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12 Best Backpacks for Work in 2018

Being able to pack everything into a single bag and carry it on your back is ideal for chaotic commutes or for the person who works on the move. The real issue is that backpacks are almost always designed for anything but the workplace. It can be very difficult to find all of the convenience […]

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12 Best Backpacks for School in 2018

You probably have plenty of experience purchasing backpacks in your lifetime (we certainly do), but have you ever looked beyond the fact that it was on sale or a pretty color? What about the small details, such as the durability, the quality of the hardware used and how resistant it is to water? There are […]

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12 Best Waterproof Backpacks in 2018

Backpacks can come in many forms. There are bags that are built for school use and others that can handle the trail. Let’s not forget all those casual packs as well including ones geared for travel and business. Yes, there are dozens of variations of the classic backpack although one feature should be common across […]

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12 Best Business Backpacks in 2018

Generally speaking, your style of work will determine the kind of business backpack you choose, but there are still so many things to consider when searching for the best business backpack. Our guide is here to help you! We’ll take you through the top ten business backpacks from top to bottom and help you understand […]

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12 Best Backpacks for Kindergarten in 2018

As your little one prepares for their first year in the “big kid” school system, you want them to be as prepared as possible. One thing that can aid them as they start their education, and aid you as you let them go, is a good quality backpack. It will help them easily carry what […]

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12 Best Backpacks for Europe in 2018

Traveling around Europe would be a fun way to spend the summer or any time of year for that matter! One key part of traveling is luggage: if you don’t have the correct luggage, it can put a big damper on your entire trip. One excellent piece of luggage for exploring Europe is a backpack: […]

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