Top 10 Automotive Bloggers

At Test Facts we focus on product reviews, and one of our favorite things to do is to test products in the automotive industry, including car and truck parts, accessories and related products. We write about anything from the Best Windshield Washer Fluid to the Best Spray Wax.

While we follow many good news and informational websites related to the automotive industry, we have with this article decided to focus on writers who provide invaluable information and input to the industry – writers of automotive blogs. We have read thousands of blog articles to conclude this list, and it’s based on how valuable and inspiring information these bloggers provide.

Below you will find a list of the Top 10 Automotive Bloggers according to us. This list will help you follow along with the some of the best people in the industry. 

All About Automotive

Author: Karen & Steve Johnston

All About Automotive is an automotive service and repair shop with an active and informative blog. Main author of this blog is Steve, who has a degree in Automotive Technology from Mount Hood Community College. He worked with various Ford dealerships and service centers as a lead technician before he started his own shop in his home town Gresham, Oregon.

He always wanted to build a trustworthy shop with quality, high standards and customer satisfaction. With his wife, Karen, he started All About Automotive in the year of 2000.

The blog has fantastic information about automative issues, solutions and other free advice. It shines through that there is true passion for the subject.

Rolf’s Import Automotive Service

Author: Mark S.

This business was started by Rolf and is now run by his son Mark Simons. He is the author of the blog and shares a wide range of informative posts on a regular basis. Some of the top topics cover instructions and tips on how to maintain your car in different situations. A recent and helpful post that we like is called “Prepare Your Car for Summer Road Trips”.

Rolf’s is based near Lakewood, Washington. They mainly deal in the premium segment, which includes brands like BMW, Porsche, Audi and more. Their blog covers many different topics, but some main themes we have found are articles on car customization and preparations for special events.

They have a good team of professionals and are known for high customer satisfaction.

Standridge Auto Parts

Author: Deedra Dimsdale

Standridge Auto Parts is a family business owned by the three sisters Jody, Stacey & Deedra. It was established in 1972 by their father, Billy, whom started it before he even completed high school.

They post plenty of articles and fun facts related to cars. They also share stories behind the car companies and popular rivalries between companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Having years of experience and knowledge in the field, they shares loads of useful and informative articles throughout the blog. It is a must-read for anyone interested in this industry.

Amber Light Garage

Author: Frank Mares

Frank Mares started his blog in 2008. He gives advice, facts, tips and outlooks related to cars. He has been an automotive lover for a long time and likes to read anything related to the automotive industry.

This lively man also enjoys photography and generally shares some of his photographs with his fans. He was only 14 when he got his first car and his first camera.

His blog is an combination of both photographies and car related information, and you can find really good and informative stuff.

We highly recommend reading Franks’s blog.


Author: Caroline Ecklin

Caroline Ecklin is a vivacious and spunky woman. She loves cars and has grown up being around cars. She started race school at Skip Barber in 2010 and got her race license in 2013.

She started her blog for women to get a better understanding of cars. Through her blog, she encourages and guides women with information related to cars and try to make women more confident and determined in this male-dominant field.

She is a real inspiration for women who fear to get behind the wheel.

She posts tips and informative advice to her fans which are really helpful. You can check out her blog and can feel free to ask anything. She loves to hear from you.

The View Through The Windshield

Author: Joe Sherlock

Joe Sherlock is an enthusiastic car lover, a lovely husband and a caring father. He has adored cars all his life ever since he was a kid. He owns several cars.

A mechanical engineer by profession, Joe owned a small plastic company and with the help of hard work, he successfully grew it into the largest fabricator of acrylic displays in North America. Joe is a cancer-survivor and he loves to hang out with car nuts and gearheads. His love for cars has resulted in that his articles have been published in numerous magazines and he is a three-time winner of the Golden Quill Award.

In his blog, he provides his fans with everything he knows about cars. You will find lots of valuable tips.

Auto Upkeep Blog

Author: Michael & Linda Gray

Mike and his wife Linda runs the Auto Upkeep Blog together. They provide essential and valuable guidance and insights about cars.

Linda was encouraged to learn about cars by her own wish to be self-sufficient and to save money. She, along with her classmates, worked to design, build and test a hybrid electric vehicle. As a project engineer, and has worked in a bicycle component company. She is a self-made woman.

Mike had a love for cars from a young age. He began detecting problems with cars and finding solutions to them at an early stage of his life. He has worked in the automotive parts supply industry and towing companies. He is a co-author of 10 books designed for team-teaching.

Together Mike and Linda provide excellent car care and maintenance tips to their followers.

Author: Chris Burdick is an automotive culture and lifestyle publication. Founded by self-described gearhead Chris Burdick in 2006, Automoblog’s diverse team of writers cover industry news, trends, technology, vehicle reviews, emerging tech trends, new vehicle specs and trim levels, product evaluations, in-depth pieces on the overall industry, and car buying advice relevant to today’s consumer.

They also have exclusive running series, including Memory Lane, Book Garage, and Letter From The U.K.

Author: Anne Fleming

President & CEO, Anne Fleming, developed exclusively for women so that car dealers could showcase their honesty, trust and transparency toward them hence resulting in greater sales. connect women with Certified Trusted Women-Drivers dealers, ensuring that they get the best experience and a comfortable and positive ambience around them. This site is exclusively for women. This company has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, USA Today and many more for their exceptional work.

Anne is a dynamic woman and a car buying advocate. She was named to the class of 2013 Women in Remarketing by Auto Remarketing. Anne spent 20 years in brand development and strategic product development for international consumer companies like American Eagle Outfitters and Atlantic Luggage.

Chris On

Author: Chris Raymond

Chris is a car nut, he is so passionate about cars that he can talk or read about the most trivial aspects of cars for hours. He adores cars and for him fun is all about cars.

He has great admiration for cars and he considers design of cars as a form of art and loves cars with beautiful design, shapes and exciting features.

He has built this site with the vision of keeping it exciting and different from others. In his blog, he posts photographs of all the most beautiful cars around the globe and news related to cars, along with tips and advice.