Top 25 Jeans Blogs

Jeans is the casual wear that never gets out of fashion, no matter the age, size or gender, jeans are worn and adored by all. A good pair of jeans can make you look attractive and will last for years.

Many people don’t have time to keep up to date with all the current jeans trends, which is why we have decided to highlight the top 25 jeans blogs for you.

We’ve read hundreds of articles on jeans on each of these blogs and many others, and created a top list based on how good, informative and fun these blogs are to read.

By reading the top jeans blogs you will find every kind of jeans, the latest styles and trends, so that you can choose perfect pairs of jeans. Also read our guides for more help on finding great jeans, for example Best Fitting Jeans for Women or Best Jeans for Apple Shape.

The Jeans Blog

Author: The Jeans Blog

A blog came to the jeans lover’s rescue. It mentions everything about denim, including the latest styles and trends, getting the celebrity look, reviews, brand introductions and interviews.

It keeps you updated with the celeb’s chic looks and provides you with all the tips and advice you need to keep fashionable and stylish. It provides guidance in finding perfect fits for different body shapes and sizes.

It was launched on 9th June 2014, and has a team of experienced experts who have great expertise in denim to help you out in every jeans fashion dilemma.

Author: DenimBlog

The is dedicated to jeans lovers. It features all new styles and trends, jeans reviews, celebs in jeans, new brands and looks. It assists people in every possible way from finding a perfect pick for different physiques, to finding a pair of jeans which is currently in fashion.

This blog gives you advices to spruce your denim styles and to keep your denim looks well-groomed.

Denim Therapy

Author: Denim Therapy

Denim Therapy was created in 2006 with the goal to redress all the defects of your denim. It uses modern and innovative techniques to fix holes, hem, torn seam, and frayed edges.

If you want to change the size of your jeans, a ripped seam to be mended or any hole, hem or frayed denim to be fixed, try Denim Therapy. It will give your denim a new and fresh look as if your denim was never damaged. You can also view ‘before and after’ photos of jeans on their blog to know how Denim Therapy transitioned old, torn jeans into jeans that are as good as new.

Who What Wear

Author: Allyson Payer

Who What Wear is a leading online fashion destination. Here you will find all kinds of jeans which you should include in your wardrobe.

Its editor is Allyson Payer who earlier has worked as freelance fashion editor. This zealous fashion blogger helps you know about the latest trends in fashion news and celebrity style guides.

Here you will not only find out about the clothes which are in vogue, but also other fashion essentials which will help to create a chic look. She keeps introducing different and varied fashion related things and beauty articles which will enlighten your fashion sense.

Author: Sam Remer

Sam Remer is a fashion blogger and a denim stylist. She is a hard-working women who has worked in the fashion industry for over two decades. She loves helping out people and with her expertise, she has been guiding people in choosing the complete ensemble through various services from Wardrobe Detox to Personal Shopping sessions. was launched in May 2006 by her sheer dedication and assiduous efforts and has been helping people getting apprised with current trends and fashion. She created the ‘Denim Portal’ to help people do denim shopping.


Founders: Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn

DSTLD was created by Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn. DSTLD is a brand that was mainly created with a vision of manufacturing denims of higher standard and top quality at affordable price tags. DSTLD uses natural dyes, excellent quality, eco-friendly fabrics and ensures that denims are made under the good labor conditions and practices.

You will find a comprehensive range of sustainable clothing for both genders with diverse hues and shades. DSTLD has a team of experienced people who have come from top brands and companies of the world.

MUD Jeans

Founder: Bert Van Son

Bert Van Son, a Dutch entrepreneur with 30 years of experience, founded MUD Jeans in 2008 with an aim of manufacturing a product which would be eco-friendly yet fashionable.

The interesting thing about MUD Jeans which makes it different and exceptional is that it works on the principles of circular economy where the old denim products are recycled to save the environment.

For his innovative and eco-friendly approach, Bert has been awarded many prestigious awards: Peta Vegan Awards, Sustainability Leadership Award, Circle Challenge 10×10.

MUD Jeans offers a wide range of the latest, stylish jeans and other trendy products like shirt, t-shirts and jackets, which are made up of ecologically certified cottons and recycled organic fabrics.

Jeans and a Teacup

Author: Jessica

Jessica is a creative women; she is a preschool music teacher, a background actor, a fashion blogger and a stylist. She loves to shop and she gives sartorial and beauty tips to her fans and followers.

She runs Jeans and a Teacup from Los Angeles, California. She works hard and keep her followers updated with fashion trends and beauty posts.

The two sisters Jessica and Megan started a lifestyle blog in 2012, but later they transformed it into a full fashion/personal blog and subsequently Jessica took over it with her sister’s consent.

On Jeans and a Teacup, you will find style guidance, health and beauty enlightenment, sartorial style posts and much more!

For its outstanding work, Jeans and a Teacup has been nominated for many blog awards.

Lee Jeans

Author: Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans is a renowned international brand, headquartered in Merriam, Kansas, near Kansas City. Lee Mercantile Company was founded by Henry David Lee in 1889.

Lee has many stores overseas and is maintaining its legacy of being one of the best denim brands.

Lee is all about bringing the high quality products with different fits and features. Lee provides you with a wide range of clothing for both men and women, including jeans, shirts, t-shirts, jacket and much more.


Author: Mavi

This blog is all about the leading lifestyle brand Mavi. It keeps its followers updated with different styles for different bodies, and you will find a high quality denim collection for both men and women.

Founded in Istanbul in 1991, Mavi has established itself as the leading fashion brand and has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality products in the denim market. This brand sells directly and indirectly in 34 countries and is distributed through over 5,500 points of sale, 392 branded stores, as well as luxury department stores.

For its perfect fit, superior quality, Mavi has become a highly recognized international clothing brand.


Author: JeansWest

Jeanswest was launched in 1972 and has since carved a niche for itself as a fashion brand in Australia and New Zealand. It boasts of a wide range of clothing and other fashion essentials, specially jeans for both men and women. It provides you with a diverse number of jeans for all shapes and sizes with distinct shades, styling, features and finishes. Jeanswest has become a household favorite for their sublime products. It has also become one of the most preferred shopping destination among women for their beautiful accessories and budget friendly apparels – specifically their award-winning maternity jeans, which has become a signature of fashion, comfort and elegance.


Author: Denimology

Denimology is all about denim love, and has one of the most visited denim blogs. Denimology was launched in 2006 and has since been featured in Vogue, New York Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian for its exceptional work.

Denimology keeps highlighting photos, posts and news about new styles and fashion, and help its followers with fashion and denim advice.

If you are a denim lover, Denimology is a must visit.


Author: Timberland

Timberland is an American company founded in 1918, and it has built a good reputation. Timberland boasts a great variety of footwear and apparels, such as clothes, watches, glasses, bags and leather goods. Timberland is one of the well-established, renowned companies.

It is an ultimate shopping destination for its comprehensive range of footwear and its other accessories it provides for different seasons and different occasions.

Timberland is a signature of comfort, quality and durability.

Jean Store

Author: Jean Store

Jean Store is a highly established denim store, set up in 1969 on the south shore of England and it was the first of its’ kind – there were no other specific denim stores at the time.

The store was opened when there was a colossal interest for brands, for example Levi’s and Wrangler, with great Americana being a popular look at the time. Jean Store started to import Levi’s straight from the USA which turned into a big success as there were few other retailers stocking these at the time. Up until today, Jean Store stays one of the UK’s most established Levi’s stockists, but it also works with a selection of other well-known brands.

Beija-Flor’s Jeans

Author: Beija-Flor

Beija-Flor’s Jeans was launched in 2005 by Emilie Whitaker. When living in Brazil, the mother-little girl group of Kathy Moça and Emilie Whitaker made Beija-Flor’s line to work with a lady’s bends as opposed to against them.

The hummingbird that graces each match of pants they create, symbolized an on-going sense of duty regarding ecological and social obligation. They produce collective work with some of Brazil’s most naturally cognizant and socially disapproved to convey just the most outstanding quality, reasonable work and eco-accommodating denim.

Alongside their accomplishments, Beija-Flor’s Jeans work to create new projects to limit ecological effects and decrease Beija-Flor’s Jeans carbon impression.

Author: was established in Los Angeles with an aim of manufacturing high quality denims which would be loved by all denim lovers. With their constant efforts and sublime denim products, has become an acclaimed brand. It has become an ultimate destination for premium jeans. provide jeans for both men and women in different colors, finishings, sizes, prices, fit and leg shapes. It is a place where all your denim needs are fulfilled by many jeans.

Jean Machine

Author: Jean Machine

Established in 1976, Jean Machine was made specially for jeans aficionados.

With the help of a hard-working and an experienced team, Jean Machine has spread its services to all its customers by offering lots of different types of jeans of the latest brands, sizes and styles. Its trained, educated and highly qualified staff ensures the best fit for all jeans lovers with all different finishes, patterns and features. You will find products of every leading brand for both men and women.

Voi Jeans

Author: Voi Jeans

Voi Jeans was created by sheer dedication and hard work of three brothers, who wanted to make fantastic jeans for its customers. Thanks to their remarkable work, Voi Jeans rose to fame quickly and has became a leading brand. Along with jeans, VOI Jeans has introduced a complete line for men, including shirts, t-shirts, polos, shirts and other accessories. The brand is respected in the market and never fails to live up to its customer’s demands.

Silver Jeans Co.

Author: Silver Jeans Co.

Silver Jeans Co. is a renowned Canadian denim brand. It has become a symbol of quality, innovation, durability and fashion. It provides a wide range of jeans with a great number of fits, washes, designs, features and leg lengths.

Its big collection of jeans for both men and women offers a variety of choices at affordable prices.

The decency and probity of the brand has helped it in carving a respectable reputation in the market.

Dr. Denim

Author: Dr. Denim

Dr. Denim was launched in 2004 with an aspiration to make jeans for jeans aficionado in a comprehensive range from daily and casual wear to party wear. Dr. Denim is fit, fashion, style and above all comfort.

Integrity of its product has helped Dr. Denim in making it an outstanding brand name. It supplies its customers with all different varieties of jeans in different sizes at reasonable prices. Along with the jeans, it also manufacture t-shirts and other fashion essentials.


Author: Killer

Killer is a popular producer of denims. Based in Mumbai, Killer is the ruling brand name in India.

It provides high quality fabric and good design to make the jeans last longer. It offers a wide range of denims. Killer provides jeans with the superior fitting and superior styles without compromising with the durability. Killer has carved a special place in its lovers’ wardrobes thanks to the integrity of its products.

Ethnic Denim

Author: Ethnic Denim

Ethnic Denim was established in 2009 to show the most recent premium denim brands jeans, fashion denim, hot tops and shirts. Ethnic Denim is a great place to find the most recent in style, form, culture and obviously jeans.

Ethnic Denim discusses brands like Seven for all Mankind, True Religion, Antik Denim, Paige Premium Denim, Rock and Republic and more.

Nudie Jeans

Author: Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish denim brand established in 2001. It retails in 30 nations around the globe with major stores in Gothenburg, Stockholm, London, Zürich, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Los Angeles. Since the Fall/Winter of 2012 all pants are made in 100% natural cotton. Sustainability is a central focus.

Nudie Jeans is part of the Fair Wear Foundation. The head office with 35 representatives is in Gothenburg, and they have recently moved into a nineteenth century building at Västra Hamngatan.

True Religion

Author: True Religion

In 2002, True Religion developed in the Los Angeles denim scene by exploding the development of the exemplary five-pocket jeans.

Industry-standard sewing machines couldn’t deal with their demands, so they modified them to create a stand-out vision. With its five-needle string at two-join per-inch handle, the Super T stitch was in a flash perceived for style that was different to all other denim brands on the planet.