.

Mommy Ramblings

Mommy Ramblings is a fascinating blog that contains tons of fun craft projects, product reviews, giveaways and more. Everyone will be able to find something they want to learn more about on this well-rounded website.

If you want movie or book recommendations for the kids, or you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day, you will find it here.

This blog has so much on it that you may not know where to start. Crafting fans will be happy with the DIY section which features ideas like duct tape bow ties, chair and desk do-overs, and make-your-own coasters.

Carrie with Children

Author: Carrie McLaren

Carrie is a mother of two young girls, one with Down Syndrome. She started the blog as a way of sharing about all of her parenting adventures, but specifically to raise awareness about Down Syndrome.

While it is an important blog for any parent with a special needs child, it is also an important central resource that allows everyone to learn more about some extraordinary kids and families.

She has worn many different blogger and writer hats throughout the years, and on Carrie with Children, you will find a little bit of everything. Her family adventures are fun to follow and inspiring to say the least!

The Frenchie Mummy

Author: Cécile

Cécile is a French teacher living in London with her partner and a baby. She started this blog as a means of staying sane after feeling a little stir crazy from staying at home changing diapers all day.

Cécile is a huge shoe and handbag fan and loves living the good life – shopping, chocolate and Spa holidays are high on her list of favorite things to do. She writes a lot about these topics; be sure to follow her “Style” page for fashion reviews and giveaways.

Fellow bloggers should be sure to check out the “Blogging” section of her site, as well, which is packed with information about connecting with other writers and building your brand.

Little Us

Author: Christa

This is a beautiful and easy-to-navigate blog that contains so much useful information. It is extremely well-organized with topics ranging from Pinterest to essential oils.

The photography on this site makes for especially effective craft and DIY tutorials – you will be blown away by the visually stunning step by step guides to making yummy canned food like pickles and sauces.

Another unique aspect of this blog is its “Must Haves” section, which shares product reviews on a whole range of mom products, divided carefully by type. And, of course, if you love giveaways, there are a bunch of those, too!

A Slice of Home School Pie

Author: Clara

This quirky and informative blog is an excellent resource for those parents who are already homeschooling or are considering it in the future.

Author Clara has been homeschooling for over 10 years, so there’s no doubt she has some great information to share on the topic.

Clara is the mother of two boys and prides herself on always being authentic, a fact which definitely shines through in her writing.

She also genuinely loves connecting with others and teaching them, so if you are looking for support in this area or just want to meet other parents to chat with, you should definitely reach out.

As Mom Sees It

Author: Dusty

As Mom Sees It is a mom blog that features a little bit of everything such as tech, auto, travel, and Disney. It is the brainchild of Dusty, an Ohio-based mother of 2 kids.

Dusty has been blogging with a focus on relationship-building for seven years or so. It all started when she was laid off and looking for opportunities to meet other mothers. She had also been looking for a place to share information on baby products.

Dusty and her crew absolutely love sharing unique travel tips, recipes, entertainment ideas, and DIY projects with the world.

Every Avenue Life

Author: Elena

Any parent who is already adventurous or wants some inspiration for getting out there needs to read Every Avenue Life, a blog that’s packed with awesome information on everything from world travel and fitness to pregnancy.

Elena is certainly no slouch – she is about as adventurous as a person can get, with or without a kid! She is dynamic, completely inspiring and gets into important (but not boring) detail in every post. What’s more, she writes almost daily.

Whether it is fashion, photography, local tours, global travel, or pregnancy stuff, she covers all sides. We recommend checking out her fitness tips and product reviews.

Dreaming of the Country

Author: Rachel

Rachel clearly has a soft spot for all things home, with a particular focus on homemaking and photography.

We love her focus on hospitality in particular, what it takes to make your home completely cozy and welcoming for guests. She even has a guest post on hosting young children and large families.

If you’re looking for DIY and ideas, Rachel is a pro, offering visually stunning and easy-to-follow instructions on her blog. And because she’s such a fantastic photographer, you can see exactly how to get kids of all ages involved in the crafts.

The Naptime Reviewer

Author: Cristen

Cristen of The Naptime Reviewer is busy as a beaver! She is a work-at-home mom with 2 young girls who contributes to several other blogs as well as this one. She’s been blogging for a solid 5 years and is completely immersed in it.

Typically this blog covers a little bit of everything, from travel to style to house and home. The blog is a bit of a collaborative effort which offers a refreshing range of perspectives and writing styles.

This website has a clean, well-organized feel that makes it an absolute pleasure to peruse.

Crystal Carder

Author: Crystal Carder

Crystal’s lifestyle blog has a strong focus on health and wellness, and we love that she tackles reviews of innovative, natural products like raw organic protein and Lunchables organics.

Crystal is a stay-at-home mom of 3 who is a self-confessed “traveling coffee addict.” If you’re a nomad, you will love her focus on traveling. She and her husband even built a “dream truck” that took them on many an adventure.

This blog features workout tips, stress-busting ideas, great recipes, and pretty much everything under the sun to keep your family healthy and happy. And if you’re a fan of free stuff, be sure to check out her giveaways for a chance to win!

Daily Momtivity

Author: Daily Momtivity

Daily Momtivity is a collaborative effort by a group of Moms with a focus on fun, honesty, and advice in a collective and trusting environment. Their aim is to provide healthy information to help you and your family life to the fullest.

The Mom authors here share all kinds of interesting tips and thoughts and the diversity in perspectives makes it unique and always fresh if you’re checking in on a daily basis.

This blog is extremely Pinterest-compatible, so if you are also into Pinning all of the cool craft projects, you should definitely pop over here to build your boards.

Honey & Lime

Author: Honey & Lime

Honey and Lime is a sweet and tangy tasty place to hang out in as you’ll see in the recipe section, but it’s not all about food – there’s plenty of room here for lifestyle, DIY, travel adventures and much more.

While there’s plenty to peruse on this blog, we suggest you check out the “Healthy Living” section, which is full of natural and DIY home remedies, easy meals and so much more.

This blog features workout tips, stress-busting ideas, great recipes, and pretty much everything under the sun you could want to keep your family healthy and happy.

His Inscriptions

Author: Deborah Perkins

Deborah Perkins is the author behind this inspiring, faith-based site as well as two books on the topics of faith, personal growth and business. She also frequently speaks at local churches, so you can be sure she knows her stuff.

This author is topically on point at every turn. She has some incredibly inspiring words, posts, and images that she shares here, so if you’re looking for this kind of spiritual inspiration, you won’t be disappointed.

Deborah even gets so specific as sharing posts examining topics like how technology could be impeding on Christian life and how to start a Christian blog.

Toronto Teacher Mom

Author: Diana

Diana is a Canadian mother of 2 and an elementary school teacher. This blog was launched with the intention of sharing her thoughts on the latest household items and products, as well as to share family information with her loved ones.

It’s wonderful to tap into an educational instructor’s perspective on parenting and all of the things – especially considering that she has also been running this blog for over 10 years.

As if Diana weren’t busy enough, she’s also got a separate website entirely devoted to craft ideas. This is one talented, well-versed mom who is worth a follow, especially if you’re looking to connect with other Canadians.

Kreative Mommy

Author: Deepa

Deepa is a dietician and choreographer as well as mother of two girls. Her blog focuses on a little bit of everything from life stuff to parenting to travel.

Deepa has won a ton of blogging awards and it’s easy to see why – the format is neat and the content is informative. Her broad-ranging recognition can be found under that section on the site.

We love Deepa’s visually stunning visuals which fit especailly well in the informative “nutrition” section.

And if you’re a blogger looking to collaborate, you should definitely reach out; she would love to hear from you!

Director Jewels

Author: Julie

The blogger behind Director Jewels wears many hats. She used to be a librarian and currently, she runs a drama studio at home. She’s a faith-loving woman with two kids, and she’s bonkers about crafting.

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, Julie offers some amazing and simple craft tips with step-by-step instructions and stunning photos to help you and your little ones get creative.

One thing that stands out on this blog is that there’s a whole section devoted to theater reviews.

There’s also a ton of product information and just generally fun stuff to keep your kids healthy, happy, and engaged.


Author: Donna DeForbes

Eco-Mothering is the brainchild of Donna DeForbes, a blogger who definitely does her part to promote natural parenting. She admits that she’s not “perfectly green,” and pretty much uses that as her basis for many of her pieces.

This blog has so much information about being eco-friendly around the home, and it comes straight out of the brain of a well-educated woman. Donna is an experienced environmental writer who has been published in a solid handful of works.

Check out this blog for ideas about green products, sustainable living, wellness and socially conscious action and green travel amongst many other super useful and practical topics.

Mommy MD Guides

Author: Jennifer Bright Reich

If you’re looking for practical, in-depth advice on all things parenting, Mommy MD Guides is one of the most thorough and practical resources on the web. It is so much more than just a parenting blog: it offers advice from legitimate medical doctors who are also mothers.

This blog started out with Jennifer, the author, interviewing busy doctors who were also parents and finding these tips incredibly useful. She soon partnered with Rallie McAllister, MD to create 4 Mommy MD books, all of which are available on the website.

This blog has information on everything you could possibly imagine from pregnancy, childbirth, and child-raising at every age. What’s more, the tips are organized through a set of real questions and answers.

Blessed Beyond the Mess

Author: Elizabeth

Elizabeth of Blessed Beyond the Mess has got a quirky, fun blog here for anyone looking to add a little sparkle to their days. She is married to a fighter pilot and has 8 kids, so there’s no doubt she knows a thing or two about parenting!

This faith-based blog is so positive and inspiring, even to the point of having a beautiful story about the sadness of miscarrying a child.

To get a taste of the kinds of things Elizabeth likes to write about, check out “Choose Faith not Fear” and “Finding Freedom in Forgiveness.”

Family Magic Box

Author: Ella

Ella is a mother of 2 who loves to share her thoughts with the world. She’s an avid reader and a runner amongst many other things. She likes to try everything, and she does a lot. For her, family is a top priority and this is a key component of her blog.

While Family Magic Box offers advice on a huge range of topics, it’s a particularly good one to follow for those who are always looking for home improvement tips and green living.

Check out this blog for ideas on fun day trips, information on volunteering and charities, and health and fitness tips.

Selfish Mum

Author: Ella Rose West

Author Ella Rose West has her heart set on proving that she’s much, much more than a mom. So if you are a moms who feels weighed down with the “mom” label, don’t worry – you are not alone, and EllaRose is here to help.

Most moms feel more than overwhelmed at some point or another, and the key to getting out of this is to add more balance to your life. This blog focuses on just that – re-discovering the things you love to do and getting out there, with and without the kids.

This site also welcomes blogs from elsewhere, so anyone with writing ideas should definitely reach out!

Stress Free Mommies

Author: Ros Emely

This busy mom of three from the Dominican Republic has a ton on her plate, yet she still manages to write regularly in this colorful blog about all things mom-related. Her main goal is to help mothers take a load off.

The featured sections include beauty and pregnancy tips, as well as a whole host of yummy and quick recipes.

Expecting moms should definitely check out her pregnancy tips that will help you understand more about those 9 precious months. Check out “Inspirational Sundays” for awesome quotes and memes to share with other moms on your list.

The Multitasking Mom

Author: Emily

If you’re struggling with mommy overload and are desperately craving some clarity, you should check out The Multitasking Mom.

Author Emily has long been a type-A personality juggling multiple activities. As a cheerleader, dancer, fitness buff and pageant queen, she has had plenty of experience living a busy life, and she had to learn how to stay on top of it all.

She offers a little of everything on this blog, but we particularly love her inspiring posts on how moms can simplify their lives to lower stress. Everyone should check out her tips on decluttering (see the “paper clutter challenge”).

Her ingenious DIY and organizational tips have been featured on Today Parenting and other media sites.

Jordan’s Easy Entertaining

Author: Jordan

If you’re looking for tips on what to do before, during and after hosting parties for kids and adults, look no further than Jordan’s Easy Entertaining.

Jordan is a stay-at-home mother of two boys who is embracing her various roles with grace. As a chef, teacher, entertainer, she writes about a little bit of everything that moms take on each day.

Jordan has some great blog articles on holidays, parties, crafts, and recipes, so her site is mostly geared towards home-based activities. We particularly love her homemade DIY all-natural cleaning solutions.

The site and images are beautiful to look at, and her tips are well-presented and easy-to-follow.

Enjoy the View

Author: Kim

Are you a creative mom looking for some tips and tricks for new DIY and beauty products? Here’s a funny, friendly lifestyle blog with tons of useful tips on all of the above. You will also find very detailed product reviews for useful home-oriented products.

We love that Kim has an entire section dedicated to tutorials. Each and every one offers step-by-step instructions on fun DIY home projects like jewelry, crafts, and home décor.

This blog is fun, detailed and right up any DIY mom’s alley. It also features tips on traveling and basic life family stuff that all moms will find engaging and useful.

Erica’s Walk

Author: Erica Bodker

Erica’s Walk is a sweet little blog that’s chock full of so many fantastic health tips we don’t even know where to start. The blog features a ton of giveaways, product reviews, and fun money-saving ideas, too.

Erica’s blog is light and interesting, but she also touches on some of the tough body-image issues that all moms face at one point or another. She’s got some great fashion suggestions for moms who want to feel fabulous and have a little extra coverage.

Check out her fitness section to find out how she stuck to her workouts and reduced her calorie intake to lose her baby weight.

Living Well Mom

Author: Erika Bragdon

This is a fantastic blog designed to inspire confidence and empowerment. It is beautifully designed and easy to navigate with a huge range of posts on delicious and all-natural food and wellness products.

We particularly love the way the recipe section is divided into categories ranging from paleo to gluten-free. There’s even a special page devoted to food for kids.

Parents looking for support when raising kids with autusim will also find a wealth of useful information here.

If you’re the type that’s always on the hunt for beautiful natural products like essential oils, do yourself a favor and give Living Well Mom a follow.

Love Peace Beauty

Author: Erin

If you’re looking for a little “serenity now,” you’ve come to the right place. Erin’s blog is full of inspiring stories from her parenthood journey, and the clean layout makes her website a breeze to browse.

Erin is a great writer and offers plenty of useful tips on motherhood, life, and beauty. She has a great home décor section too, with tips on moving, packing and design.

Check out the section called “Littles” for all sorts of useful kid-raising tips like early learning resources, the best pregnancy books, adventures and DIY ideas, and back to school style tips.

Everyday Mom Ideas

Author: Julia

Julia is an inspiring writer and awesome mom with a goal of making sure that all women understand why being a mom is so great.

She is not only an awesome stay-at-home mom, but she’s also a designer and photographer, and she features plenty of her work on her website. Julia sell her services here and she also shares a ton of her pro-design tips for free.

This is a great blog for anyone interested in design, DIY, and crafts. For instance, she offers a free template for a mood/inspiration board. Anyone who’s into the creative life should definitely visit this blog for mom support and creative advice.

Evil Joy Speaks

Author: Joy Hedding

The straight-up hilarious and visually stunning Evil Joy Speak will give you a dose of much needed laughter.

Joy writes about pretty much everything going on in her life – including the messy things like teenagers and PTSD. She started writing the blog when her husband became suddenly ill and was on the brink of death, yet she still managed to find the humor in this terrible situation.

Just one look at some of her blog titles (“Staring at a Burning Candle,” “Home on Deranged,” “Baking in a Tornado,”) will have you simultaneously breathing a sigh of relief (because you can totally relate) and busting a gut.

Evil Joy is proof that it is not only possible to laugh at everything, but that it might just save you if you do.

Savvy in the Kitchen

Author: Dina

Savvy in the Kitchen is the brainchild of Dina, a SoCal mom who is passionate about baking and very good at everything kitchen-related. It is perfect for baking fanatics or those looking for unique party ideas.

This blog stands out because it is almost entirely food-focused, and it is extremely well-organized. She has her recipes broken down by food type, and there are two different sections devoted to cake-making alone.

If you have ever wanted to learn to make cake pops or you are looking for decorating tutorials, Dina’s blog should be your first stop. And if you don’t love baking, just one look at her colorful creations might just inspire you to start.

Perfection Pending

Author: Meredith

Despite what the title may claim, Perfection Pending is darn near perfect to the extent that it’s about the real thing—the good, the bad and the ugly of all sorts of family and life things.

Author Meredith is very open about all kinds of challenges from body image to mental health, and it’s exactly this self-referential tone that makes it so likable.

Because the blog is a collaboration between various writers, the blog offers an array of different perspectives. It’s a great resource if you are looking for help managing illnesses like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Meredith is also a blogging pro and has a whole section devoted to that, just in case you’re looking to follow suit with writing of your own.

Family Fresh Meals

Author: Corey

If you’re looking for new ideas for healthy, simple recipes for the family, Family Fresh Meals lives up to its name. It is a colorful, easy-to-follow blog with a ton of eye-catching dishes just waiting to spice up your weekly menu.

This blog is divided into different sections, each with a different focus. If you’re just starting to take a look around, you can head into the “Recipe Index” to find recipes organized by food, course or even holiday.

And if your kids are getting tired of sandwiches for lunch, head on over to the “Lunchbox Ideas” section for a gazillion fresh ideas for tasty school lunches.

Life of Faith

Author: Faith

Life of Faith is a beautiful blog with a Christian slant. Author Faith is a mother of 2 kids who shares her thoughts on everything from Christ to recipes and DIY projects.

Some inspiring stories she shares are the intimate, personal ones, such as the story of her natural birth and the letter to her daughter.

For new moms, in particular, this blog has a lot of good information on raising babies. You will find food menus, using cloth diapers, and what to do with a sick little one.

And if you are looking to be uplifted, be sure to check out her passages that combine her writing with bible quotes.

Kingdom First Homeschool

Author: Forest Rose

If you’re a parent looking for homeschooling tips and advice, do yourself a favor and check out the Kingdom First Homeschool blog. This blog has plenty of in-depth advice on homeschooling from a Christian perspective.

If you are a parent to Preschoolers and you want to get your kids familiar with the Bible, you can start by heading over to that section and find Forest’s free preschool Bible lessons and curriculum.

Another unique section of this blog is under reviews, where she shares her thoughts on a range of children’s educational games as well as children’s books.

Found Frolicking

Author: Found Frolicking

Found Frolicking advertises itself as a “thoughtful crunchy mama blog” and is a collective effort of various moms sharing reviews, charitable initiatives and everything in between.

If you’re looking for some parenting hacks, this is a great blog to follow. We love the focus on natural, healthy and innovative products as well as the Photo Friday shares. There’s plenty of creative DIY ideas too.

The authors are incredibly gifted writers and reading their advice is an awesome way to ease the stress of day-to-day parenting life. Plus, you will find fantastic product giveaways that you and the kids are bound to love.

Freelance Lady

Author: Emily

Emily really does share a little of everything on her Freelance Lady blog, and if you are looking for interesting ways to earn cash online, she is full of ideas – some rather unconventional!

While this may not be for everyone, Emily often writes about how to make money from home in the adult entertainment sector – but if that’s not your thing, don’t worry, she also provides plenty of other options! There are so many ways to make money online, and Emily has tips about all of them.

One of the most useful and interesting posts is “50 + Online Jobs Without Investment.” And for all the writers out there, she’s also got an entire section devoted to teaching others how to blog.

Fun Money Mom

Author: Lisa

If you’re looking for ingenious money-saving tips and tricks, look no further than Fun Money Mom.

This is a really fun website as you can tell when you first head over to the home page – when the hurricane came through Florida, she didn’t panic but instead made a hurricane-themed cocktail!

This mom has also done a ton of traveling both within and outside of the USA. Check out her printable packing checklist if you’re heading out on a cruise soon.

Under the “Family” section, Lisa shares plenty of colorful party theme ideas for kids and adults of all ages.

Funny is Family

Author: Amy

If you’re looking for a little homemaker humor, you’ve come to the right place. Funny is Family is the brainchild of the ever-hilarious Amy, a mother of two whose writing has been featured on major websites like the Huffington Post.

Amy is a very funny writer who has contributed to several best-selling mom humor books. She is also a huge Pinterest fan who has a particularly popular recipes series called crock pot Thursdays.

Honestly, you can’t really go wrong giving Amy a follow—her writing is incredibly witty and she is also full of great advice that shoots straight from the heart.

I Choose Joy

Author: Gena

You can’t really go wrong following a blog with this title! And the look of her website is definitely joyful too.

Gena is a homeschooling pro who offers so much great information on this blog; it’s hard to know where to start. She actually offers self-paced homeschool (music) courses on her blog, which are super easy to sign up to and follow. How cool is that?

She also has an entire section devoted to curriculum reviews, which is a pretty important thing to know for anyone who is in the homeschooling arena or is even thinking about it.

The Good Enuf Mommy

Author: The Good Enuf Mommy

The tagline of this blog is “Imperfect parenting in action, ” and the author of this blog is a self-professed perfectionist. She started this blog to learn to let that side of her go, and she is positive that most other moms can relate to this type of inner conflict, too.

One thing that stands out about this blog is its focus on marriage and relationship advice. Everyone knows that there can be rough patches in a marriage, and this is a great place to visit if you’re feeling like your partnership needs a little support.

Embracing the Spectrum

Author: Teresa

Embracing the Spectrum is a blog entirely devoted to parents of kids with special needs and disabilities, specifically autism. Author Teresa has a background in education and has worked in numerous roles that involve special needs kids.

Not only is this blog proof of her determination to bringing more awareness to the world, she also has a child with autism.

Teresa’s writing has been published in The Huffington Post and The Washington Post.

If you’re a parent looking for autism support, or you know anyone with kids with autism, do the world a favor and follow/share this blog.

Haley Duke

Author: Haley Duke

All of you running and fitness fanatics out there should definitely follow the musings and fantastic advice of Haley Duke. She is a mother of two who loves coffee, wine, rock music, and wearing jeans and T-shirts.

If you’re looking for some workout motivation, start with her workout playlists and read blogs like “4 tips for people who secretly hate running.”

And if you’re looking for tips on healthy eating, Haley really has it covered. From fall beverages to greens to 5 ways to make brussels sprouts, you won’t run out of recipe ideas.

Eat Craft Parent

Author: Hanan

Most moms (and some dads) spend a lot of time doing the three things that Hanah highlights in the title of her blog: eating, crafting, and cooking. If that describes you to the “T,” then follow along with Hanan’s adventures as a young mother of 4.

Hanan doesn’t just share recipes here; she also writes a lot about her weight struggles and weight loss journey. She has plenty of paleo-inspired recipes to start with if you’re looking to drop carbs and sugar.

Any DIY fan should add this blog to the top of their go-to list for rainy-day fun with the kids.

I Way Diaries

Author: Hannah

I Way Diaries is authored by Hannah, a happily married wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. She’s lucky to have a tech-oriented hubby, and he’s the one behind the scenes keeping the website afloat.

Hannah is a huge fan of crafts and DIY and shares plenty of such tips here on the blog. She likes to focus on the simple life and share her day-to-day adventures in parenting with the world.

Whether you’re looking for interesting travel tips, craft ideas, or tips on saving money, you’ll find something worth sharing when you follow this fun blog.

Heart Beats Soul Sustains

Author: Debbie Tom

This Hawaiian-based mother and nurse has lived through a lot of challenges in her life and shares her heartfelt and faith-focused thoughts here.

Debbie shares her thoughts frequently about grief, loss, depression and other challenges. Her blogs are amazingly poignant and inspiring, offering a range of suggestions for healing in various ways.

On the lighter end of things, if you’re looking for tips to make home life more organized and less stressful, check out her “controlled chaos” section for plenty of tips to hack your way out of chaos and add a little more peace to your daily routine.

Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

Author: The Quirky Homemaker

This author calls herself “The Quirky Homemaker” and her blog certainly has an eclectic and fun feel to reflect this. This blog is full of useful tips from home to cooking to DIY – and she even has a section entirely devoted to her beautiful gray hair.

If you’re into colorful craft design ideas, check out her DIY section for ideas on how to make sweet fabric purses, holiday décor, idea and photo boards and so much more.

We also love the healthy slant she puts on recipes. Check out the recipe section for a new spin on tasty snacks like bread chips, breadsticks, pancakes, and muffins.

Amy and Tots

Author: Amy

If you’re a parent looking for sweet tips and advice for raising tots, do yourself a favor and check out Amy and Tots. Amy is a 20-something mother of 3 young ones, so if anyone knows about toddler life, it’s her.

She shares the most beautiful photos of her fam; you will be charmed right away. But more importantly, her articles and stories are both engaging and inspiring. From toilet training tips to dealing with picky eaters, Amy has everything tot-related covered.

She also has some great product reviews on specialty items that you don’t see around too often but are quite useful for anyone with young children.

Made of Stories

Author: Emily

With its clean look and awesome writing, Made of Stories is one of the best parenting blogs around. Author Emily is an established writer who has been featured on such sites as Scary Mommy and The Huffington Post.

Emily’s blog posts are genuinely accessible and useful. She regularly writes on topics like working from home and dealing with the winter blues. (She’s from Boise, so she knows about “real” winters!)

Emily has a lot to say about birth and motherhood and all things related – and she says it so eloquently that you will probably be hooked at first glance.

Meraki Lane

Author: Meraki Lane

Meraki Lane is a sleek, stylish blog and a resource for beauty, wellness, family, food and blogging tips. The beautiful and easy-to-read format will no doubt have you sticking around, and the fabulous photos will keep you coming back for more.

Start out at the “Recipe” section for plenty of low-carb, low-calorie, paleo-friendly and gluten-free recipes ideas, then head over to the “Beauty” section for the latest in hair and makeup trends.

If you’re looking for tips on parenting and staying healthy, happy and confident, Meraki Lane should be on your list of top blogs to follow.

Mommy Scene

Author: Mommy Scene

Mommy Scene is a blog created by a network of parents and is always inviting new guests, so if you’re interested in joining the team, they make it easy to get on board.

The blog features tips on all levels of parenting, from babies and tots to teens. The Kids’ section features so many fun crafts (think mermaids and glitter for starters), and that’s not even the DIY section!

We love that this blog is visually well-organized featuring colorful photos to draw you into the articles. It is a great blog for anyone interested in picking up fresh crafting and beauty tips.

The Speed Bump

Author: The Speed Bump

The Speed Bump’s tagline, “what to expect when you’re unexpectedly expecting,” sums everything about parenting up quite well, and is the perfect antidote for the shock and anxiety you may be feeling if you’re in the same boat.

This blog is specifically dedicated to people who find themselves simultaneously trying to fill the roles of student and parent. It’s for new parents trying to cope with the basic challenges of child-rearing.

The Speed Bump contains plenty of tips and resources for balancing parenting and school stress, including how to cope when things get too hard.

Hello Jack

Author: Maria Fe

Maria Fe of Hello Jack is a Peruvian mama with 3 kids and a penchant for fashion. She also loves living in the UK and writes about local adventures frequently.

This blog has a high cool factor featuring plenty of amazing products and discount tips. You can read up on light-up shoes for the kids or check Maria’s monthly wish lists for the hottest fashion trends.

If you’re looking for a boost of confidence, you’ll find style tips for all body types here. Subscribe to the Hello Jack mailing list to receive tips on the hottest UK clothing sales via email.

Henry’s Mom Blogs

Author: Ditas

This is a fun, quirky and easy-to-follow blog that will get you going on some great crafts and activities. Ditas is a Filipino 20-something wife and mother to one son. She is also a medical intern!

This author is a party pro (she’s the person who runs the website “Party Impressions”), so if you’re looking for tips on throwing a fantastic party, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog features so many reviews, events, and giveaways that it’s hard to know where to start! We recommend checking out her Crafting and Events pages for some awesome ideas to play and entertain.

Gym Craft Laundry

Author: Herchel Scruggs

Herchel is a military wife who blogs about a little bit of everything.

One thing we love about this blog is her DIY section titled “quick crafts” —these ideas are simple and accessible, and a lot less intimidating for all those just starting out with DIY or those who don’t have a ton of time to spend on crafting.

If you head over to her section on “Parenting Tips,” you’ll find a huge list of blog titles on topics like getting kids to fold laundry, new baby essentials, sports injury prevention, surviving road trips with kids…if you want it, she’s got it here.

She also has a section on blogging tools and resources, which is perfect for any parents out there looking to start a blog and make a bit of cash with it.

Hey Miss Adventures

Author: Hey Miss Adventures

Hey Miss Adventures stands out as one of the few mommy blogs almost exclusively dedicated to travel. While geographically it is focused on the Philippines, travel tips expand to other areas, as well.

We particularly love the extent of articles here that offer information on how to travel long distance with kids in tow. We also love the simple DIY education tips like “Alphabet Cards for Toddlers.”

This blog features plenty of information on travel gear and accommodations as well, from hotels to hiking. There’s also a section devoted to earning money on the road, so that’s definitely worth checking out if you want to do the digital nomad thing.

Hollow Tree Ventures

Author: Robyn

Robyn is a graphic designer, writer, and editor who has had her work published in Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post and other places. Her writing is insightful, imaginative and often over-the-top hilarious.

What makes this blog so unique is how it pokes fun at a lot of how-to/DIY stuff with a satirical angle that all moms are imperfect with chaotic lives.

(Check out her satirical slant on Barbie life in the “As the Dollhouse Turns” series, which is broken up into an impressive 25 chapters.)

She’s also been published in several humorous mommy anthologies that are worth a peek and would probably make awesome gifts for fun parent friends.

Suzie’s View

Author: Suzie

Suzie’s View is an inspiring, faith-based blog that contains all kinds of tips and tricks, from saving money to parenting babes. It also features plenty of giveaways and discounts on practical and beautiful products like organizational planners and jewelry.

Suzie also has a fabulous recipe section – not only is there a huge variety of food types, but she also has a fabulous list of fast and easy low-carb meals. There are plenty of fun activity and travel ideas based around North Carolina if you happen to live in the area.

Unique categories that may be of special interest on this blog include “Supernatural,” “Made in the USA” and “Thankfulness.”

I Can Teach My Child

Author: Jenae

The author of I Can Teach My Child is a former first-grade teacher, so you bet she has legit expertise on the topic. There are lists and lists of activities on this well-organized blog – it is an excellent resource for parents of kids of all ages.

Jenae shares so many great educational and enrichment activities that following this blog would make it easy to entertain your kid for months, and possibly even years!

One thing that stands out in particular on this blog is the sheer volume of exercises and activities for just babies and toddlers alone.

Hints and Tips

Author: Theresa Smith

Author Theresa has been married to her husband since 1983 and has a very strong, faith-based commitment to her marriage. She is also one heck of a well-rounded, organized person with plenty of useful tips to share.

Theresa not only knows how to keep her marriage alive, but she also understands a lot about saving money as is evidenced by the excellent “Saving Money” subcategory on her blog. She has some engaging blog posts on the topic which would be of benefit to pretty much anyone.

Not only that, but she’s actually written a book on controlling clutter, which is available through her website.

I Love You More than Carrots

Author: Ashley Mellott

I Love You More than Carrots is dedicated to all things family. Ashley – who has been writing for some six years now – is quirky and personable, with great ideas for kid-friendly crafts, adventures and a whole lot more.

Ashley has a very strong social media presence and posts almost daily, and this blog would be a welcome addition to any Facebook feed. She is into sharing the messy and real side of family life.

She talks about fun local trips around Maryland like camping as well as all kinds of other adventures both with and without the kids.

Her product reviews are super detailed and worth checking out, especially if you are looking to buy products for children.

My Purple World

Author: Indah Nuria

My Purple World is a very colorful blog by an Indonesian mom who writes about all of her adventures with her young son. If you have a similar cultural background or are interested in Indonesian culture, connect with Indah.

Those searching for some new flavors to try and have never tried Indonesian-style cooking should head over to the recipe section right away to learn how to prepare some off Indah’s favorite dishes.

This mom travels a lot and takes wonderful photos of her journeys, so if you’re looking for an inside scoop on various locations (Firenze, Budapest, Washington), give it a follow.

All that is Mom

Author: Richa

All that is Mom is written by Richa, a Java developer mom with plenty of great parenting and lifestyle ideas. Expecting mothers should definitely take a peek at this blog as Richa shares a lot of useful info on keeping healthy and what to expect while pregnant.

Richa’s children activity tips are pretty cool, too. She has tons of suggestions for educational, toys, games and books for toddlers.

This blogger is based out of India, so if you have specific parenting queries that are specific to that area of the world, you should definitely connect with her.

Delightful Ideas

Author: Layla

Delightful Ideas is the brainchild of SoCal blogger mom Layla. This is a blog that features her opinions and thoughts of tons of useful household products as well as kiddie tips and adventures.

It features tons of great reviews and giveaways on household products like essential oils and Amazon Gift cards. We love her funny review on the Dirty Dunk Tank, a laundry hamper that is actually a basketball hoop. How cool is that?

Stay tuned for more from Layla on beauty and style tips, as well as posts on kid-friendly SoCal adventures, travel, and day trips.

It’s Naptime Somewhere

Author: Amy

If you’re a parent looking for tips on getting your baby to sleep, It’s Naptime Somewhere is one of the best blogs on that topic. It is clean, neat and easy-to-read. And the recipes are to die for—at least, that’s how her wonderful photos make them look!

This blog is written by Amy, a first-time mom and entrepreneur with one young son. She calls herself a “Type A nerd” who loves gadgets and geeky stuff.

Amy has a lot of stuff happening on this blog. She can teach you how to design and market a blog of your own through her course and shares a ton of tips and tools for all of the “mompreneurs” out there.

Just the Facts, Baby

Author: Just the Facts, Baby

This blog is a compilation of various authors who are both mothers and writers, so it’s a great spot to stop if you’re looking for different viewpoints in one place.

We love that this blog has a section devoted entirely to business women that consider themselves “mompreneurs.” Check this section out if you are looking for ideas about work-from-home business ventures.

There’s so much useful information on this blog; we recommend you stop in and use the search field to find great advice on almost anything under the sun. Some of the most popular stories are “The Breastfeeding Detox” and “Why Babies Smile.”

Making Our Life Matter

Author: Jennifer

Jennifer has a ton of inspiring articles on Making Your Life Matter and writes about everything from coffee to reading to travel. For her, family is her core value, so writing about her daily adventures with her fantastic crew just happens naturally.

This blog is very clean and easy-to-follow. It is full of awesome home design and décor tips and plenty of cool DIY ideas. It also features tons of great stories about family adventures around Pennsylvania.

Check out the recipes section for easy-to-access, visually pleasing meal and dessert ideas for every season that the whole family will love.

Mommy’s Joy

Author: Mommy’s Joy

The author of Mommy’s Joy is a hilarious blog that chronicles her adventures as a parent. She sees herself as an evolving being and also loves adventuring at Seaworld.

She’s also 4 years into a good marriage and claims that she is “a stay at home mom when [she] can stand to stay at home.” She has a sweet sense of humor in her writing, which is always a bonus!

Mommy’s Joy has a focus on nutrition and weight loss, and the author chronicles both her and her husband’s weight loss journey here. So if you are looking for ways to lose weight or are looking for support in that area, this is a great place to start.

Mrs. Muffintop

Author: Jacqui Zadik

Here’s a mom blog that you know is going to be clever and fun just from the title alone. Jacqui markets her blog as a spot that’s “like having coffee with a friend” that you can talk to about anything. And it’s true.

Jacqui has a series of super funny YouTube videos (one series is called “The Shit Show”), and her work has been featured on major websites and TV shows.

If you’re looking for some of the coolest “mom hacks” around, you want ideas for neat recipes and crafts, or you just want more laughter in your life, Mrs. Muffintop will be the perfect addition to your daily reading repertoire.

Super Moms 360

Author: Deborah Stumm

This website is a phenomenal resource for busy moms looking for all kinds of ideas on activities and classes for kids as well as ideas for treating themselves. And the reason that it’s such a stellar resource is because it has multiple contributors.

Whether you’re looking for recipes for fun party treats, entertainment tips, fitness and beauty details, or California-based deals, Super Moms 360 just doesn’t miss a beat. Founder Deborah Stumm has been featured on several major TV shows, which speaks to the value of this information.

And if you’re looking for a landing spot to help you organize events in and around LA, you should definitely check out this blog!

The Mommies Reviews

Authors: Glenda, Charlie, and David Cates

This is a super fun blog because it is one of the few that we’ve found that’s actually family-run. You get to hear from the husband and the son regularly here, which offers important alternative perspectives that are often missing in mommy blogs.

The family is not only great at sharing all of their thoughts, but they are also hilarious. The blog is full of useful coupons and giveaways to help you save money.

For readers looking for homeschooling resources, this is a great place to connect with other homeschoolers. There’s also a whole bunch of great free printables for anyone looking to add some fun, educational activities to their schedule.

Trashy Blog

Author: Shay

Here’s a great blog to follow for anyone looking to add a little more humor to their inbox. It’s full of bad language, day drinking, and sarcasm poking fun at the “trashy” family lifestyle – what’s not to love?

The recipe section is probably the best. It’s filled with “trashy” recipes like “skank dip,” “fat chips” and chili cheese dogs. These are classic meals that kids tend to love and you’ve just gotta have from time to time, too.

We love that Shay’s trashy recipes tend to come with interesting, quirky stories—so you’re getting some awesome food ideas with a little entertainment on the side.

Sleep Baby Sleep

Author: Violet

Okay, this is a seriously brilliant idea for a blog – after all, what new parent hasn’t had to deal with a whole bunch of stress caused by sleep issues?

This is something that almost every parent has experienced, but it is no laughing matter. It is essential to find a balance those who are severely sleep deprived can suffer major health issues.

Violet’s blog contains many amazing ideas for getting babies to sleep through the night. The blogs are even organized by topic down the right-hand sidebar. This list makes up some of the most common problems faced by any parent with a baby.

Cool Kidz Cool Trips

Author: Inga

If you’re a parent looking for proof that you can still take interesting trips with little one, this is a must-read blog.

It follows the adventures of a regular family that adores traveling – and yes, they’re all pretty darn cool. They insist that at the heart of it all, they’re just normal parents living a regular life.

They’re not packing up to live in an RV or sailboat for a year—they actually make traveling with kids look do-able beyond the typical resort-style all-inclusive type trips.

We especially love that they have an entire section devoted to destinations that are completely accessible but also unique, like Slovenia, Croatia, Singapore, and Japan.

What’s Cooking in Chicago

Author: Joelen Kenny

Joelen Kenny is a culinary instructor and former professional chef, so if you’re looking for some pro-cooking tips, you’ve come to the right place. Her work has been featured in several national publications.

This blog is demonstrative of her extensive cooking experience – and not only that, it’s fun and easy to navigate. Because she’s a professional instructor, her instructions are extremely easy to follow.

We love this blog especially because it features mostly Asian-inspired dishes – anything from butter chicken to beef noodle Pho to sweet and sour shrimp.

So if you’re looking for easy recipes that go beyond the basic sandwiches or meat and potatoes, do yourself a favor and check out What’s Cooking in Chicago.

Sahm, Plus

Author: Ivy

Ivy is a mom to 2 kids and has a ton of useful articles on all things mom. Beyond awesome parenting tips, Ivy she talks about relationships (marriage) as well as interests that go beyond parenting.

Expecting moms and people planning to start a family should definitely check out the “Pregnancy and Natural Birth” section of her blog. She offers a ton of valuable information on this topic (and many others), presented in a matter-of-fact, informative way.

We love how she writes from a reasonable perspective and is genuinely interested in educating other women on important topics. And you’ll never guess what she does for fun – Autocross! How cool is that?

Merlot Mommy

Author: Jana Seitzer

Jana Seitzer has designed a very cool blog for adventurous, geeky parents. Not only is it a pleasure to navigate, but it also features a ton of specialty articles on unexpected topics.

For one thing, she has a whole section devoted to wine, and who doesn’t love a little (or a lot of) vino now and then? She’s even got an article on how to host a tasting, as well as product reviews on wine-related products.

The tech section is also excellent, offering plenty of geek-related reviews and tips. And finally, she has a huge list of travel blogs, each organized by country under the travel section.

Mommy Voyage

Author: Jasmeet Kaur Deep

If you’re looking for a little mommy inspiration, you should head on over to Jasmeet’s blog. As a commerce grad, interior designer, and education specialist, this India-based mom shares her experience from a very unique perspective – and she has a lot to say!

Jasmeet’s focus is in connecting with women to inform and inspire them. She writes about all things mom, sharing tips ranging from travel to breastfeeding to beauty. We especially love her focus on pregnancy and baby care.

She features recipes for natural baby care, as well as plenty of baby and pregnancy-related product reviews.

So Not Organized

Author: Jean

Midwest-based mom of 2 Jean describes herself as a “procrastinating perfectionist,” and this blog is about dealing with just this: getting organized. The title says it all – what parent couldn’t relate?

Jean talks a lot about following through, and when you read, you’ll find yourself relieved to know that it’s not just you; we all have trouble finishing things. She offers a ton of tips on just getting things done.

A very cool thing about this blog is that she really encourages other bloggers to join in on their “follow-through” stories. She also has a page dedicated to other great mom blogs. We think anyone (parent or not) would surely benefit from Jean’s useful tips.

After the Alter

Author: After the Altar

This is a unique perspective on a parent blog because it focuses on what it is like to maintain a successful marriage. The author talks just as much being a wife as she does being a mother, something that many mommy blogs don’t discuss.

She is very open about all things marriage and family and all of the ups and downs that happen when you’re running a household day and night; this is the kind of blogs that many moms will surely relate to.

The author also features wonderful product reviews on photographers, nursing pajamas, anti-aging products, and car seats to name a few things.

JENerally Informed

Author: Jen

Jen is a “PR ninja” with a background in hosting some huge events (amongst other things), so if you’re looking to do the same, you should definitely check out this blog. She is a wonderful storyteller, which makes reading this blog a true pleasure.

One thing that we love about this blog is that she has an entire section called “Man-Day,” which are posts written from the perspective of her partner – what a refreshing change to hear from the man now and then!

Beyond that, she has some super cute DIY craft and recipe ideas, some great product reviews, and some great conversations about raising teenagers.

Jenni DeWitt (Genuflected)

Author: Jenni DeWitt

If you’re looking to connect with a spiritual family, Jenni DeWitt shares a ton of information and many thoughts here with a Christian slant. The Nebraskan mom lives with two little boys, one of which was diagnosed (and has since recovered) from cancer.

Jenni began writing (or, started up again) as therapy when she was in the hospital with her son. Now she shares her thoughts on various books, as well as offering tips on prayer.

Anyone looking for some spiritual inspiration will find it at Jenni’s blog. She’s also written two books, which are available via the website.

Mom 4 Real

Author: Jess Kielman

This mom blogs about home tips, recipes, DIY, décor. She is fun and she is a great writer who shares a ton of tips on saving cash, which is a must for any mom.

But the best part about Jess’ blog is her instructional videos. We’re not seeing a lot of this incredibly effective teaching tool on our list of mom blogs – and Jess is a pro.

Her short, visually stunning videos are an absolute pleasure to watch. They’re also easy to follow while you’re handling kids and doing a million other “mom” things.

Jess’ recipe and DIY videos are easy to come back to and share with friends. There’s so much to love about this blog, we’re definitely hooked!

Love Tabitha

Author: Tabitha

Tabitha is a mom of 2 young kids who has been blogging for over seven years. She loves cooking and finding basement bargains in the most unlikely of places. She is also a huge fan of travel and photography.

Tabitha shares a ton of awesome travel stories and tips, many near her home base of the Pacific Northwest. She features awesome lists for local family adventures such as free movies in the park, where to have kids’ birthday parties, and fun parks to explore.

Disney fanatics out there should follow this page in particular, which features updates on new movies and other Disney-related events.

Double Duty Mommy

Author: Jenn

This Florida-based mom of 3 and professional blogger has got it all figured out when it comes to blogging – not only is her blog beautiful and easy to read, but she also has a huge following. And when you hop on over for a peek, you will see why right away.

Jenn writes about many things, but we noticed that reading her travel blogs is especially pleasant with clear, bright and informative writing and images. We especially love her road tripping and hotel tips!

Double Duty Mommy also features a ton of awesome giveaways with prizes like Disney products and Cirque tickets.

Slummy Single Mummy

Author: Jo

This UK-based blogger is a journalist and self-professed “word whore” so you can count on some solid storytelling. Her blog has won a ton of awards and has a huge following, all the more reason to check it out!

What we love most about this blog is that it has a single-mom focus, a rare find in the mommy blog realm. We also love her money-saving section where she shares coupon codes, practical tips as well as mindset stuff.

This blog is well-laid out, easy-to-read, personable and practical, and Jo is a fantastic writer. There’s really something for everyone here, parents and non-parents alike.

Mommy Moment

Author: Jody Arsenault

Jody is truly a gem, and her blog has a huge following. This Canadian-based mom has two daughters and a background in Montessori education.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, this site is a breath of fresh air. Jody shares a ton of practical, creative tips on all things home and family.

Some of our favorite sections and articles here include a lemonade stand with proceeds donated to charity, using an online chore chart, and nail art designs and instructions.

(Bonus: the blog also features plenty of great giveaways for Canadian readers.)

Mommy’s Memorandum

Author: Julee

Julee is an established published writer with plenty of experience under her belt, so you know she can tell a good story. She’s got so much on her fabulous blog that it’s hard to keep up!

One of the best parts of this blog is “Instant Pot,” a collection of simple and drool-worthy crockpot meals. She is also a huge animal lover, and her pets section is a must-read for any animal-loving parents looking to keep their furry friends healthy and happy.

Finally, be sure to check out all of the fabulous giveaways for a chance to win some amazing prizes.

Minivan Dreams and Dirty Dishes

Author: Minivan Dreams

Here’s a blog that really manages to hone in on the real and raw parts of parenting while keeping a healthy dose of humor. It features a ton of amazing recipes, crafts, blogging tips, and general organizational tips.

On a more serious note, the author of this blog also shares plenty of first-hand advice and information on a serious disease: colon cancer. She’s also got a whole section devoted to blogging for all those parents who love to write.

DIY fans should follow for her list of extensive crafting projects and talents, including card-making, sewing, and even jewelry-making; this is one creative mama!

Tales from a Southern Mom

Author: Julie

Julie is a stay at home mom who loves DIY everything. The blog itself is visually appealing and easy-to-follow, so you can go and hang out without feeling overwhelmed. We love that there’s a section from Dad on this blog, too!

If you’re looking for sewing tips in particular, you should follow Tales from a Southern Mom. Julie offers plenty of sweet options for making birthday parties more fun, from crafts to snacks.

Her recipes are also worth taking a peek at; be prepared to drool over her appetizers and desserts. You won’t be able to resist whipping something up that the family will adore.

Just a Mum

Author: Anna

This New Zealand-based mother of 3 brings you a blog almost entirely devoted to cooking and baking. Many of the dishes she shares on here are kid-friendly finger foods that are portable and great for potlucks.

First off, the “savory” section is filled with awesome kid-friendly comfort food recipes like classic Mac & Cheese, potatoes, fun spins on pizza dishes and cheese muffins.

Next, pop over to the “sweet” section for yummy versions of brownies, slices, cakes, and loaves.

For the most part, there’s nothing super exotic or spicy here. You will find some favorite classics and ideas for preparing them just right. If you’re looking for classic recipes for any occasion, this blog is worth checking out.

Just One Mommy’s Opinion

Author: Jolleen

The author of this blog is a stay at home mom of 3 who writes about all kinds of things related to marriage and family. She is Christian, and many of her posts offer faith-based inspiration.

Jolleen has a knack for including the spiritual and inspirational side of her life with the real and raw. We especially love the way she addresses mental health issues like depression and offers effective tips and support for managing depression.

On the more upbeat end, Jolleen’s articles on travel and lifestyle are easy-to-read and super practical. If you live in the California area, you’ll want to check out her local travel posts for inexpensive and simple day trip ideas.

Pink Heartstring

Author: Kareen Liez

Kareen Liez is the mother of a little girl who inspires her to write about everything to do with the bond between a parent and child. Her blog, which has a decidedly feminine feel, is all about love and getting cozy.

Moms who love reviews and giveaways will find tons of fun offers on this site—there’s even an entire section devoted to freebies. Check out some reviews to get an idea of the kinds of products

The “Mommy Perks” section is filled with great health and safety tips, and “Cozy Home” has plenty of wonderful ideas for home organization, sustainability and sweet ideas for DIY décor.

Karen at Home

Author: Karen

Karen at Home is a blog inspired by the author’s commitment to staying in touch with the rest of the world when she got married, moved, and started a family. She absolutely adores her blogging life, and it shows in every post.

Karen clearly has an eye for design, and it shows in not only the clean look of the blog but also the way she shares awesome home and recipe visuals.

Pop over to the recipe section and see the scrumptious, classic dishes. The food photos are so stunning that you won’t be able to resist running out and buying ingredients if you don’t already have them handy!

Mommy Katie

Author: Katie

Contrary to what the title might imply, this blog is actually a collective effort that has expanded to include various mom authors over the years, which is one reason why it stays fresh and interesting.

Anyone who is expecting a little one should check out the “Preparing for Baby” section on this blog which features a ton of information about practical products that will help you on your journey as a new parent.

You should also take a peek at the plethora of reviews, giveaways, coupons and prize packs. There’s so much information to peruse at Mommy Katie; you won’t regret giving this blog a follow.

Flower Power Mom

Author: Kate

Flower Power Mom is a lovely looking, sweet and easy-to-follow parenting blog. There’s a huge focus on travel here, as well as sustainability and mindfulness (hippie” stuff – hence the title).

If you are a parent who is also a travel fanatic, this is a great blog to follow. Posts Some particularly interesting post topics include the list of eco-friendly lodges around the world, a list of reasons why Brits move to Australia, and romantic winter getaways for parents.

As far as parenting and kid stuff goes, Kate offers great tips on topics like how to pack the perfect lunch and how to get your kids interested in sports.

Your Organic Child

Author: Kathy

There’s something pretty special about a parent who cares about going green and shares their thoughts regularly. Your Organic Child is a beautiful blog full of useful green parenting and family life tips.

This blog is chock-full of all-natural everything, so “crunchy” parents should definitely take heed.

There are so many interesting ideas for making natural products at home, as well as product reviews that are easy on the earth; you’ll certainly learn a few things when you stop by.

If you’re looking for craft ideas, renovation tips, and DIY home products, head over to the DIY and recipe section which features plenty of ideas for keeping even older kids busy through rainy days.

Forks and Folly

Author: Katie

If you’re looking for a blog that keeps cooking fun and simple, you should definitely check out Forks and Folly. This blog is chock-full of low-pressure, basic recipes, many of which you can make ahead of time.

This blog has some stunning visuals, so it is easy to follow along as you work in the kitchen. It also features plenty of tips on how to get the kids in the kitchen working with you!

This author is so good at prepping food ahead; she even wrote the book on it! No kidding, there’s a free cookbook offer on her site, and the book is called Cook Once, Eat Twice.

Mommy Engineering

Author: Katriza

Mommy Engineering is such a unique idea for a parenting blog. It was developed by New Mexico mother and engineer mom Katriza and her partner who is also an engineer.

What these two do is offer solutions – they improve and fix almost everything under the sun. From DIY cleaning products to no-bake cereal bars, they’ve got it covered.

They also have some really great contests and giveaways of educational toys like Explorer boxes and practical stuff like upscale mattresses. If you’re looking for no-fluff, practical ideas for getting things done and keeping it simple, this blog is definitely worth following.

A Spicy Boy, a Cat and My Fat Ass

Author: Kim

Okay, first off who could resist the hilarious title of this blog? You don’t even have to go to the page to know that it will be off-the-charts quirky, which is great for keeping the stay-at-home monotony at bay.

Kim is an experienced writer and mom of one who hails out of Toronto, Canada. She writes about baby stuff, pet stuff, yoga, health, and beauty. Kim also shares her journey of weight loss after gastric bypass surgery.

We love her baby product reviews and her DIY natural beauty tips, like her carrot face mask and an article about why not to put lemon juice on your face (who knew?).

The Official CEO Mom

Author: Kirstie

This mama means business, and in the best way possible. As a professional social media strategist, Kirstie teaches others how to make money online. Her work has been featured on plenty of online platforms like Huffington Post and ProBlogger.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kirstie even has a podcast, which is a great idea for moms who want to learn more about blogging but their hands are too busy to handle the computer stuff.

She’s the ultimate boss mom, so if you have any interest in developing an online presence, you should definitely check out CEO Mom.

Healthy Happy Thrifty Family

Author: Krystal

Healthy Happy Thrifty Family is a very cool concept for a blog because it incorporates the views of the author, Krystal, as well as her stay-at-home-mom sister and her husband.

Krystal is a Colorado-based teacher who homeschools her children. An entire section of her blog is devoted to learning, which features awesome resources for homeschooling parents as well as anyone looking for educational tips.

She has some awesome tips on home maintenance and saving money, including ways to give back to the community. This blog is a great parenting resource for parents with kids of all ages.

Lit Mama Homeschool

Author: KT

Any parent looking for tips on how to homeschool their children should definitely check out Lit Mama Homeschool. The blog is full of great resources for educators, including tons of free games and exercises.

One thing that stands out about this blog is the tag called “story time.” Each book she features not only has an educational or creative component, but many of them come with free printable learning exercises which she provides here as well.

The whole site is an excellent resource base for any parent. And if you are looking for the best books for kids, you should definitely check out KT’s extensive list of books.

Laurali’s Blog

Author: Laurali

If you’re a parent looking for product review and blogging strategy ideas, look no further than Laurali’s Blog. This woman is a grandmother and blogging powerhouse, and she shares plenty of her tips here.

Keep an eye out for awesome giveaways on this site, from beauty products to toys to clothes; she seems to have it all covered. Plus, she has a huge list of affiliate blogger links if you’re looking for ideas to monetize your own.

There’s also an excellent back to school gift guide over here, which is a must-see for any parent at any time of year!

The Frugal South

Author: Leah

Author Leah is obsessed with living frugally and sharing her frugal tips with her readers. She’s based in North Carolina, so many of her blogs feature tips and outings in that area. There’s also a decidedly southern slant to many of her posts.

The Frugal South is a great go-to for money-saving trips, and it even has a section devoted specifically to frugal travel. From tips on saving on car rentals to information on acquiring travel points, anyone with wanderlust should stop by for tips.

Check out her giveaways for tips on how to score everything from free vitamins to free Kindles!

Let me Start by Saying

Author: Kim Bongiorno

If you’re the type of person that likes blogs with highly personal, expressive writing, Let me Start by Saying will be a great one to put at the top of your reading list.

Equal parts funny, quirky and deep, Kim covers various facets of parenting in a relatable, accessible way. She loves books and regularly features reviews and insights on her favorites.

We recommend reading posts like “54 things to Do Before Having Kids” and “How Being a Parent is like Being on Supernatural” for a sample of raw and clever style that makes Kim’s writing so relatable.

Mommy Levy

Author: Levy

This is a super stylish blog that has plenty of parenting information on almost everything you can think of. Levy, the author, is a Filipino mom to a young boy and is devoted to living her life to the fullest.

She has some very cool topics here, starting with a whole one devoted to making cool lunchbox meals for your kids. Her “cool finds” section details all sorts of practical things, including things she finds at flea markets and bazaars.

This mom clearly has a love for DIY and second-hand shopping, so if you’re up for saving money and making stuff, you should definitely give her a follow!

Mother Distracted

Author: Linda

Linda of Mother Distracted writes about a little bit of everything. One particular and unique issue that she touches on frequently is how to live with Tinnitus.

Linda also writes a lot about managing stress and anxiety, so if you’re a parent looking for ways to take that down a notch, you have come to the right place.

Linda is also UK-based so if you’re there or just love British stuff, definitely head on over and connect!

The food section on this blog is pretty unique, and if you’re into traditional British goodies like gin, afternoon tea, and Sunday Roast, stop by the recipe section.

Speaking Autism

Author: Linda Mastroianni

Linda Mastroianni is an experienced writer, speaker, coach, and founder of two organizations devoted to helping people with autism. She has two children with autism and offers her services as a coach to other parents with autistic kids.

She has published several articles in major publications and has been featured on podcasts as well. She has even written a book on individualized education plans.

This blog features a great list of resources for parents of kids with autism and other special needs. It also features interviews with authors of books about special education and the like.

Mom’s Bistro

Author: Mom’s Bistro

If you’re someone who likes to cook and is always interested in new recipes while saving money, Mom’s Bistro is an excellent budget recipe resource base.

This blog is has so many menu-planning ideas and tools, some of which come right down to the date, time and total monthly cost. So if you’re someone who is looking for help planning and organizing meals ahead of time, you should definitely check out Mom’s Bistro.

There are plenty of printable sheets on this blog that will help you plan your meals right down to the penny!

This blogger also has an entire section devoted to kid-approved recipes, and another dedicated to just menu plans.

Making Life Blissful

Author: Lisa Jorgensen

Here’s a cheerful and fun blog that really lives up to its name. Author Lisa has plenty of experience blogging and inspiring others, and it shows—she has some 30,000 followers across her social media channels.

There are tons of fun printables on this site, from picnic bingo to emoji party cards to mystery dinner menus. She shares plenty of life lessons and funny stories, too.

The recipes on this site are pretty out of this world, too. Take a peek at her Monkey Bread Muffins and Easy Chicken Alfredo for yummy meal and snack ideas the entire family will devour.

101 Things to Do with Kids

Author: Lindsey

This is without a doubt one of the simplest and most useful blogs we’ve found ye – after all, what parent doesn’t struggle with keeping the kids engaged every now and then?

If you’re looking for fun activities for kids, 101 Things to Do with Kids is well worth following. The blog is stuffed full of craft ideas, indoor activities, educational activities, outdoor adventures – you name it, and you can probably find it here.

Keep this blog bookmarked for those days when you’re just feeling too tired or stressed out to think, and you will find something quickly to keep the kids busy enough that you may even be able to squeeze in a nap.

Kids Creative Chaos

Author: Lora

Are you looking to get rid of some of your kid-induced stress and chaos? Welcome to Kids Creative Chaos, a blog originally inspired by the all-too-common scenario of the stressed-out parent.

This is one of the best blogs we’ve seen on how to keep kids of all ages occupied and has so many unique ideas you’ll want to keep coming back for more. We especially love the sections dedicated to skits and games.

There are activity ideas here for all ages ranging from preschoolers to teens, and homeschooling parents should take note of the Math- and Science-focused printables in the homeschooling.

Saved by the Mommy

Author: Saved by the Mommy

Saved by the Mommy is a sweet and sensible blog whose author is devoted to helping other moms. It is well-organized into several sections including printables, product reviews and saving money.

There’s no doubt about it that this is one of the more practical blogs on our list and that the section on saving money is particularly useful..after all, who doesn’t want to do that?

However, her parenting section is really where it’s at. It features plenty of important information on pregnancy and marriage topics. It also has a special spot just for moms where you can go and find tips on how to get a break from it all.

Love Mrs. Mommy

Author: Kim

Kim is a wife and stay-at-home mom to one daughter, and she shares a little of everything on this sweet and fun blog.

First off, the giveaways are pretty special, featuring items from tents to baby carriers to bed sleepers. They’re all listed in a handy format down the right-hand side bar, so it’s easy to keep track.

Kim also writes a lot about how to travel with little ones, including plenty of ideas for keeping them on a sound sleep schedule whether on the road or not.

Don’t miss the “Candy Buffet” post under the food section; this is a brilliant idea for your next party!

Mum in the Madhouse

Author: Jen Walshaw

Mum in the Madhouse is such a fun and quirky blog, it’s just a pleasure to read through on any day. You can tell that Jen, who is the mother of two boys, is devoted to keeping her “mad house” a creative, safe and silly place to be.

This blog is very well-organized with neat ideas at every turn. She has an entire section devoted solely to seasonal crafts and cooking and still another just for other arts and crafts.

We love that she specifically has a “frugal food” section tucked under the kitchen section, and she has plenty of printables if that’s something you love.

Make, Do & Push

Author: Hannah

Make, Do & Push is the brainchild of a UK-based professional blogger that’s filled with sweet ideas and deep writing, too. We love that she features a poetry section devoted to writing about her family.

This is a blog about “life in the Motherhood Wilderness” so really there’s nothing off-limits here. She has one section devoted to writing about anxiety, and another about sleep deprivation, both of which are common parenting themes.

All of her reviews are tucked into a neat little section, so if you’re looking for tips on kid and baby items, that’s a good place to start.

Making Lemonade

Author: Carrie

Making Lemonade is all about bringing fresh ideas to your family and home and Carrie who’s a mom of 2 youngsters, is a master at this. Her blog is so beautiful that it even feels fresh to look at!

Carrie has quite an extensive home and garden section here which focuses on fun DIY ideas and very cool products. Look under “Kids” for practical printables to help you get organized and creative in all aspects of your home.

We particularly love that she has an entire section devoted to essential oils. The blog features tons of all-natural DIY products that are easy to make and good for your body and the earth.

Mama by Fire

Author: Tarynn Playle

Tarynn writes about tons of things on Mama by Fire ranging from wellness to style and everything in between.

Sometimes Tarynn will share details about the raw and real, such as in her post called “Breastfeeding TMI.” And sometimes what she shares is on the lighter side, like how to decompress with the kids or her latest local adventure.

If you’re an avid traveler, you should definitely check out her “Simple Road Trip Hack for Kids” blog.

In any case, she is an excellent writer who clearly has a huge following as the comments on the bottom of her articles can attest to.

Mama Pure

Author: Laura

Mama Pure is a pretty, minimalist website with a modern, fresh feel. Author Laura is a huge Pinterest and Instagram fan who loves connecting with other moms on pretty much everything to do with home and parenting.

She’s always up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and cool baby products and shares all of her thoughts regularly via social media. So if you’re feeling a little frumpy, this is a great blog to follow for a little confidence boost.

Laura is into natural products but claims that she’s not 100% “crunchy” this way. So if you’re into following a mama who’s trying to do their part for the planet, this is an excellent resource.


Author: Cheryl

Cheryl is a great writer whose blog features a ton of useful and fun information on everything you could possibly think of that’s parenting-related.

One section that any DIY fan should check out on this blog is the tutorials section where she features awesome ideas for quirky projects that kids and parents will love. She’s also got a pretty cool travel section with a focus on Korea.

Cheryl’s “Events” page is full of amazing giveaways, coupons and fun events like Lego giveaways and dance competitions, so if you love to save money and have fun, you should definitely follow Chery’s colorful motherhood journey!

Eighty MPH Mom

Author: Jennifer

Eighty MPH Mom is a fun take on a busy mom’s lifestyle and is so full of useful information that you might not know where to start. We love that she has a section entitled “Food Finds” which includes not only recipes but restaurant reviews too.

Jennifer is based in the Pacific Northwest and lives with three kids. Two of them are now adults, and she’s pretty much been through it all, so she has plenty of great parenting advice to share.

We love that she has an entire page devoted solely to entertainment. Here you will find information on local adventures, book reviews and all kinds of enriching and educational activities for kids of all ages.

Marcellina Maria

Author: Marcellina

Marcellina is a homeschooling mama of a teenager based out of Indonesia. In this blog she shares plenty of great tips and activities, as well as her thoughts on engaging with teens.

We love that she has a teen-centered focus on most of her stories. For instance, she doesn’t just share a recipe, but that post will partly be about teaching her kid to cook. Every post has a real story behind it, which makes it a pleasure to follow.

This mom also lives in a remote area, so if you are traveling, homeschooling or otherwise in a similar situation, check out her blog(s) about surviving in rural areas on a limited budget.

Happy Mum Happy Child

Author: Maria

Happy Mum Happy Child is a beautiful parenting blog that covers topics like recipes, DIY, activities and general parenting tips. However, what stands out most is that it covers a difficult but all-too-common topic: post-natal depression.

Maria writes about her depression from a personal perspective, which is both brave and enlightening. Most importantly, her poignant posts will help other women going through the same things.

On the lighter side of things, her product and blog reviews are fantastic, as is her contest section. Her blog is especially relevant to those in Australia or New Zealand, so if you are located in the vicinity, you should definitely check this blog out.

Lady Marielle

Author: Marielle

Marielle is a mother of 2 who was originally born in Haiti and now lives in Canada. She is amazing at sharing clear, accessible tips and all kinds of parenting hacks. Following her blog just makes everything feel easier.

This blog covers all sorts of topics, but we particularly appreciate the way she approaches that big mean monster called debt. Marielle has a section called “The Monster Chronicles,” which is primarily devoted to tackling stresses and fears like her relationship with money.

Marielle is very open about tracking and sharing her money-related issues and details, right down to the numbers, which is great inspiration for others looking to pay off debt and manage their finances.

Marksville and Me

Author: Pamela Marks

Marksville and Me chronicles author Pam’s daily life raising a family of 3. What particularly stood out in this blog is her willingness to share everything from the fun stuff to the rough stuff.

Pamela details her and her husband’s weight loss journey, so anyone looking for support in this area should definitely follow along. This blog also tackles some tough topics like suicide.

On the lighter side of thing, Pam shares plenty of awesome product reviews and giveaways. She even  has a holiday gift guide. Check out the “Snuggles and Stories” section for ideas of books to read the little ones.

Nurture Her Nature

Author:  Ali and Lesley

Nurture her Nature is the brainchild of Ali and Lesley, 2 two single moms who share all of their parenting adventures with the world on this blog. Together, they call their co-family “the clusterlove.”

We love how this blog title speaks to the authors’ unique focus on nurturing. They refer to their three very different daughters as “the Fey,” and speak to the individualized approach they take in parenting each one.

There’s a section on nurturing creativity, and another devoted to nurturing your space.

The recipe section is titled “Fey Food,” and that there’s a section devoted to 30-minutes or less meals as well as another that’s strictly vegetarian.

Breaking the Momma Mold

Author: Jessica Martineau

Breaking the Momma Mold chronicles the tales of a happily married mom with four young daughters, including a set of twins.

Jessica has spent a lot of time as an expecting mother, so if you want information from someone with plenty of experience being pregnant, you should definitely check out that section of her blog!

This mom certainly has her hands full, which is why this blog is devoted entirely to family adventures and doing things differently. Jessica really advocates for parents (or anyone) to get outside of their comfort zones whenever possible which is quite inspiring for those parents who feel they are in a rut!

Before and After Baby

Author: Diana

Diana’s blog contains useful information about some of life’s most important milestones. From trying to conceive and becoming a parent to weddings, marriage and crafting, she offers you her take on a little of everything!

The product reviews and money-saving tips are very helpful, and you will love some of the items that she has in her Giveaway section.

Diana’s writing has a healthy balance between opinion and fact, and her blog is filled with stories and tales that all parents can learn from – especially first-time parents!

Babbles and Tantrums

Author: Dora

Babbles and Tantrums is the creation of Dora, a stay-at-home mom of one son. Dora loves sharing a little bit of everything about what it is like to be a mom.

One topic that stands out on this blog is the excellent array of educational activities and ideas available under the Education section. Here, Dora covers homeschooling information and resources, as well as cute, creative craft ideas.

Dora is also a huge book-lover, and has a section entirely devoted to literacy at all ages. And if you love discounts and free stuff, don’t forget to follow her reviews and giveaways.

Half Past October

Author: Samantha

Samantha is the wife of a trucker and mother of one kid and one dog. She is obsessed with Asian beauty products in particular, as well as all-things-goth.

This is a very unique blog to follow and should be of interest to those interested in Asian beauty products and techniques in particular. Her beauty posts and tutorials are very detailed and easy-to-follow, it also features plenty of great information on discounts and promotions.

Samantha is also a fan of cloth diapers and other natural products, so if you’re a “crunchy” mama, you will want to connect with her.

Bliss and Faith

Author: Tenns Reid

Author Tenns is a pretty amazing woman. Not only is she a veteran and mother of 2 young kids, but she’s also a business mama and self-taught graphic designer/developer.

Her aim is to help moms become successful entrepreneurs, and her years of working in corporate America shows her expertise in this area. Her website is full of resources for mompreneurs of all backgrounds and interests.

If you’re looking for tips on getting your blog off the ground, this is a great place to start. Tenns is a whiz at content marketing and blogging and also offers business consulting and coaching services.

Lady’s Little Loves

Author: Lady

Lady’s Little Loves is the brainchild of Lady, a happily married mother of two in her 30s. She absolutely loves crafting, baking, and home décor, and she shares plenty of helpful hints about home and parenting here on this blog.

If you’re looking for help organizing and decorating your house, this is a great blog to check out. She shares step-by-step tips and images for redecorating rooms. We particularly love her article showing how she turned her young boy’s room into a sports-themed space.

If you’re looking for rainy day activity ideas for kids, stop by her craft and DIY section for free printables!

Mommy A to Z

Author: Meredith Hale

Stop by Mommy A to Z, and you will be pleasantly surprised by not only the great range information available (she writes about a little of everything) but the book-level quality of writing she shares.

Meredith’s work has been featured on sites like The Washington Post and Scary Mommy, and you can tell that she is a writer because the posts tend to have a certain personal flair that is completely relatable.

She has a solid focus on mindfulness and the deep, raw side of parenting and all things mental health. So if you’re looking to connect on a real level, and you appreciate solid writing, pay her a visit!

One Funny Motha

Author: Stacey Gill

One Funny Motha really does live up to its name, so if you are looking for a little (or a lot) of laughter to break up your day, Stacey has you covered. She is a former copywriter and journalist whose work has been featured in Good Housekeeping, The Huffington Post, and Scary Mommy.

Stacey does not shy away from writing about politics or talking about some of the intense social and political world issues.

She also claims to be the originator of the common-sense based Detached Parenting movement, which is one of the most popular models in the world. She writes a lot about this style of parenting, and her perspective is quite fascinating.

Julie’s Notebook

Author: Julie Martin

UK-based Mother of two and coffee lover Julie writes this blog in a quirky and insightful style. She has a solid social media following and provides lists of her favorite blogs, which is a great resource for those looking to build their communities.

She loves to share her European travel adventures with the world, so if you’re thinking of traveling with kids, you should definitely check out some of her tips and fantastic photography.

She’s also a huge pet lover and devotes a whole section of pet stories and caretaking tips to that on her blog.

There are some great money saving tips on this blog—we especially love the post “30 Ways to Save £1.”

The Mostly Mindful Mommy

Author: Katy Allred

The Mostly Mindful Mommy is a great concept for a blog, and author Katy has gotten plenty of well-deserved recognition for it. She’s been featured on Fox 21 news, the Huffington Post, and various other media channels.

Katy is so devoted to encouraging parents to live mindfully that she offers meditation and mindfulness coaching for kids and adults of all ages – how cool is that?

You don’t have to take her courses to reap the benefits of mindfulness. All you need to do is follow her insightful blog, and you will receive great mindfulness and meditation tips and advice straight to your inbox.

A Merry Mom

Author: Lisa

A Merry Mom is the brainchild of Lisa, the cheerful 40-something mother of 3 children whose goal is simply to get people smiling. If you are a book lover, you should definitely stop by to read her reviews and share your thoughts.

If you’re looking for budgeting tips and tricks, Lisa’s got it down pat. Check out the “Savings” section of her blog for deals and savings galore.

Lisa found out she was pregnant when she was over 40, and she chronicles that journey too, so this blog a great place to connect with other mid-age mamas.

Mother’s Circle

Author: Leah DeCesare

Mother’s Circle is a website dedicated to providing resources to moms and moms to be of all backgrounds and ages. Leah, a certified Doula and Lactation Educator, is dedicated to supporting moms and moms-to-be through all phases of their journey.

Leah is not only knowledgeable, but she is also hilarious. For a good laugh or two, check out posts like “Why you should Fart in Front of your Husband” and “Why You Should Tell Your Kids Their Artwork Stinks.”

Leah has also written three books, so she definitely knows her stuff. If you are looking for in-depth, expert information and real support to do with on pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond, this is the ideal community for connecting.

Married Filing Jointly

Author: Chelsea

Author and mother of two Chelsea writes about all things to do with her perfectly imperfect family life. Her blog has a ton of information on topics from DIY to faith to travel and recipes.

If you’re looking for support in marriage challenges, Chelsea has a section devoted to just that. She’s devoted to Jesus and her marriage and stands as a shining example of a healthy, faith-based marriage.

She’s got some very easy, hearty kid-friendly recipes on her list of favorites so definitely check out those too when you stop by. And don’t forget to check out all of her giveaways!

One Awesome Momma

Author: Belle

One Awesome Momma is run by Belle, an IT professional, and mother of 2 children. Her lifestyle blog covers all kinds of topics such as travel, family, and parenting tips. But where it really stands out is the fashion sector.

Belle lives up to her name and her incredible eye for fashion is evident right when you hit her profile shot. She has one section on her blog called “Shop My Closet” which is features her looking fabulous in some amazing clothing.

If you click on each of Belle’s images, you’ll be taken to a source to buy the clothes she’s wearing. Fashion-obsessed mamas should definitely check this one out!

MCM Mama Runs

Author: Erika

MCM Mama Runs belongs to Erika – craft beer lover, half-marathon runner, avid traveler, and mom of 2 boys.

Her blog covers the aforementioned topics in detail, sometimes combining the beer and running in unusual ways—which is what makes this blog so unique and fun.

On a more serious side, Erika talks about running as depression therapy. She is very open here about mental health issues and the ways that exercise helps her cope.

Erika covers plenty of running events on her blog, so if you’re up for racing too, this is a great way of catching up!

Single Mom Mecheel

Author: Mecheel Casenas

Mommy Mecheel follows the chronicles of of Mecheel Casenas, a single mother of 1 girl. She has a ton of interesting topics on this blog such as parenting, useful reviews of products for children, pregnancy information, and amazing giveaways.

Mecheel is a design specialist who provides a whole host of customized printables on her website, from event invitations to cake decorations.

She shares informative tutorials on all sorts of things from a dollhouse DIY project to pro blogging and website design tricks. And if you’re a gadget fanatic, you should definitely check out the section on Mobile Apps and Technology.

Food Whine

Author: Megan

Author Megan is a happily married mother of 3 children who is based out of Vancouver, Canada. She started this blog out of a love of writing and food. Her goal is to show the world that cooking can be fun no matter how many times a day you have to do it!

She has so many amazing recipes on this blog that it’s hard to know where to start. It is so well-organized and visually appealing that just popping in to browse will no doubt inspire you.

We love how the food section on this blog is broken down into clear subheadings, and each page of titles is organized with images. There’s even a section devoted to special diets.

Enjoy Freebies

Author: Melanie

Enjoy Freebies is self-explanatory, and who doesn’t love getting stuff for free? Author Melanie, a 40-something, is a goth-loving mom who obviously knows where all the cool stuff is.

This is a great blog for anyone interested in saving money (so basically everyone). It features tons of discounts, coupons, and freebies on alternative (and regular) products.

She shares a lot of this through video, which is awesome for moms who have their hands full at home.

Melanie is also an expert at product reviews and branding and shares some great advice about monetizing and branding your content from the comfort of your own home.

From Meredith to Mommy

Author: Meredith

From Meredith to Mommy is a colorful blog that contains interesting and fun ideas on all things to do with parenting. Meredith is a 30-something mom of 2 who is based out of CT. She’s a music teacher that now stays at home to look after her little ones.

Meredith is a homeschooler, so if that’s something you are interested in, you should definitely connect with her. She also sells books that she wrote on the site.

She is a busy person and gets stressed out just like every parent, but what she does to manage these things is slow down and take it step-by-step. She shares some of her techniques on this blog, as well as savings and organizational tips.

Mom Always Knows

Author: Elizabeth

Mom Always Knows is the brainchild of Elizabeth, a Dallas-based mother of 2 girls. Here you’ll find coupons, organization tips and many more things to make your busy life run a little more smoothly.

One unique aspect of this blog is that it features interviews with other moms. We also love the section titled “Mom Hacks,” which offers a ton of great time-saving and money-saving bits and bobs.

Her “Mommy Resource Library” is full of practical printables and inspiring words.

Get in touch with Elizabeth if you’re interested in partnering or guest blogging.

A Day in the Life of Calleigh Emma

Author: Beki

Beki is the blogger behind A Day in the Life of Calleigh Emma, a young mom with a sweet daughter named Calleigh. Her blog is well-organized and easy to read. In it, she shares all kinds of tidbits, and a particularly moving post is that of her birth story.

If you love good old-fashioned dinners, she has some great home cooking in the recipe section. Start with the Mini Shepherd’s pies and finish off with Lemon Frosted cupcakes for a perfect anytime meal.

Beki’s reviews are awesome too. In that section, she shares some great information about healthy food and innovative products like Mommy apps.

Mom Loves 2 Read

Author: Mom Loves 2 Read

Bibliophile kids and parents should take note of Mom Loves 2 Read a book-centered parenting blog. It is broken down into easy-to-follow sections, including a Teen and YA section, a book review section and other great stuff like a Holiday Gift Guide.

This mom is clearly devoted to healthy living, and there are a ton of posts about natural products like cosmetics here. There are also plenty of tips on parenting and baby products.

This blog also features plenty of information and product reviews that go beyond books, so if you’re up for giveaways and the like, you should definitely check it out!

Momma’s Meals

Author: Jennifer

Jennifer is a Toronto-based blogger who became a mom in her late 30s.

While this blog may have a “drinking” theme, it’s actually full of heartfelt posts and information about all things; you don’t need to love drinking to find something useful here.

We love that Jennifer features a page entitled “Humanity,” which is basically about everything that involves relating to other humans; this is a section where she gets deep, sharing some personal and thoughtful words on various emotional experiences.

She also shares a ton of fun recipes, book, and product reviews.


Author: Crystal

If you’re struggling with parenting-related stresses, head over to Mommifried to connect over issues great and small.

We love that this blog covers topics on relating with other people, including teen-focused like bullying and drug use. She also shares posts on relationship topics like bonding, morale and developing emotional intelligence.

Crystal also shares beauty tips, craft and décor ideas – really, there is something for everyone here.

The author also claims to be suffering from “Motherhood Unintentional Distraction Disorder,” so basically she is completely distracted all the time. If you can relate, give her a follow!

Mommy B Knows Best

Author: Mommy B

Mommy B is committed to helping other parents through all stages of parenting and understands that each situation is unique – that is why she provides tips and information on a wide variety of topics.

One unique (and awesome) section of her blog is devoted to social good, where she shares tips and resources on helping others in need. She’s also got a fabulous series called “Momnesia Mondays,” a humorous dedication to the stress and strain of being a parent.

She’s also got a great healthy living section featuring everything from natural cleaning to relationship-building strategies. And if you love product reviews and giveaways, she has a few of those, too.

Mommy Has a Life

Author: Mommy Has a Life

Single moms should take note of this fun and fabulous blog created by a single mom of 1 little boy. She has some great tips on home fixups, travel and DIY.

Check out her DIY section for plenty of innovative ideas on home décor, renovation, and room design.

Anyone who loves road tripping should check out her travel section for tips on riding single kids. There are also a few informative, in-depth posts about moving abroad with a child.

And if you’re interested in giveaways and reviews, there are a few of those here, too.

Mommy Knows What’s Best

Author: Marissa McKenna

This informative parenting blog is headed by Marissa, a former Language Arts teacher who is now a stay-at-home mom of 2 kids.

She started this blog when she was home pregnant and was writing posts for various mommy publications. To date, she has over 1 million views in total on these articles!

For anyone looking to get started in the world of blogging, Marissa has some fantastic tips and info.

This is a great site to follow if you’re expecting as the pregnancy section is detailed and relatable. If you’re busy prepping for a new addition to the family, we recommend starting with the article “Top 10 New Baby Must Haves.”

Mommy’s Bundle

Author: Ana

This blog is packed with information about pretty much everything you’d ever want to know about parenting and is particularly focused on the baby and toddler set.

One thing that stands out about Ana is that she is a breastfeeding pro. She’s got so much information about topics like pumping and breastfeeding in public. She even has a bunch of free printables devoted to breastfeeding.

We also love that she has a specific page devoted to activities for toddlers. Great ideas featured here include simple puzzles, paper crafts, and various sensory bin buckets. Be sure to check out her post on building an epic fort!

How Do you Do It

Author: How Do you Do It

If you’re a parent of multiples who is looking for support, you should definitely join this community of moms who share everything about the way they parent in this difficult framework.

These moms tell it like it is, sharing all kinds of thoughts, successes, and challenges. There are plenty of useful tools here, and it’s very much worth a share for anyone interested in what it takes to parent more than one kid of the same age.

In addition, many moms on this blog discuss challenges that are unique to them, such as pregnancy and birthing premature babies.

Mom’s Shout Out

Author: Mom’s Shout Out

Mom’s Shout Out really holds its own for being well-organized and full of information.

The author of this blog is a Financial Analyst, so anyone looking for money advice should definitely check out the finance and business section.

Her travel tips are unique in that they center around the Philippines, so if that’s your location or a planned destination, that’s another good reason to peruse this page. Her recipes are also unique in that they have a Filipino flair.

And finally, if you love product reviews, cash-savings and giveaways, she has plenty of these on here too.

I Am Not The Babysitter

Author: I Am Not The Babysitter

I am not the Babysitter is a refreshingly light blog full of family-centered tips on travel, food, and fun. From pregnancy tips to raising teens, there’s a wealth of information for every type of family in here.

If you’re looking for travel and beauty inspiration, see the travel section for Euro travel and beyond and find your dream accommodation via the “coolest hotels in the world” article.

I Am Not The Babysitter has plenty for foodie parents, too. If you are Florida-based, check out their list of “7 best food trucks in Orlando.” Meat lovers should definitely check out their tips on making classic dishes like burgers and meatloaf.

Morgan’s Milieu

Author: Morgan

Morgan’s goal is to help busy, stressed out moms lighten the load. She’s been a mother for 13 years and is entirely dedicated to sharing useful, clear and heartfelt thoughts with other moms to support them on their journey.

If you’re a book-lover, you should definitely connect, as Morgan has an entire section devoted to book reviews. And her own writing is just awesome, as proven by her plethora of blogging reviews.

Morgan really shares her thoughts on everything here. If you’re wondering where to start, take a peek at the list of tags located in the right-hand sidebar of the blog. You will see that she covers a little of everything from politics to tweens to sex and weight loss.

Motherhood and Merlot

Author: Joanna Clute

Motherhood and Merlot is a fashion-centered blog dedicated to getting mamas look and feel their best. It’s the brainchild of Joanna Clute who dedicates it to getting to know yourself after becoming a mom, a process which she calls “motherhood rediscovery.”

This blog has more information than just fashion, however. You will find some great health articles on innovative nutrition and exercise techniques, including tips for staying healthy on vacation as well as implementing exercise and meal plans.

And for anyone interested in knowing more about procedures like Botox and breast augmentation, this is one of the few mommy blogs we have seen with this type of beauty information.

Mrs. Bishop

Author: Mrs. Bishop

Mrs. Bishop is a motherhood, beauty and lifestyle blog run by a happily married stay at home mom to a 4-year-old boy. Here, she shares a ton of useful information from homeschooling to books to printables and fashion.

As a former hairstylist, Mrs. Bishop knows her stuff when it comes to beauty. Her skin care and beauty tips are devoted specifically to sensitive skin, and she shares a lot about cruelty-free products as well.

She also shares plenty of fun fashion tips and reviews for women of all sizes. And if you’re a DIY-er, you should definitely follow her “Printables” section for fun craft ideas.

A Mom Life in PNW

Author: Jenn

The first thing that stands out about this blog is that it is absolutely beautiful to look at and easy to navigate. The feel of the blog echoes the feeling of being in the Pacific Northwest –in other words; it’s a breath of fresh air.

Anyone who is based in or around Oregon state (or is planning on visiting) should definitely pop by this blog for suggestions on the best local spots to eat and visit.

Author Jenn also has an amazing “Frugal Living” section where she shares tips on wedding savings and minimizing.

Lastly, all the moms will be able to relate to her “Mom Life” section, where Jenn shares her amazing birth story—and there’s much more to come.

A Pair of Pink Shoes

Author: Maggie

Maggie is a young mother of two with amazing grace and style. Her blog is beautiful, minimal and easy to follow, illustrated with fantastic photos of her family and adventures.

One thing that stands out about this blog is that it features a section on adoption. She adopted both of her children at the same time and as such her journey has been fairly unique.

Maggie touches on plenty of parenting topics, but all of her posts are heartfelt and real, and if you give her a follow, there’s no doubt you will connect in an instant.

Wrexham Mama

Author: Maria Isabella Lincoln

This blog shows you the adventures of 23-year-old Maria, a “geeky” mom of 1 who is happily engaged to her partner of 5 years. We love the sweet and colorful slant of this blog.

Maria posts a lot of updates about her progress, which is great for other young parents looking to connect and share parenting stories.

Maria is great about taking the bits and pieces of her days and just putting them in context of solving challenges. Plus, there are tons of tips, recipes, reviews and giveaways if you’re looking to save dough and have a little fun.

Muddy Boots and Diamonds

Author: Emma

Emma, the author of Muddy Boots and Diamonds, likes chocolate cake, beer and running.

She first started writing privately, until a miscarriage made her realize that she needed to share the intense feelings about that experience with the world to help others with loss and grief.

This is a fantastic mom blog because it does have a focus on mental health issues that are often connected with pregnancy and childbirth. She also has a whole section devoted to food allergies alone, a surprisingly unique feature in a mommy blog.

Finally, she offers some great reviews for super useful tools that have to do with mental health, such as the “Moodivator” app.

Family Walker

Author: Charlie

This is the story about some party-animals-turned-parents who now have four boys. Charlie is an avid blogger who’s been at it for a long time, and you can tell from her posts—they’re fun, witty and just full of some seriously good information.

If you’re into product reviews, you can head to this review page and find a huge list. The lists are even separated into different categories like food, household, and toys, so you can easily scroll through and find something of interest.

Charlie also shares a lot about her weight loss struggles so this is a good spot to connect over health-related stuff.

Mum Turned Mom

Author: Sara

Mum Turned Mom is lovely to look at and well-organized. Sara, the author, is a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids. We love this blog because it is simple and unique, featuring a lot of information that goes beyond the typical parenting topics.

If you’re looking for writing tips and inspiration, Sara has an entire section of the blog devoted to writing prompts. She also shares plenty of original poetry, prose and other writing tips.

Parents will love her heartfelt reflections on motherhood, many of which consist of letters to her children. There’s plenty of personal growth style writing here so if that’s your thing too, you should certainly give her a follow!

Art, Crafts and Family

Author: Lauren

Anyone interested in DIY and fun craft ideas for entertaining your little ones on rainy days should definitely head over to Arts, Crafts and Family for inspiration. Lauren is a Nevada-based blogger with a penchant for all things creative.

The blog requires little explanation of what it is about, and the layout is visually appealing and easy to navigate. The crafts show up in an easy-to-Pinterest format, so you can easily pin some favorite posts to come back to later.

This blog also features some awesome entertainment, giveaway and discount offers, so it really has something for everyone.

My Life of Travels and Adventures

Author: Krystal

My Life of Travels and Adventures is headed by Krystal, and it is about so much more than travel. The design is clean, and the virtual space is easy to navigate, plus it is full of useful information.

Krystal shares a little bit of everything on this site. We particularly love her extensive list of book reviews, as well as her detailed and heartfelt baby posts.

And anyone who loves to travel should certainly add this blog to their channels. This girl has traveled to so many places; it’s obvious she knows what she is doing!

My Sweet Savings

Author: Heather

Who doesn’t like to save money? This Florida-based mother of two kids has a passion for sharing her savings knowledge. She loves everything to do with food, fashion, and beauty.

Everyone should head on over to her “Coupons” page for a list of printable coupons for all kinds of groceries and household items. Her gift guide is quite extensive and full of awesome ideas as well if you are already planning for the holidays or want to buy ahead for your bestie’s birthday.

And finally, check out her recipes for ideas on budget-friendly, hearty meals the whole family will love.

Natasha in Oz

Author: Natasha

Natasha is well-connected and has a ton of followers, and after peeking at her blog for just a few seconds, it is easy to see why; this is a super fun blog to follow especially if you love similar things as Natasha: tea, cooking, travel, family, and music (just to name a few).

If you are a parent who is also a music lover, you should follow Natasha not only for her fun giveaway and adventure ideas but also for the “Tuesday Tunes” section of her blog, which is an opportunity to share your favorite tunes with other bloggers.

It Starts with Coffee

Author: Neely

It Starts with Coffee is a beautiful blog with a clean look that’s very easy to navigate. The subheadings are simplified down to one word each as well, and range from “Baby” to “Beauty” to “Blogging.”

It is an inspiring blog with plenty of useful information on the pregnancy and baby end of things. Her blogging and book tips are perfect for all the reading and writing moms out there.

And if you’re looking for organizational tips, be sure to check out that section which features a ton of bits and pieces to make your days go more smoothly.

Mom Saves Money

Author: Nicole

The subtitle of this blog is “learning to live well on less,” something that most of us aspire to do. Besides being a mom of 3, author Nicole has experience working in the Intelligence field in the Navy, and at that time was also trained as a financial counselor.

Nicole has 3 kids and is the author of a book entirely devoted to couponing, so when it comes to saving money, you can bet she knows what she’s talking about. She knows it so well, in fact, that she even offers classes on saving money.

This blog has an extensive and super useful coupon database—there are hundreds of household products and foods in here, and it’s well worth a peek.

Mom Trends

Author: Mom Trends

Mom Trends is celebrating their 10-year birthday this year, and with just a quick glance at the website, it is easy to see why they have over 500,000 monthly visitors.

This easy-to-navigate platform brings together various contributors to features all kinds of mom-focused lifestyle and beauty trends. The four cornerstones of this blog’s mission are to be inspiring, connect authentically over social media, and help women feel as beautiful as possible, inside and out.

Mom Trends is the perfect blog to follow for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the freshest trends and useful products while staying connected with other busy moms.

Suburban Shit Show

Author: Nicole Johnson

This blog is amazingly entertaining, and Nicole is a fantastic writer that never misses a beat. She is clever and funny, right down to the descriptions of the kids and pets, each of which has an alter ego akin to a rough and tumble wrestler or punk rock star.

Seriously sweet and funny as heck, author Nicole is clearly on a mission to debunk any myths that parenting is tidy or pretty. She clearly embraces the rough and imperfect points of parenting, and that’s what makes this blog so fantastic.

If you love connecting with hilarious, talented bloggers who aren’t afraid to write about the messy stuff, you need to check out Suburban Shit Show.

Simply Sweet Days

Author: Nikki

Simply Sweet Days is a blog that with a very colorful but relaxing feel: it’s easy to navigate, well-written and uplifting. In fact, Author Nikki is an elementary school teacher and mother of 4 kids, including a set of twins.

Nikki writes a lot about organization and finding balance. She has an entire section devoted to crock pot meals and another that focuses on quick and easy meals.

Parents of twins looking to get connected with others in the same boat should definitely check out the “Twins” section of this website. Not only is it full of great tips and advice, it also features a monthly series called “Real Talk with Real Twin Moms.”

Not Quite Wonder Woman

Author: April

Not Quite Wonder Woman follows the thoughts of a mom who tends to write about her unique life and situations, rather than trying to focus on being somehow perfect. She’s real and vulnerable, which is what makes this blog so accessible.

One thing April chronicles in quite a bit of detail is health and fitness, in which she shares everything about having several operations to remove an abdominal hernia.

April has also been homeschooling her kids for 20 years, so she is very knowledgeable in that area. If you’re a parent looking for homeschooling tips and advice, you should definitely check out this blog.

Oh So Amelia

Author: Kerry

Kerry is a young single mother of 2 young kids who lives in the Welsh countryside. She loves outdoor adventures and photography, and this shows by through her regular updates.

Kerry does a great job of keeping this lifestyle blog clear, clean and up-to-date. She features some excellent blogs on saving money, products she loves, as well as some amazing meal plans and recipes.

Her blog is s quite popular and is visited by over 30 000 people a month. So, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, head on over and follow Oh So Amelia. You won’t be disappointed!


Ot & Et

Author: Lindsey M

Ot & Et is a blog with a very minimalist look and colorful, quirky images. The author provides regular snippets and bold images of all things parenting. Each blog is kind of eclectic, so you never know what you’re going to get, which is what makes it so fun and interesting.

On each post, the author encompasses a quirky set of concepts and themes to acknowledge different goals and things she’s doing, such as, watching, hoping, reading, making, etc.

We love that this is a slice of real life from a real person. Plus, if you’re looking for other blogs to check out, she’s got a list of great ones.

Parenting and Homeschooling in Faith

Author: Rachael DeBruin

Any parent looking for information on educational activities and homeschooling curriculum ideas with a spiritual slant should definitely check out Parenting and Homeschooling in Faith.

Author Rachael DeBruin is a homeschooler and mother of 7 children. She built this blog with the intention of offering all kinds of tips, resources and support to do with parenting and homeschooling.

This blog is a great starting point for with other homeschoolers. We also recommend checking out the “frugal and fancy” category to ease your financial stress, especially around the holidays.

The “Motherhood Series” is also fantastic as it offers faith-based emotionally-centered support to mothers going through tough times.

Child Psych Mom

Author: Dr. Polly Dunn

The author of Child Psych Mom has a Ph.D. in Child Psychology and started the blog with the intention of sharing her experiences as a mom and doctor with other parents.

She is clearly dedicated to helping families in any way she can, and this shows in the wealth of fascinating information she provides in her articles.

Dr. Dunn’s blogs are well-written and accessible, covering pretty much everything under the sun, from spending quality time to behavior management. She also shares her professional perspective on tough topics such as handling grief, suicide, stranger danger and sexual abuse.

This blog is a very useful must-read for parents with kids of any gender, age or background.

Mainly Homemade

Author: Amy

Author Amy is part of a blended family of 5 who writes about living simply and healthily. Her blogs focus on topics like saving money, house cleaning and organization, travel and DIY.

One thing that makes Mainly Homemade stand out from other blogs is that it features a whole section on clean eating – so that means simple, natural foods without a lot of extra preservatives and sugar. And the best part is that she shares tips on how to do this on a budget.

Her party ideas are fantastic, with, for instance, a whole post devoted to Disney Villain themes. She also provides plenty of ideas for healthy and fun party snacks.

The Practically Green Mom

Author: Allie

This author’s tagline is “a little bit crunchy, a little bit go with the flow,” which perfectly demonstrates the way that she approaches the “green” life. The point, she thinks, is not to go overboard trying to be perfectly green.

We love Allie’s commitment to eco-friendly action, and especially love the Essential Oils category on the blog. These all-natural products are so practical, and Allie’s blog is full of amazing ideas of how to use them around the home.

She also has a section devoted entirely to cloth diapers, so for any parents looking for tips on just that, she’s got you covered.

Practical Mama

Author: Practical Mama

Practical Mama features a wealth of – you guessed it – practical information on so many topics that you will definitely want to subscribe.

The author is a busy mother of two who calls herself a jack of all trades. She also works full-time, so clearly has some idea of how to stay well-organized (and she shares tips about this, too).

One interesting section on this blog is “Play and Learn,” which is all about educational activities and goals for school and at home. She also has a section devoted specifically to working moms, which includes information on finding time and support as a busy parent.

Life of Que

Author: Life of Que

Life of Que is a quirky little blog that’s chock-full of all kinds of parenting and fitness tips. The author is a Filipino mother who is a runner and homeschooler.

This mom loves to travel, and her advice on this topic (along with hotel reviews) are extensive and informative. Anyone based out of the Philippines or planning a trip there with kids should definitely take note of these awesome travel tips.

She also has a ton of wellness and fitness based blogs. Check out her reviews for innovative beauty and wellness products and give her a follow to keep up on travel-based giveaways.

The Smiddy House

Author: Ray

Ray covers a variety of topics on The Smiddy House blog, from day trip ideas with the kids around Newcastle (in the UK) to where to get your next tattoo!

You’ll find a wealth of information on just about anything and everything, which is refreshing since so many mommy blogs focus on mom-related things only.

There are gardening tips, photography tips, home décor tips and – of course – tips for parents.

If you live in the UK or around Newcastle, check this blog out!

Rebecca Grabill

Author: Rebecca Grabill

Rebecca Grabill is an experienced author with an MFA for Children and Young Adults. She has written several children’s books and has been published in a range of anthologies and the like.

Her blog features both her amazing photography and her books, and every page is not engaging and visually stunning.

She has a section devoted to writing hacks where she shares neat tips for writers, like the top mobile apps and how to make a book trailer.

Rebecca is clearly an artist, and this page is a refreshingly professional blog for anyone who loves reading, writing or photography.

The Anti-June Cleaver

Author: Regan

This Colorado lifestyle blog contains fantastic décor ideas from Regan, a mom of two sons. Her quirky, fun website has a specific focus on raising boys.

Regan originally started the blog to share ideas about how to make your home greener.

Now she writes about all kinds of interesting DIY, recipe and parenting stuff. Her recipes are visually stunning and very easy to follow.

She also shares plenty of family-friendly travel ideas, many of which are based in and around CO, so if you’re local, you should definitely check this blog out.

The Golden Spoons

Author: The Golden Spoons

The author of The Golden Spoons is a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) who is a lover of words. The previous special needs teacher is now a mother of three girls and uses this blog to share everything about the motherhood journey.

We especially love that she has an entire section not just devoted to recipes, but to that most comforting and joyful of meals: the Sunday Supper.

The author’s writing is insightful, personable and real, and has been featured on Scary Mommy and The Huffington Post.

If you’re looking to connect with a family blogger, this is one to follow.

Robin Kramer Writes

Author: Robin Kramer

Robin Kramer is a mom who loves to write and she loves to talk about all the deep stuff with a direct, insightful and often humorous slant.

She’s very open about discussing not only her self-image issues but also the challenges that her daughter faces. If you have a daughter, you should check out the post “The Lie that We Should Be Like the Other Girls.

Robin expresses her experiences with family life with such depth that you would think she wrote the book on motherhood – and she actually has. Her book has received wide praise and is available on her website.

Frog Reviews and Ramblings

Author: Frog Reviews and Ramblings

Frog Reviews and Ramblings is written by a Nana who is a mother of 2 and grandmother to 3. This is a fun website filled with interesting and detailed posts from product reviews to musings on home and family life.

If you are looking for food ideas, her recipe section features a ton of traditional type meals, from crockpot favorites to peanut butter cookies. She also has a custom cakes section which is very cool and worth checking out if you are looking for fun baking ideas.

Follow her blog to find out about all kinds of great deals and fun giveaways.

Happy Humble Home

Author: Heather

If you’re looking for new ways to save money, Heather of Happy Humble Home shares so much amazing information about how she changed her life. You need to stop by and read her posts!

Not only does Heather share a variety of step-by-step strategies for paying off debt, but she’s also got plenty of tips on budgeting for groceries, saving money on prescriptions, alternative meal plans and so much more.

If you’re in the mood to start a blog and monetize it, Heather has plenty of great advice about that too. She is so detailed and transparent every step of the way that she makes everything she shares a breeze to read.

Mom on a Spiritual Journey

Author: Sarah

If you’re interested in learning more about personal growth and spirituality, Mom on a Spiritual Journey is the blog for you. Author Sarah is a healer herself and has a little of everything on this new-age blog.

If you want to learn more about energetic healing, there’s a ton of useful information here. She also has a section dedicated to both Indigo Children and Crystal Children.

Sarah is clearly devoted to sharing her spiritual journey with the world. And if you are a podcast fanatic or just want a break from the screen, this talented healer has a bunch of free podcasts too.

Mustard Seed Mommy

Author: Mustard Seed Mommy

If you’re looking to connect with homeschooling mothers to learn more about the art of home education, Mustard Seed Mommy is a great blog to follow. The author is a 27-year old mother of 3 (almost 4) who is dedicated to family life.

This is a clean and easy-to-navigate blog. Beyond the homeschooling section, the author shares plenty of recipes, reviews, and giveaways. Her recipes especially are not only fun but super practical as they’re laid out on printable forms.

Follow this blog for giveaways on useful household items as well as stationary and homeschooling supplies.

Crazy House Reviews

Author: Crazy House Reviews

Crazy House Reviews is a collective effort that talks about all kinds of things that parents want to know. It is not only for reviews, either. There are some great blog posts on parenting, beauty and household tips as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to make some extra cash driving for Uber, there are some tips on how to get going on that. There are posts on filtering tap water, selling your home, green cleaning products, great gift ideas – you name it.

We love this blog especially because it has a clean look and an easy-to-follow format.

Saving Common Cents

Author: Saving Common Cents

Saving Common Cents is a brilliant idea for a blog and is fun and useful in both format and theme – really, who couldn’t use some new ideas about how to save money but still enjoy life?

First off, this blog has everything you ever wanted to know about starting a blog of your own and incorporating linking to bank a few extra bucks. There are also plenty of giveaways on fun kiddie and household products.

Finally, if you pop on over to the “Playing in the Kitchen” section, you will find a ton of healthy dishes that don’t feel like hard work to make.

Just a Little Nutty

Author: Meg

Just a Little Nutty is a fun, family-oriented blog that features a little bit of everything. Meg is a witty, charming writer who loves sharing her adventures, recipes, reviews, and handyman tips with the world.

For all of the pet-loving families out there, this blog features an entire section devoted to their beautiful Bengal cats. There’s also a section dedicated to outdoor adventures.

Check out the “Fly on the Wall” blogger series, where a group of bloggers all share what it would be like to be a part of their crazy household for a day.

See Vanessa Craft

Author: Vanessa

See Vanessa Craft is a beautiful blog with a particular focus on – you guessed it – crafting. However, Vanessa isn’t just making bits and bobs; she has tutorials on holiday décor and plenty of party activities. And she’s so good; she even has a book!

This is a blog that’s well laid out and really fun to read. Each page is set up as a grid collage set of images—so you immediately see visuals for clever kid-friendly crafting and beautiful scenes from travel destinations.

The colorful images and practical printables on this blog will get you clicking – and crafting – in no time.

Sew Loved Blog

Author: Becca

Author Becca is a stay-at-home mother of 3 boys. She created this beautiful, simple blog in part out of her love for graphics and photography and her talent is evident every step of the way; this blog is a just pleasure to peruse.

There’s no doubt about it that Becca is super talented. She has been featured on sites like Martha Stewart and Harper’s Happenings.

Sew Loved Blog features plenty of kiddie updates with amazing photos of family outings and activities. Follow her on Instagram for a daily blast of fun info a ton of tips and sweet posts on crafts and plenty of other things. And her Etsy shop is the bomb.

Single Mom, What a Life!

Author: Single Mom, What a Life

This blog is a collective effort dedicating to connecting single mothers and help them not only survive but thrive. It has been around for a few years and has quite a huge following.

Single mothers have it rough and don’t have as many resources to turn to (much of the time) as those with partners. This blog was created with the intention of being a safe place for single moms to turn, especially when facing stressful and traumatic situations.

At SMWAL, everything is on the table, and no topic is off-limits. You’ll read about everything from living on a tight budget to starting your own business to stress-free travel. Any single mom should make a point of joining this community.

Peyton’s Momma

Author: Shanna

This Minnesota-based mom has one daughter and has created something pretty amazing. She writes about just about everything under the sun and does it with common sense and cool flair.

Bibliophile parents with book-loving kids should check out this site if only for the extensive book section. There’s something for every type of reader here, from toddlers to young adults, and there’s even cookbooks and coloring books!

Disney lovers should also take heed as she shares a ton about Disney movies, events and products. There’s definitely something for everyone on this delightful and easy-to-follow mommy blog.

Shann Eva

Author: Shann Eva

Shann Eva is a mom of 3 boys, including twins, and this is “a peek into her messy life.” She writes about pretty much everything under the sun and is as real and raw as is humanly possible, which makes her stories all the more relatable.

She’s also a big fan of saving money—and if you are too (we would imagine most are), you should check out her Money-Saving links for fantastic ideas on the topic.

What’s special about this blog is that it has a twin-child focus, so mothers of multiples can connect over the unique challenges they face. Contact Shann for opportunities on guest blogging and promotions.

Shasher’s Life

Author: Shash

This author is a finance specialist who was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada. She is a mother of 3 teen boys and wife of a pastor who now resides in Ontario. Follow her for a daily dose of the four best “f” words: family, fun, faith, and food!

Shash is an avid traveler who frequently writes about local adventures and events, as well as journeys a little further away.

The food section of this blog is quite stunning, featuring hearty gourmet meals, often with an Italian flare. If you’re a soup-lover, you should definitely check out (and Pin) her roundup of 35 soup recipes.

Crafty Mama in Me

Author: Crafty Mama in Me

Here’s a mama from central Maine who’s looking to link up with other mamas everywhere as well as locally, since part of her blog is focused on local events.

If you love the holidays, there’s a ton of great crafty stuff on this blog to do with special occasions. There are also some amazing reviews, giveaways and product information on this site.

If you’re interested in fun party ideas, she has a ton of them, and if you have a little girl, start out with the blog titled “15 Fun Moana Inspired Party Ideas.”

DIY need to fans should take note and follow this fabulous crafting blog right now!

Simply Shaunacey

Author: Shaunacey

Shaunacey is a Toronto-based wine and food loving mom of 2 little ones just trying to make sense of each day and enjoy the ride. Here she shares a little of everything, from style to food to parenting tips.

This blog has a beautiful, clean feel and it is incredibly easy to navigate. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the “Weekly Favorites” section for awesome tips on all things from baby care to reading lists.

There’s really something fun and inspiring for everyone on this great blog, so head on over and give it a follow.

Wonderfully Chaotic

Author: Shay

Here’s a beautiful feeling blog with a clean layout and easy-to-navigate design. The images here are quite stunning, and the whole thing is just a delight to check out.

Author Shay has been blogging for over 10 years, so she knows a thing or two about creating something with appeal. And what’s more, she clearly loves engaging with her audience.

She is a mom of 7 kids, so clearly she knows what she is talking about as far as parenting goes!

Her life fits the bill of the title, but we are sure that most parents think that no matter how many kids they have, which is what makes this such a great virtual meeting spot for everyone.

Sheer Parenting

Author: Shokhi Agarwal

This is an incredibly well-organized blog that centers around a business directory for parents to find info for kids of all ages. There’s a ton of useful information here on every phase of pregnancy and parenthood.

We particularly love the way that the parenting section is broken up into different types and aspects of parenting – motherhood, fatherhood, stay-at-home parenting and single parenting are just a few topics covered.

You can easily find the information you need on this blog since it contains info on pretty much any topic or even your unique stage of life, so it is perfect for just about anyone looking for support on their family journey.

100 Things 2 Do

Author: Shelly Shepherd

100 Things 2 Do is the brainchild of Shelly Shepherd, a blogger known for her outrageous style. Shelly is a master at creatively compiling to-do lists of fun adventures and activities for kids of all ages.

If you’re a stressed-out mother looking to freshen up your family routine, pop on over to this blog for some belly laughs, inspiring words and new ideas. (Anyone who loves using their hands should definitely check out the “build it” DIY section.)

Check out the “100 Lists” section for tons of information on things to do over the summer and winter holidays. She even has a ton colorful, fun printable lists!

Our Happy Nuthouse

Author: Our Happy Nuthouse

Our Happy Nuthouse is a sweet, inspirational blog from a mom of a family of 4 boys and a girl. The creative and quirky premise here is that each family member is a different type of “nut” (“Honey Nut,” “Wee Nut,” “Wing Nut,” etc.).

While every part of this blog is a joy to follow, we especially love the “Daily Nuttyness” section which is full of quickie resources like coupons and printables, as well as funny bits and pieces of thoughts.

If you’re looking for information on homeschooling, there are also some useful links and resources on educational activities and curriculum-building under that tab.

Shop with Me Mama

Author: Kim Delatorre

Kim Delatorre is a 40-something-year-old mom out of Idaho who loves to craft, shop and travel.

Not only has her blog has been featured in the Top 50 US Mom Bloggers, her face has been featured in a Proactiv commercial. She’s also an ambassador for a number of big brands like Kohl’s and KidKraft.

Her blog has a fashion and beauty focus, so it’s a great place to stop if you’re looking for fresh ideas and a renewed sense of confidence.

And if you love contests and freebies, don’t forget to visit the “Giveaways” page!

Show Me Ashley

Author: Ashley

If you’re looking for help managing your money or are looking for support from other military moms, Show Me Ashley is a great place to start.

Ashley is a military wife and former social worker who has learned a lot about money management through her own trials and tribulations.

She uses the lessons she has learned to help others drop their debt and save more money without feeling like they are sacrificing the most important things.

She also shares a lot about living the military life, her previous blog tagline being “Live every day like he deploys tomorrow.”

The Song’s on the Way

Author: Pamela

If you’re looking for a romantic story or you can relate to meeting your spouse overseas, this is one of the most profound tales of love and marriage stories you’ll find on a parenting blog.

The Song’s on the Way is a Christian bog that started with the story of a singing pilgrim who took a huge leap of faith by meeting her would-be husband online and then moving all the way to India to be with him.

This is a blog full of spiritual inspiration from a heartfelt place, and it’s also a great place to connect with other Christian bloggers.

Sippy Cup Mom

Author: Sippy Cup Mom

This blog was started by a mom based out of St. Louis who spent many years as a retail manager before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her son. She now manages social media for various websites and couldn’t be happier with this new path.

This blog has a lot of information on local activities, so if you’re in the St. Louis area you should check it out for family-friendly fun. It also features a ton of detailed product reviews for all kinds of cool toys and home products.

And if you love free stuff, don’t forget to visit the Sippy Cup Mom “Giveaways” page!

Southern New Hampshire Kids

Authors: Kim / Nicole

This is a fantastic blog for any parent, and especially those based out of New Hampshire. There’s tons of information here about local events, hot deals, and family adventures.

Author Nicole took over this blog from her friend Kim. She’s a happily married mother with a large family, and she is also a travel buff. You can bet her advice on that topic is sound.

She’s also very creative and crafty – especially when it comes to saving money!

We love this blog for its special focus on music, dance and the arts, and if you love freebies, don’t forget to visit the “Giveaways” page!

Sola Gratia Mom

Author: Sola Gratia Mom

The tagline of this blog, “Creatively, Classically Educating,” speaks to its name perfectly. If you’re looking for homeschooling and educational resources, Sola Gratia Mom is chock-full of useful information.

This blog focuses on the philosophy of school, which sometimes is also called “restful learning,” or “joyful learning” as well as unique curriculum philosophies as alternative ways to homeschool children.

Sola Gratia Mom is divided into several useful tabs that are organized specifically for teaching different lessons. We particularly love unique sections like “Nature Study,” which features fun outdoor exploration activity ideas for kids in a range of ages.

Soldier’s Wife Crazy Life

Author: Julie

Author Julie is a mom of 3 boys and is married to a National Guard soldier.

We love this blog because of the detail and heart that author Julie puts in on a day-to-day level. It is well-organized into several different sections on military life.

Julie has a whole section devoted to PSCing, and another entire set of articles just focused on solo parenting during deployment. She even offers a free parenting survival guide for deployment periods.

This is the perfect blog to follow for anyone married to a military spouse. And if you’re a blogger or are looking to start, check out her “Blogging” section for tips on how to get writing and build your audience.

So Simply Stephanie

Author: Stephanie

Stephanie really does cover everything on So Simply Stephanie, a blog full of helpful tips and reviews on all kinds of topics. Previous to starting her blog, she had published more than 200 articles via sites like and Hubpages.

This 30-something mom and Code Enforcement officer also runs Social Exposure PR, a company that helps writers get their blogs off the ground and connecting them with entrepreneurial opportunities.

Check out her blog for the latest on home, DIY, crafts, beauty, and food. And if you love free stuff, don’t forget to frequent the “Giveaways” page!

Southern Hope Blog

Author: Southern Hope Blog

The Southern Hope Blog is a lifestyle blog with a broad topic base which includes book reviews, DIY tips, home décor and renovations, advice and a lot of fun. The author is a God-loving Southerner whose aim is to inspire hope in others.

One unique thing that stands out about this blog is its focus on infertility and chronic illness. The author, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, writes about her journey in depth as she offers resources and emotional support to others on these topics.

There is no doubt that this blog lives up to its title, so if you’re looking for some warmth and support in your day-to-day parenting adventures, you should definitely give it a read.

The Soccer Mom Blog

Author: Stacey

If you’re looking for a daily dose of positive energy, you’ve come to the right place.

The Soccer Mom Blog is the brainchild of Stacey, a Houston-based mother of 2 little ones. Her motto is “do what works,” and she loves to share inspiring words and practical parenting tips with the world.

This blog has a Houston focus, so it’s a great place to stop by if you’re a Texan on the hunt for family-friendly adventure.

If you’re a blogger or looking to learn how to write, check out her “How to Blog” section or connect with Stacey directly for partnerships.

Sue Parke

Author: Sue Parke

If you’re looking for a parenting blog with a fitness slant, Sue Park should be at the top of your list. This happily married mom is a certified running coach, fitness coach, personal trainer, and instructor of various specialty activities.

As if that weren’t enough to keep up with, Sue is also a brand ambassador and sponsored blogger who contributes to sites such as and Moms Magazine.

Sue’s writing is not only inspiring and entertaining; she offers a wealth of professional fitness advice over at her blog. She also offers virtual running coaching, so if you’re looking for a kick in the pants to get going, this is the perfect place to start.

Not Your Average Mom

Author: Susie

Author Susie is a 47-year-old mother of many children who writes because motherhood is – in her own words – “f*king hard.” She writes about the real stuff, the raw stuff, the stuff that’s hard to read but also the most important to talk about.

Susie is a proponent of positive discipline and that philosophy is core to her site. The idea behind this is basically to “stop yelling” and to find other ways to engage with your children that aren’t quite so…loud.

She’s also a coach and inspirational speaker and if you have a chance to listen sometime, you should definitely check her out.

In the Lyon’s Den

Author: Suzy

I am lion, hear me roar! That’s the sentiment behind this brilliant parenting blog, which is the brainchild of 38-year-old Suzy.

This blog has a particular focus on being authentic. There’s also a huge focus on self-care here, which any parent likely needs to put a little extra effort into at least now and then.

Suzy has fantastic images to go along with her healthy tips and she’s also a pretty great organizational coach. This blog comes complete with several printables that will help you make those long days go a little (or a lot) more smoothly.

Sweet Tea & Saving Grace

Author: Kirsten

Kirsten is a Southern gal focused on sweet tea and great homes. Her focus is on keeping things fun and light, and her offerings vary from décor to blogging to fabulous recipes.

As far as delicious, filling and fast meal ideas go, Kirsten’s recipes section hits the spot with stunning, drool-worthy visuals and printable recipes.

Kirsten is also an expert content strategist, and she shares her tips on blogging and the works over at her Sweet Tea LLC section. If you’re looking for courses or someone to team up with to boost your business, don’t hesitate to pay Kirsten a virtual visit!

Healthy Moms Magazine

Author: Healthy Moms Magazine

Healthy Moms Magazine is a great resource for every Mom looking to stay healthy and happy. A neat feature on this site is the dynamic headline features at the top that reads like breaking news.

The creators of this website understand that health and family don’t just mean focusing on mom and the kids—they have articles on all kinds of health issues, including issues that affect the elderly.

This blog is created by different guest authors, which makes for a unique community of different writing styles and viewpoints—and the best part is that you can contribute as well. This is a great way to gain notoriety and attract followers to your own site.

Attic Girl

Author: Shelly

The voice behind The Attic Girl is a mom of 3 kids of a broad range of ages, so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to parenting – and she writes with a keen sense of humor that’s hard to match.

If you’re looking for info on fabulous books and movies (like Star Wars), head to this blog’s entertainment section for reviews and fun surprises like giveaways.

Shelly is based in Pennsylvania, so her travel section is focused mostly around there and Maryland. She has plenty of ideas for local adventures, so if you’re based in that area, you should definitely drop by the blog for awesome day trip ideas.

A Blender Mom

Author: Shanaka

A Blender Mom is the perfect spot to hit up if you’re looking for fun parenting resources of all kinds.

First, check out her recipe section for some light and easy (but still kid-friendly) ideas for dinner and desserts. She even has a whole subsection devoted to crock pot cooking, which is perfect for fall and winter meal planning.

Check out Shanaka’s other blogs on Travel, Entertainment, and Giveaways for fun tips and adventures. She even has a section on how to make money blogging, which could be a lucrative option if you’re a blogging parent yourself.

The Choosy Mommy

Author: Christine

The author of this blog, Christine, is a mom with a background in marketing who loves to write about the trials and joys of raising a family. She started this blog as a means of creating a platform for experts and moms to come together in support of each other.

The Choosy Mommy contains plenty of fun and useful home and parenting tips for those with kids at any age. Everyone will benefit from the coupons, giveaways and fun DIY ideas in this blog.

If you’re on the hunt for fun birthday ideas, we recommend you take a peek at her article “DIY At-Home Birthday Surprises on a Dime.”

The Colbert Clan

Author: Kate

The Colbert Clan came to be after author Kate found herself widowed and single at the young age of 19.

While she is now happily married with 3 kids, she never forgets the importance of all the family and friends who helped her through that rough time. She aims to offer other moms of all backgrounds with their own struggles.

This blog is chock full of fun stuff like coupons, giveaways, branded handmade crafts and funny party games (see her “Redneck BBQ” post for adult party ideas). Kate also shares tips on how busy moms can find time for themselves.

Dude Mom

Author: Dude Mom

Here’s a blog from a mom to a couple of pretty cool dudes. Her writing is both inspiring and humorous, and we love that she tries to include the “dudes” in her articles as much as possible.

They’ve even been working on making some great videos together as a family (you can find out more on her Youtube channel).

Dude Mom loves traveling and has plenty of awesome beauty tips and tutorials for anyone looking for some fresh advice. Check out her recipes section where you will find a blog post that includes a list of recipes for watermelon!

This is a seriously witty, colorful and well-composed blog. It’s easy to navigate and will keep you coming back for more.

The Go Mamas

Author: The Go Mamas

At first glance, we weren’t quite sure what this blog was about, but when we realized “go” stood for “green organic,” we were immediately enthralled.

What stands out about The Go Mamas is not only its focus on all things green but that it has an entire section devoted to homesteading. The site is packed with blog articles on topics from raising livestock to canning to cheese making – yeah, cheese!

Of course, there are fantastic green-focused DIY, home, health and even school-related posts as well. And there’s also an entire subsection dedicated to thrifting.

(Bonus: Look under the “recipes” section for plenty of gluten-free meal ideas.)

A Beautiful Ruckus

Authors: Sean and Rebecca

If you are a parent of multiples and you are looking to connect with other families, look no further than A Beautiful Ruckus. This family is made up of two parents and four kids all the same age—quadruplets!

This blog has plenty of crazy-good giveaways and a ton of useful parenting and health information.

These parents are trying their best to find and share useful, factual information about raising multiples on this site, but since that information is a bit limited, parts of the site remain a work in progress.

Check out the “Resources” section to start.

The Jersey Momma

Author: The Jersey Momma

The Jersey Momma is the brainchild of a longtime teacher-turned-mom and writer. She’s committed to connecting people through useful and insightful articles about everything to do with parenting from fun activities to easy recipes.

If you’re based out of New Jersey or are thinking of visiting, check out her “Local Links” category for a list of amazing local businesses to support. Her travel section lists all kinds of fun and interesting spots to check out.

She’s also knowledgeable about blogging and marketing, so if you’re looking for some help getting your own blog off the ground, you should definitely check pay Jersey Momma a visit.

The Kavanaugh Report

Author: Nicole

The Kavanaugh Report is a blog entirely devoted to sharing information about Montessori schooling with parents. Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play.

Nicole has divided this blog into sections by age ranges, which makes it very easy for parents to navigate through to find wholesome, age-appropriate activities for the little ones.

The Kavanaugh Report offers plenty of parenting tips that focus on artful, compassionate and independent action for children. It also does a great job of promoting the simple, minimalist side of life – not only for adults but also how to teach your children to appreciate it, too.

The Momma Diaries

Author: Kami

Kami of The Momma Diaries is just a fun person who is enthusiastic about all kinds of things from Disney to coffee. She’s a stay-at-home Mom to 2 boys and she has always wanted to be a Mom.

Any Disney fanatic out there will surely love her reviews and announcements on the latest Disney movies, activities and products.

DIY and craft fanatics will love her great selection of printables on everything from cute toys to gifts and even household products.

And, of course, she has plenty of giveaways, so don’t miss that section if you are looking for free goodies!

Mommy’s Block Party

Author: Mommy’s Block Party

Mommy’s Block Party is a collaborative effort created with the intention of sharing a little bit of everything to anyone who wants to follow. It covers reviews, recipes, DIY, baby tips, fashion travel and so much more.

This blog has a nice health-focused section for those interested in eating gluten-free and low carb meals. There’s plenty of motivation for everyday fitness too. It also has a special section devoted to worship and music.

This blog is perfect for other moms who are looking for support and inspiration and want to join forces with their tribe.

The Review Stew

Author: The Review Stew

The Review Stew was created with the intention of sharing a ton of information about interesting products from clothing for the whole family, body care, fitness and health products, and healthy food and drink.

This blog is perfect if you are looking for a gift, party or event ideas. The author is also a fitness trainer, so she features tons of health-focused blogs as well.

Bibliophiles can rest assured that there’s a nice selection of book reviews here. And of course she has plenty of giveaways, so don’t miss that section if you’re looking for free goodies!

Wholesome Housewife

Author: Tiffany

Tiffany is a Rhode Island mother of 2 in her 30s who started Wholesome Housewife in 2008. She writes about a ton of stuff, some of her favorites being sunshine, travel and Disney.

This is an inspiring faith-based blog that touches on every aspect of parenting, including the deep, hard stuff. The author finds a lot of strength in her Christian roots, and this depth shows in every post.

One aspect of this blog that stands out is Tiffany’s focus on real food nutrition. She offers a lot of well-researched information on the types of foods that are best for our health and the environment, like choosing local, grass-fed beef and alternatives to white flour.

The Crafty Mummy

Author: Tonya

The voice behind The Crafty Mummy is a crafting queen. She is into all kinds of textile crafts like quilting, cross-stitch, knitting, and sewing (to name a few), and her work is absolutely gorgeous.

This is a very well-organized blog that’s visually stunning and easy to navigate. Tonya has featured images as links to each article, and her step-by-step tutorials are easy-to-follow for crafters at all levels.

If you’re are a crafter or are curious about where to start your knitting or crochet adventures, this is the perfect place to start. It’s a great website not only for project ideas and tips, but also to broaden your crafting community.

Mama in the Now

Author: Tove

The voice behind Mama in the Now runs this parenting and lifestyle blog “with heart and humor.” She is a Danish-American Mother of 4 who created this blog with the intention of.

We were particularly impressed by how well the Parenting section of this blog is organized as it is split up by ages from babies to teens.

Tove also has a section devoted to moms with kids with Special Needs, which is definitely core to her writing. She also writes about narcolepsy and heart problems, as all of these are issues that her children have struggled with.

Middle Cinnamon Roll

Author: Trina

The tagline for Middle Cinnamon Roll is “be the parent you wish you had.” The intention of the blog is to promote gentle, punishment-free parenting. Author Trina is a single mom of 3 kids and does a great job of telling it like it is.

She has a lot of other stories to share too, including her experience of having a child actor for a daughter, questions about eating disorders, thoughts on divorce, and all sorts of explorations of female-centered topics.

Connect with Trina if you are interested in positive parenting and stay tuned for her podcasts as well.

A Little Londoner

Author: Triona

A Little Londoner is authored by Triona – a first time UK/Irish mama who likes to share her thoughts on a little of everything from weight loss to beauty tips to DIY fun.

If you’re from London or are thinking of visiting, Triona has great ideas on how to explore the exciting city. Bibliophiles should definitely check out her blog post titled “Exploring the Sights of London through Fiction.”

If you’re planning on exploring Ireland sometime soon, she has a huge collection of blogs devoted to traveling the Emerald Isle.

Toddler stuff, baby tips, product reviews and fun adventures, this blog covers a lot and is worth a follow.

24-7 Moms

Author: 24-7 Moms

Trisha is the founder of 24-7 Moms, a blog created with the intention of helping moms make everything a little simpler. It’s a collective effort with a small staff and several writers.

This is a very well-organized blog with an extensive network of subsections, and there’s really something for everyone.

If you’re looking to save money (who isn’t) you should definitely check out some of the sections under Frugal living where there are plenty of tips and tricks on couponing, freebies and good shopping habits.

The Parenting section is cleverly divided into subcategories based on ages and goes all the way up to college. We just love how inclusive, well-organized and practical this blog is and you will love it, too!

Blessed Boy Mom

Author: Alicia

Finally, a blog entirely devoted to raising boys! Blessed Boy Mom is a sweet and simple blog about just this—nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, raising a family of any kind is both delightful and complicated, and author Alicia handles the tough stuff with grace, often turning to Jesus to help her get through. So, if you’re looking for a parenting blog with a spiritual slant, this is a good place to start.

You’ll find some relatable and effective parenting thoughts in blog articles like “No means no, and that’s okay” and “The world doesn’t need another supermom.”


Author: Uma

Uma from Pondicherry, India, is a mother of two who embarked on the writing journey several years ago and since has gained quite a bit of traction. What makes this blog so fascinating is that she explores a unique array of topics.

Uma actually digs into topics like science, math, and technology. She even has a section devoted to “Vedic Maths”—how cool is that?

For another unique twist, go under the Lifestyle section for tips and videos on Indian dancing.

And if you’re into starting a blog, head towards the Blogging subheading under Technology to learn some new tips and tricks.

US Japan Fam

Author: US Japan Fam

US Japan Fam is not your typical “mommy” blog, and we think that’s fantastic. With a primary focus on traveling with kids, the authors have a special section devoted to exploring New York City.

They have also done extensive traveling to all sorts of other places, comfortably, with three kids! Japan, Mexico, and a range of different states—they travel often, and they do it well.

So if you’re a family that’s interested in hitting the road, but you are not quite sure how to do it, you should definitely follow the adventures of US Japan Fam.

Verena’s Schoen Welt

Author: Verena

The translation of this blog title is Verena’s Beautiful World, and that’s exactly how this blog is designed. It’s a delightful, clean-looking site blog that’s easy-to-follow and features the most amazing photography.

Verena is a German mother of 3 who shares all of her thoughts on beauty, photography, recipes and DIY. Verena is a make-up artist which explains why she has such an eye for style.

One thing that makes this blog so unique is that her cosmetics section actually has some blogs about self-care and relaxation techniques to perform on kids. From pedicures to face massages, you can share this with them too!

You’re my Favorite Today

Author: Michelle Newman

First off, this is one of the most colorful and unique blog logos we’ve seen, and beyond that, what an absolutely adorable idea for a blog!

This blog contains some great articles. If you’re not sure where to start (it’s full of good stuff), then head over to the “Best of” section to find some of their best posts and go from there.

Author Michelle is not only a fantastic writer, but she’s also a huge book nerd. This is a great go-to spot if you’re looking for someone to share lists of your favorite books with.

She’s also appeared in a few popular and funny parenting anthologies, so those will be worth taking a peek at for sure!

Moms go Nerdy

Author: Wren

It all started when Wren – mom, gamer, and animal-lover – set forth on a new journey across the country. Even though her life is full, she still somehow finds the space to write about all things nerdy!

Wren is a gamer, so anyone out there looking to connect with more people in that tribe should certainly give her a follow—the blog is home to some great game reviews that you’ll likely find interesting.

This blog is a perfect fit for all the nerdy Moms out there! And if you like free stuff it’s chock-full of giveaways, too.

Mamma Told Me

Author: Jenna

Mamma Told Me is a sleek, colorful blog with a pop art/comic book feel that is full of cool ideas.

First off, there’s a pet section which we think would be great for all the animal-loving families out there. We also particularly love the fashion section with its retro feel and focus on styles for all kinds of bodies.

Last but not least, you have to check out Mama’s Recipes which features visually stunning sets of dishes, starting with a range of rainbow and chocolatey desserts. The next section is just as drool-worthy but more for the health-conscious set.

And if you’re a fan of free stuff, there are tons of giveaways, too.

Why RU Stalking Me?

Author: Stella

Why RU Stalking Me may seem like a strange idea for a blog title, but given the nature of the world wide web today, it’s actually quite a clever commentary. And she is out to make a statement on privacy for sure—or a lack of it.

Stella has an adult daughter and a background in psychology. She writes about anything under the sun and claims that writing, for her, is therapeutic.

Her articles are real, personal and emotional and they’re the perfect thing to add a little authenticity to your day.

And if you’re a fan of product reviews, this blog is chock-full of fun commentary.

Who Let the Mum Out

Author: Jen

Jen is a lifestyle blogger and mother of 2 boys, and she loves to work with brands, so you can bet that there are some awesome product reviews on this site.

One of the things that stands out about Who Let the Mum Out is that there’s a particular focus on Vegas which is her home base. So if you’re looking to connect with other influencers in that part of the world, she’s a great person to get in touch with.

Beyond that, she has plenty of real and relatable parenting posts. If you’re looking for a place to start, you’ll likely find to “The 7 Things Nobody Warned you About Parenthood” quite relatable.

Whimsical September

Author: Erica Despain

Erica likes to write about a little bit of everything on this blog and claims she is often told that people appreciate her “keeping it real.” The design of this blog is fresh and feminine, and it’s pleasant and easy to navigate.

For any moms out there who are looking for fashion and style advice, Erica has some awesome posts on the topic, including “9 Ways to Wear a Convertible Maxi Dress” and “11 Outfits to Put Together this Fall.”

And if you’re looking to break into the blogging world or you’re already a blogger and looking for tips, you should definitely check out the Blogging category.

We’re Parents

Authors: Andrew and Larisha

We love the unique slant of this blog where both parents running the show. So if you are a dad or you’re looking to hear more from the dad’s perspective, this is a fantastic resource to follow.

These two are living the “semi-crunchy” life and are quite health-conscious. We love their health tips which include both taking vitamins and having fun.

Sleepovers, playing outside, parties – you name it; they are doing it. These are cool parents, and by the looks of it, their kids think they’re pretty cool, too.

If you’re looking for examples of healthy, positive parenting blogs with a contemporary feel, you’ll definitely want to give these two a follow.


Author: Frugalful

Here’s a blog about living a decent life while sticking to a solid budget. This is something that we all aspire to—well, many of us at least—and so it’s super relatable. It’s also colorful and fun to browse.

This blog features more than just money-savings tips, though. There’s plenty of room here for other interests and activities, like beauty tips, reviews and advice for mompreneurs.

After all, saving money is just as much about making extra as it is cutting back, so why not learn a few business tips while you’re here?

This blog has a whole category devoted to fun printables like Halloween movie “ticket” invites, coloring pages and even wall art.

Mom in Love Forever

Author: Virginia

If you’ve never read anything on Little Miss Gabby, you’re definitely in for a treat. This is a blog dedicated to the daughter of Virginia and features all kinds of cool things that little girls will go gaga over.

Moms who have daughters would do well starting in the kid’s fashion section, where awesome suggestions for cute outfits abound. We also love the Toys section which features a ton of reviews on products you may not otherwise know about.

The travel section is pretty great too, featuring tidbits on fun trips to places like LA, Philly, and NYC.

Downs Side Up

Author: Hayley Goleniowska

Here’s a very important and well-organized blog devoted to parents with children afflicted with Down’s Syndrome. There are so many great resources here, you will want to set aside some time to give it a thorough read.

The blog’s intention is to fight the fear and stigma associated with the condition and to educate everyone – including new parents – on what it is like to live with it.

There’s so much information here and everything is well-researched and legit. We especially appreciate the section called “Changing Perceptions in the Media.”

If you’re looking for support and connection with other parents in the same boat, this is an amazing resource.

Babies, Bloodhounds and Booze, Oh My!

Author: Alyssa

This brilliant blog is the brainchild of Alyssa, a Pacific Northwest mama who’s the mother of one child and one pup. This is one of our favorite parenting blogs because it is crystal clear and easy to read – and it is also a whole lot of fun.

Alyssa started the blog with the intention of helping other moms who feel alone. Topically she covers a lot of ground here, from budgeting to pet care to local travel.

But one of the best parts of this blog is that it has an entire section devoted only to booze recipes. All of you alcohol fans can rest assured that if they give this blog a follow, Alyssa will always have a new cocktail idea ready for their next get together!

Homeroom at Home

Author: Barbara

If you’re looking for a helpful homeschooling blog or even some educational activity ideas, take a peek at Homeroom at Home. This blog is packed with ideas for both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities for kids of all ages.

Barbara is the founder of this educational blog site, and she knows where it’s at. She started homeschooling when she would take her son out to visit parks, zoos, and museums and then would notice his specific interests. Then they would go home and learn together.

Since then, she’s been focused on proactively educating from home, and is excited to share this alternative education method with the rest of the world.


Author: Debra

Debra is a mother of 3 who has been married for 18 years, and before that was a preschool teacher. Here she shares plenty of detailed product and book reviews, plus crafts and activities for kids.

We love the way that Debra finds educational and healthy type toys to review (such as TEGU blocks) plus if you are looking for new books to share with your kids, there are plenty of those as well.

Some of her educational craft ideas are fascinating, too. If you have some bug-lovers in your household, try making the Insect Theme Sensory Table.

Finding Ninee

Author: Kristi Campbell

Kristi is the awesome mom and blogger behind Finding Ninee, a blog dedicated to all kinds of parenting things, but is particularly dedicated to parents with kids with special needs.

She started this blog with next to no experience about 5 years ago. At first it was more like a memoir discussing autism that she was going to share with other moms, but, she claims, publishers weren’t keen on another memoir.

That was when she decided to build a community of her own that was devoted to raising awareness for special needs (autism spectrum) kids.

And as if Kristi wasn’t already cool enough, she also does all the artwork on the website herself (check them out under “Stupid Drawings”)!

Jaime Loves Stuff

Author: Jaime

Jaime is a mother that has gone through many challenges. Her daughter suffered a brain injury as a baby after having been shaken, and she shares a lot about this journey.

She has a section devoted to Shaken Baby Syndrome, and she writes openly about the challenges she faces. Her now-teen daughter has both physical and mental challenges that both are faced with every day.

Not only does Jaime offer tools for helping with emotional challenges for others in this situation, but she also features plenty of articles and product reviews featuring items specifically for kids with disabilities.

Mama the Fox

Author: Danielle

Mama the Fox is a clean, beautiful and feminine blog that’s well-organized and easy to navigate. It features some unique subsections like “Salt and Light,” which is devoted to Jesus Christ, and Mama’s tub time, which is devoted to reviews of bath products.

We especially love the emphasis on health matters on this blog, which is evidenced by reviews on all sorts of healthy food products like GMO-free foods, natural soft drinks, and high protein muffins.

Anyone looking for information on green and outdoor living will love this blog as it features plenty of giveaways.

Mommy Mafia

Author: Mommy Mafia

According to the author of Mommy Mafia, this blog originated from the ongoing conversations over cocktails between her and her and 3 Mom friends—when they realized there were so many commonalities between them about daily life; they realized that this was a great opportunity to share the same chats with a bigger audience.

This blog is a collaborative effort by a few different women with different lives – all of whom work hard and cherish their roles. They created Mommy Mafia Miami as a space to get together and talk about mom-related stresses of all sorts.

Sequins in the South

Author: Laci

Laci is a mama who is relatively new to the blogging scene but is nonetheless doing a standup job. She is married with two kids (one biracial) and often writes about having a “hot mess” kind of past, and her goal is always to “raise a little heck.”

Laci’s blog has a clean layout and easy-to-follow format. If you’re looking for organizational and cleaning tips, pop on over to the “printables” section where you will find a ton of fun helpful bits and pieces to help you stay on top of your game.

Laci is also a self-professed foodie and if you head on over to that section, you will find some amazingly unique and yummy recipes, like Boozy Snowballs and Shrimp Guacamole Wontons.

Mummy Shire

Author: Tracey

If you’re looking for something quirky, colorful and chock-full of fun and useful parenting information, look no further than Mummy Shire. Author Tracey is a mother of 2 dual-heritage kids who lives in the UK countryside.

This mom features plenty of fun giveaways, contests, and reviews on her blog. However, what really makes it unique is that she writes a lot about country life. There’s a huge focus here on what the transition from urban to rural means to her as a mom.

When it comes to navigating life in the country, this mom is readily sharing everything she learns. Topics of interest include unique country day trips and tips for keeping bugs at bay.

Nourishing My Scholar

Author: Erin

If you’re looking for a helpful homeschooling blog or even some educational activity ideas, look no further than Nourishing my Scholar. Author Erin homeschools two kids and is dedicated to providing parents with sound information and resources on the topics.

You can see how well-organized this blog is when you peruse through the subsections. Under “Homeschooling” you will find curricula resources divided by both season and subject.

There are some super useful resources and links here about teaching foreign languages to kids. Parents should also take note of the extensive book lists, printables, and reviews.

Momentous Motherhood

Author: Momentous Motherhood

Momentous Motherhood is a collective and inclusive parenting blog that covers a little bit of all the important stuff, from mom advice to recipes to shopping and a whole lot more.

Check out the “Home” category for an awesome selection of awesome printables and plenty of DIY and cleaning ideas.

We particularly love the “Just for the Girls” section of this blog which covers all kinds of female-oriented topics, including the emotional aspects of infertility, as well as being a mother and wife.

Great blogs to read “Why you should always trust your Mommy Instinct” and “How to Keep the Spark when Trying to Conceive.”

Grumbling Grace

Author: Abbie

Grumbling Grace is the brainchild of Abbie, a Canadian high school teacher who never expected herself to become a parenting blogger. Her blog is wonderfully accessible to the extent that it is both engaging and visually easy-to-navigate.

This blog stands out because of its focus on the raw and emotional aspects of parenting. “Mombies Unite,” for instance, is a series of guest blogs dedicated to tackling some tough issues (See “When you Feel like a Bad Mom.”)

Abbie and her crew of mom bloggers are always willing to laugh at their pitfalls as well. Check out the hilarious “What Moms Google” section if you are looking for something to brighten your day.

Not Just Another Mother Blogger

Author: Not Just Another Mother Blogger

The Texas-based Army brat behind Not Just Another Mother Blogger is a married mother of one son and writes about her daily adventures.

This author’s writing is sometimes light and funny, and other times it is more exploratory and emotional. The honesty in this blog is refreshing, but it can also be gritty and raw – nothing is ever sugarcoated.

This blog is consistently relatable yet still unpredictable. It seems there’s always a surprise around the corner!

If you’re a writer or are thinking about starting your own blog, this blog is worth a follow just for the extensive lists of writing prompts and exercises alone.

Diaries of a Working Mommy

Author: Diaries of a Working Mommy

Diaries of a Working Mommy is a site devoted to career moms who must concentrate on the home even when they’re not able to be there all of the time. It’s also a great resource for moms who do manage to work from home.

This author discusses a lot about home-based issues like safe drinking water and home security. She also talks about how difficult it is to be a career-focused Mom and the inner conflict that this can cause.

If you’re someone who has a lot of foodie friends, there’s a great gift guide here with suggestions on what kitchen basics make the best gifts.

Simple Mama at Home

Author: Bismah

Bismah is a stay-at-home mom of two boys who appreciates the simple life. Her blog focuses on frugal crafting and cooking, and she has plenty to share with others looking for tips on how to live the simple life too.

Bismah is all about keeping things simple and minimal to free up time and space for the most important things in your life: your loved ones.

We love that she has a specific interest in saving the environment and writes about that well and often in the “Green Living” section. Be sure to drop by and take a peek at some of these awesome ideas.

A Hen’s Nest

Author: Henrietta

Henrietta has been blogging for many years and has developed this beautiful virtual space that’s (in part) devoted to geek life, so LOTR fans rejoice!

One unique aspect about this mom blog is that it has a subsection named “Chicken Coop” which is about her adventures raising real live chickens. So, anyone interested in urban farming or small-scale farming should definitely follow this blog.

(Many of her recipes follow a similar theme and use—you guessed it—chicken.)

Another great thing that Henrietta works into her blog is videos (Vlogs) which are a great opportunity to see what the writer is like up close and personal.

Manic Mumbling

Author: Beth Markley

This blog had us at its tagline, “this all sounded so much better in my head.” Beth, the author, is absolutely hilarious in every post. Start with her “mumblings” in any blog, and you will be busting a gut in no time.

Beth is a runner – or at least, she tries to run, and blogs about trying. She also lives in Calgary where it snows a lot, so she writes about that too, and in a very entertaining way.

Be sure to follow her social media channels as she is let it slip that she is working on a book that’s bound to be excellent.

All Things Lovely

Author: Katie

The All Things Lovely Blog was created by Katie, a happily married mother of one child. If you love following blogs with a feminine slant, you will love this one!

Katie also has a Natural Living section on her blog, where she writes about, amongst many other things, chemical-free living through the use of essential oils.

Katie’s writing is engaging and clever, and her blogs cover just about everything you would want to hear about from a young mom. Her healthy lifestyle is inspiring and uplifting, and the blog itself is a refreshing and easy-to-read break in the day.

Home Ec at Home

Author: Faith

Home Ec at Home is the brainchild of Faith, a former Home Economics teacher who is now a stay-at-home mom. She is a professional teacher, so if you’re looking for ingenious DIY and cooking tutorials, you can’t really find a better source!

There’s so much on this blog that it is hard to know where to start. We suggest heading on over to the “Simply Homemade” section where you will find out how to make almost everything under the sun, from homemade soap to crafts to costume.

Beyond crafts and baking, anyone who is interested in saving money and the environment should check this blog out if only for the simple recipes for making useful household products and simple, healthy food.

Homemaking Organized

Author: Homemaking Organized

Are you looking for a way to cut the clutter? How about seeking ways to minimize and streamline for less stressful days? You have come to the right blog.

This is a great place to come for all of your organizational needs. You will find a huge range of practical printables that will help you to keep on top of homeschooling, cleaning and even gardening.

If you are looking for new ways to save money, head to the “Homemaking” section for tips on stretching your dollars. This blog also has a strong health care component with plenty of handy reviews on some wonderful natural products.

Ideally Speaking

Author: Crys

Crys is a mom, wife, and experienced content writer. She regularly writes about a range of topics and is an active member of many social organizations and activities.

She has devoted an entire section of the blog to topics like politics, the environment, and child abuse.

These (especially the latter) can be tough topics to share and write about, and she does it with the care, gumption, and grace that is needed to connect with others in tough situations, as well as spread awareness about crucial information.

Visually this blog is simply laid out and easy-to-follow, and we think it’s one of the best mommy blogs because this mother clearly cares about the world beyond her beautiful family.

The Get Real Mom

Author: The Get Real Mom

The author of The Get Real Mom talks about parenting in a very raw, uncensored way. It’s very authentic and quite a refreshing perspective. If you’re the type of parent that can’t stand sugarcoated parent blogs, this might be the perfect blog for you.

This mom shares everything about her journey with pregnancy—which she is very open about not loving. Most of her mom stories are told with a certain candidness that is quite rare on blogs like this. And all of it is shared with a generous dose of humor.

She’s a fantastic writer with a great capacity for both telling personal stories and offering useful tips.

Frantic Mama

Author: Julia Arnold

Julia is a freelance writer from Minnesota who writes about a little bit of everything she can get her hands on. The first post we landed on as we went to the home page was “How to Make Glitter Slime” (there are only three ingredients), and we were immediately hooked!

Julia is an engaging writer who has been published on sites like Scary Mommy and and has also been published in a few anthologies. She writes about the unglamorous side of being a mom, which means she writes about it all.

Julia has a love for all-natural products and has plenty of great reviews and tips on the crunchy side of things which would be useful to anyone looking for healthy alternatives.

Peanut Butter Hair

Author: Beatty12

Peanut Butter Hair is from a mom of 4 kids who shares a little bit of everything here on the blog. The name stems from the chaotic mess that comes with having kids—there’s usually something stuck in someone’s hair!

Beatty recounts stories from every facet of their lives, from birth to the eclipse and back again. Some favorite topics include school, events, Halloween and Robert Pattinson.

Check out their daily musings and beautiful photos as they go about being the kind of happy, fun family most people would love to hang out with.

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