Top 15 Motorcycle Blogs

For some motorcycle enthusiasts, writing about their passion is just as important as practicing it.

Whether it is reminiscing about an epic world tour or offering opinions about gear, motorcycle bloggers provide a wealth of information to online readers that is centered around life on two wheels.

Are you interested in connecting with more people who share your love of motorcycles? If so, you should definitely check out all of the blogs on this list.

From Troy and Angela’s U.S. itinerary suggestions to Bud Miller’s safety tips, you will find plenty of inspiration from the words of these talented adventurers.

Zen Motorcyclist

Author: Bud Miller

Bud spends his days as a C.A.D. designer, but his real passion is for motorcycles. He even writes as a columnist for RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring and Travel Magazine. Readers of the magazine know him as “the Zen Motorcyclist.”

He has been riding since 1998, and his blog focuses on a variety of different things, especially motorcycle safety.

Since the blog has been around for so long, Bud has filled it with a wide variety of articles. Whether you are looking for gear reviews or want to know which movies have some rad bike scenes in them, click through his blog for a taste of everything!

Life on Two Wheels

Author: David Masse

David’s blog takes us back to 2010 when he wrote his first entry. What started as a blog about his decision to commute to work by scooter developed into a way to connect with others who share his passion.

The blog is a journal of David’s adventures throughout the years, along with his thoughts about gear, a list of fellow motorcycle bloggers whom he has met, his various motorcycle itineraries (the Tuscan Loop sounded like a dream), and a foodie page dedicated to Montreal’s finest dishes.

Feel free to write to David or comment on his blog because he loves to hear from his audience!

Greg’s Motorcycle Adventures

Author: Greg

Greg, who is also Canadian, has ridden his bike around the world. From Vietnam and Thailand to Morocco and Greece, he has seen some pretty amazing places! The best part is that his blog is a memoir of all of those trips, so bikers who intend to ride internationally will find them to be extremely helpful and informative.

In addition to his adventures, he also shares his thoughts about gear and anything motorcycle-related that he happens to try.

His international adventures are truly inspiring, and we cannot wait to see where he is headed next!

Bikernet Blog

Author: Bikernet

Bikernet is an online magazine that keeps you up-to-date on everything related to motorcycles.

A variety of writers contribute to the blog section, so you get a good mixture of voices and opinions in one handy location. They touch on a little of everything and post regularly.

Lisa Jorgenson is a regular contributor, and she shares personal opinions and thoughts, which is a nice mix along with the regular motorcycle news. There are also plenty of interesting pieces written by Ujjwal Dey that cover motorcycle-related topics.

If you already follow a ton of personal blogs, add one like this to your list so you can stay updated on the latest happenings in the motorcycle world.

Motorcyclist Lifestyle

Author: Motorcyclist Lifestyle

This blog is all about the product reviews, so if you are torn about what gear to buy, check out their buying guides and you will have no problem understanding selecting the right stuff.

The main topics that they cover include jackets, helmets, accessories, and riding gear such as boots and backpacks. They have been featured on, KTM Sport Motorcycles, and Harley-Davidson to name a few. Their tips are helpful, and their guides are thorough. The infographics make it easy for you to share the tips with fellow riders on social media, too!

Ride Stop ‘n Go

Authors: Troy and Angela

Are you searching for some of the best motorcycle routes that North America has to offer? Troy and Angela will show you!

They have a YouTube channel that is packed with videos, and you will feel like you have known these guys for years as soon as you watch. They do interviews at various events, share some of their favorite rides, and help you find cool events all across North America.

Anyone who loves taking long trips around Canada and the U.S. will love this blog. Follow them on any of their social media channels where they are active regularly!

World Rider

Author: Allan Karl

Another world traveler you should follow is Allen. He takes his bike everywhere – and we do mean everywhere.

This southern California native started traveling the world on his motorcycle in 2005, and since then he has hopped from continent to continent exploring the world’s wonders along the way.

His packing list is extremely helpful, especially if you are also planning to travel internationally and would like to know how to prepare.

Since Allan loves taking photos, you will enjoy swimming in his surroundings post after post. His passion for history and travel are evident to anyone who reads, and we highly recommend that you venture over to check out his tales!

Basher Designs

Author: Bill “Basher”

As an accomplished graphic designer, videographer, and photographer, Bill – known to friends as “Basher” – presents his motorcycle adventures on a pretty slick looking website.

Bill’s passions are riding, his family and his church. He loves everything motorcycles – BMX especially – and often takes his boys out on riding on the trails. His photos are stunning and show off the amazing trails he has blazed on his dirt bike.

We really enjoy the family-centered vibe that Bill’s blog offers, so if you have kids, check his blog out! He also has some awesome t-shirts for sale on his blog – motorcycle themed, of course!

I Just Want 2 Ride

Author: Warren Massey

After finishing up a career in the Army, Warren and his wife Debbie finally had more time to dedicate to a passion that had taken the back seat for years: motorcycles.

One of the main reasons he blogs is so that he can document his adventures, and thanks to its wild success, Warren was asked to host an internet radio show called “The Dawg House.”

The topics on his blog vary, discussing the thrills of his adventures as well as motorcycle news and product reviews.

The podcast is already well into the 400s on the episode count, and there are new ones posted weekly!

Motorcycle Marc’s Blog

Author: Marc J. Beaulieu

Marc, like Bud from “Zen Motorcyclist,” is all about safe riding. He offers safety tips on his blog, in addition to letting you tag along with him on his adventurous rides around the U.S.

He has a passion for blogging and motorcycles, and his messages are educational and authentic. His adventures have led him overseas, as well, including the beautiful Italian Alps (Dolomite Mountains).

If you want to know which motorcycle tour companies are worth contacting, visit Marc’s blog for details. You will also find a few pearls of wisdom and can check out his toolbox, which contains everything he needs to fix just about anything!

California Scooter Co. Blog

Author: CSC Motorcycles

The crew from CSC – which is short for California Scooter Co. – take their two wheels all over the world, and you can follow every pit stop on the blog. There are various contributors, so some of them might be blogging from the rainy streets of Bangkok while others are headed west on the open highways of the U.S.

Their photos are inspiring, and they share plenty of tour route ideas. From motorcycle news to tidbits about cars and the latest news stories, you will find a healthy mixture of motorcycles info and everyday life from the team at CSC Motorcycles.

Gear Chic

Author: Joanne Donn

Joanne will put new riders at ease with her helpful tips and suggestions, which is why we highly recommend her blog for newbies. She has the answers to all of your basic questions.

Her focus on gear is especially helpful, and she even created a list of training courses you should consider if you live in the U.S. Female riders will find her tips especially helpful, especially when it comes to gear and clothing. Her product reviews are also useful!

She has dedicated a lot of time to developing her blog into a resource jackpot for everyone, and we definitely think you should add her to your “must read” list!

Biker Chick News

Author: Janet Green

Mom, flea market treasure hunter, and biker chick! Janet’s blog will take you through life (in general) and life on two wheels from a woman’s point of view.

She has been blogging since 2004, and that is a long time in the blogging world!

Her archives are a literal gold mine of information, including everything from how to care for and “feed” your bike, events, tips for new riders, and a list of some other awesome lady bikers who also blog about their adventures.

See the world of motorcycles through Janet’s eyes and have fun in the process!

Motorcycle Views

Author: Walter F. Kern

Walter is both author and blogger, and everything ties into his love for motorcycles. His passion for motorcycles started in 1989 when he and his wife began riding.

In addition to tips and suggestions, we liked how Walter takes the time to share poetry written by other riders. His passion for writing and motorcycles is evident, and you will find six different books written by him currently available for purchase.

There is a little bit of everything on Walter’s blog, including packing list tips, specific motorcycle brand info, a list of clubs and associations, how-to information, and the history of motorcycles to name a few.

Ride of Your Life

Author: Ran Zilca

Ran is an established research scientist who has been published in well-known scientific works, so between his love of motorcycles, science, technology, and psychology, his blog offers bikers a unique perspective that we haven’t seen in the other blogs.

His solo journey from New York to California back in 2010 led to a book that detailed his 6,000-mile adventure in 34 days. It serves as a guide to finding inner peace, which is something that Ran found during his journey. You can find out more about the book on his blog!

His archives reach all the way back to 2010, and we found the mixture of psychology and motorcycles to be very refreshing.

Tim’s Motorcycle Diaries

Author: Tim King

Between teaching computer technology and social media, Tim loves to spend time on his bike. The photos he takes of his adventures on two wheels make you want to rush out to the garage and hop on your bike, and thanks to his beautiful Canadian surroundings, there is never a dull moment.

Tim’s blog is a chronicle of his thoughts about and adventures on motorcycles. He has been blogging since 2013 and has quite a collection of posts. Head to his archives and scan the titles to find a topic that suits your fancy!