Top 15 Cycling Blogs of 2018

If you’re like any other cycling enthusiast, you might find your penchant for the sport stretching beyond the road. Reading up on informational content from juggernauts in the cycling industry can help shape and improve your skill with the cycling sport. So it’s only natural that you might want to discover more even when you’re off the trail.

While major names in the biking realm do offer some pretty substantial information, there are lots of personal blogs that could give you equally valuable tips and details.

Wondering which blogs will truly help deepen your understanding of the sport?

Discover the 15 most informational and interesting cycling blogs that offer valuable content you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

Merlin Cycles Blog

Author: Merlin Cycles

When it comes to cycle shops in the UK, very few come close to Merlin Cycles. After a quarter of a century in the business, Merlin Cycles has become one of the go-to sources for everything cycling – from high-quality, hard to find gear, to original wheels and bikes and helpful information on everything cycling.

Visit their blog, and you can expect to find countless how to posts, reviews, buyer’s guides, and even cycling news. They also have an extensive collection of videos to help expand readers’ knowledge and offer a dedicated category for riders who are new to the sport.

The Cycling Scot

Author: Colin Baird

Started by Scotland local Colin Baird several years back, the Cycling Scot was put together as a comprehensive guide for people who want to travel Scotland. His original purpose was to create an in-depth travel diary for people who wanted to see his home country, but because he did it all on his bike, he soon gained quite a number of cycling enthusiast followers as well.

Baird shares some unique information on his blog, mostly on how to navigate Scotland on a bike to make the best time and pass the most scenic routes. He also posts quite a lot of photos from his travels, which capture the beauty of the place in crisp detail.

Unknown-Dornier Cycling

Author: Unknown-Dornier Cycling

If you want to cycle for a cause, then Unknown-Dornier Cycling is a blog you should add to your bookmarks. As a part of the Over the Edge Cycling Club, Unknown-Dornier Cycling aims to raise funds and awareness for a number of different causes.

Their blog is mostly dedicated to news and updates regarding the activities of the group and the outcomes of events they’ve put together. Ultimately, it is just a great place to visit if you want to be a part of a group biking organization that thrives on strong friendships built on cycling and adds a facet of purpose to an otherwise fun and enjoyable sport.

enthDegree Cycling Blog

Author: Jon Entwistle

Jon Entwistle is a passionate cyclist who has quite a few biking awards and accolades to his name. While he wasn’t always the fervent cycling buff, he is today, a sporting injury and medical revelation drew him back to his two-wheeler which soon became his staple sporting activity.

Today, he dedicates his time to inspiring and coaching others to take to the road and discover the benefits of biking through his one-man cycling consultancy. He shares most of his experiences on his blog, including stories of his tournaments, experiences with fellow cyclists, and tips and tricks for bikers of different levels of expertise.

There’s always something new to learn on the blog, so you can be sure to pick up something different every time you pay a visit.

BikeBlog NYC

Author: Michael Green

There’s a different cycling culture in New York, and Michael Green captures it perfectly through his biking blog. He started the blog in 2005 in response to the developing beef between the New York City Police and Critical Mass – a prominent cycling event that took over the cityscape on the last Friday of each month.

Since then, the BikeBlog NYC has become a go-to source for fresh New York cycling news, information, and updates on the latest cycling events in the area. It’s also a great place to learn a thing or two about brand new bike tech, in case you were interested in souping up your ride.

Bike Commuters

Authors: RL Policar, Matt Dykstra, Miriam Gee, Jack Sweeney, and other contributing authors.

Bike Commuters was put together with the sole purpose of providing readers informational, interesting, and enjoyable bike-related content written with unique wit, humor, and style. The blog is currently handled by RL Policar, Matt Dykstra, Miriam Gee, and Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney with the help of several other content contributors. Together, they give readers a daily dose of how to’s, advice, and anything and everything under the cycling sun.

If you’re looking for a cycling website either to pick up some valuable, unique, and helpful knowledge or just to pass the time with fun content, Bike Commuters should be your go-to.

Bike Hacks

Authors: Matt, Bren, and Andrew

Because we all want the best of the best when it comes to our bike builds, we tend to take our time learning about different gear before making a purchase. So if you’re always on the look-out for reliable cycling reviews, then Bike Hacks would be the perfect website to visit.

The site – handled by three long-time cycling enthusiasts and passionate bike owners – shares some pretty insightful reviews on biking gear and products in the market, and also gives out some smart hacks from writers (and readers!) to help make your biking experience easier.

Aside from reviews, they also organize awesome giveaways, so if you want to cop a freebie for your bike, be sure to subscribe to the page.

Bike Tourings

Author: Bike Tourings

Understanding that everyone has different needs when it comes to traveling with and using a bike, Bike Tourings offers a variety of how to guides on tweaking your two-wheeler to make it work just for you. They also give lots of info on how to travel with a bike, making it easier for readers to take their wheels with them wherever they go.

It is much easier to move from country to country knowing that you have a reliable, economic means of transportation you can use once you make your way to land.

So if you’re planning a grand voyage, make sure to visit Bike Tourings before you set out to get your cycling plan polished and fool-proof.

Freewheeling France

Author: Lyn

Starting out as more of a sideline hobby, Freewheeling France has grown its readership to quite a large number, with subscribers from all around the globe. The blog is run by Lyn, a cycling enthusiast with the sole goal of teaching readers how to get around France on a bike to enjoy the sights and sounds as best as possible.

Most of the content is generated off of reader suggestions, with Lyn being very open to ideas and requests from people who want to learn the ins and outs of cycling in France. So if you’ve got a few questions to ask about biking in this dreamy country, don’t hesitate to send in your queries.

One Man, One Bike, One World

Author: Florian

Florian was just like any other typical young adult – navigating the world with a job, an apartment, and a circle of constant friends. However, a visit to Cameroon changed his perspective on life and the world and pushed him to set out on the road less traveled. So in 2012, he gathered his earthly possessions and set out on a lifelong journey with nothing but the money in his pocket, some essentials in his bag, and his trusty bike.

His blog is basically a travel diary detailing his experiences traveling the world on his bike. It is a rich resource for free spirits just like Florian, offering some inspiration and information to get you started on your amazing journey.

2 Cycle 2 Gether

Authors: Kai and Sheila

Kai and Sheila first met in 2001, trekking two completely different lives only to meet again shortly after to become more than just friends. While they did have their differences, they did agree on one thing, and that was that they didn’t want to spend the rest of their lives chasing after the usual priorities that adults do. That’s when they decided to exchange their day jobs for a perpetual journey all over the world.

Their blog focuses on their travel experiences, how they manage to use their bikes as their main means of transportation, and how they make it all work. It’s a great little nook to visit if you want to take a sneak peek into what it’s like to live out romance on the road. – The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network

Author: is an Irish network of biking and walking organizations that promote green transportation. The network is comprised of over 700 members, all advocating cycling and walking to improve the traffic and commute conditions all throughout Ireland.

The blog shares lots of helpful and vital information and updates related to the cycling community in the country. Readers can also find details and news about past and future events and campaigns related to the cycling and walking advocacies. All in all, it’s the ideal place to get the latest news and information on everything Irish cycling related.

BikeTour Global

Author: Martin Moschek

For those with a serious case of wanderlust, BikeTour Global is one of the best online destinations to soothe your hunger for travel and exploration. The blog is run by Martin Moschek who has traveled 49 countries with (and sometimes, without) his trusty bike.

The blog boasts a beautiful collection of images, heartfelt narratives from experiences around the world, and stories from the new friends and faces that Martin meets along the way. So if you want to learn more about the world, or if you want to find inspiration before setting out on an adventure, BikeTour Global deserves your visit.

Cycle Chic

Author: Cycle Chic

Cycling is more than just a competitive sport or exercise – it’s also a great way to show off some of your unique urban style. At least, that’s how Cycle Chic makes it seem. Awarded a spot on the list of the Top 10 Hottest Fashion Websites, Cycle Chic combines fashion forward style inspiration with the beauty of urban cycling. The result is dreamy images and content, guaranteed to fuel your passion for cycling fashion.

Aside from that, the blog also shares some pretty smart tips and tricks to help you navigate Copenhagen on a bike. There’s definitely quite a medley of information to be found, so make sure to visit the site to stir up your usual cycling readings.

Dave Moulton’s Blog

Author: Dave Moulton

A former bike frame builder, Dave Moulton has become something of an icon for the UK and American cycling community. The man has built countless frames for a number of different countries that have been used in the Olympics, the Tour de France, and the World Championships.

Having retired from bike building in 1993, Dave turned to writing and is now a well-known author and blogger. On his website, you will find a world’s worth of information on anything under the cycling sun. From reviews and guides, to frame building, and even weight loss and diet, there’s always something new to learn when you visit his blog.