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12 Best Carry-On Garment Bags in 2017

Many of us try to fit as much as we can into our suitcases when we travel, which can sometimes result is one wrinkly mess once we’ve reached our final destinations. Does this hotel have an iron? Anyone? But what about those of us who want to prevent the wrinkles at all costs? When you […]

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12 Best Bags for College in 2017

Whether you are just starting out at college or you are established on your course of study, you will find it necessary to carry a large number of items with you in order to successfully pursue a course of study. This can include everything from a laptop to pens and it is prudent to prevent […]

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12 Best Leather Handbags in 2017

Purses, handbags, totes and clutches…no matter what you choose to call them, most women can’t help but drool over the copious selections of leather handbags available today. There are so many purse colors, textures, and designs that shopping can be overwhelming. And while “too many handbags to choose from” isn’t a bad problem to have, […]

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12 Best Diaper Bags for Dads in 2017

For years, diaper bags were either hideous or were designed to be only used by moms, and this has meant that fathers would avoid using the bags or have to settle for carrying around a purse-like diaper bag. The market for diaper bags has realized it wasn’t providing suitable alternatives and has answered in force. […]

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12 Best Range Bags in 2017

The best way to get proficient at anything is to practice, and this is no different for target practice. Many people will enjoy going to a gun range to practice shooting in order to improve their skills. However, to be able to aim well will mean needing to have the necessary equipment. Whether you go […]

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12 Best Soft Cooler Bags in 2017

A soft cooler bag is the perfect combination of convenience and effectiveness. Most buyers, however, rush out as soon as the sun is shining to buy the first cooler bag they can find and most of the time end up disappointed. There is a whole range of problems that come with choosing a low-quality soft […]

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12 Best Diaper Bags in 2017

With little ones at your side, everyday outings can become major events and the smaller they are, the more extras you might need: you’ve got diapers, wipes, bottles, a changing pad, hand sanitizer, cream, dirty diaper bags, burp cloths, toys, a nursing cover… the list goes on. Not only are you responsible for ensuring all […]

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12 Best Garment Bags in 2017

In all honesty, airline travel is not one of the most comfortable experiences, especially for your belongings. Bags are tossed around everywhere, get stuffed in cramped places and can turn your traveling into an absolute nightmare. This may also happen if you commute short distances and you need to store your clothes. The wrong garment […]

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12 Best Work Bags in 2017

Bags are necessary for us to carry our personal belongings and essentials to work. A work bag needs to be able to hold everything in it without looking bulky – and it doesn’t hurt if it makes you look good, too! Luckily, there are several attractive options for both men and women, sporting all the […]

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