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12 Best Office Headsets in 2017

Office life can be a nightmare or become your second home depending on where you work and the quality of your co-workers or employees. Regardless of your title, there is a good chance you are going to be on the telephone throughout the day if you work in a cubicle or have your own office. […]

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12 Best Aviation Headsets in 2017

There are plenty of things we can skimp on during our lifetimes. Many of us have shorted someone on a tip or gone cheap with a new gadget or charger to save a few bucks. When it comes to things a bit more important, you’re better off paying up for the best. Needless to say, […]

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12 Best Gaming Headsets in 2017

There was a time when video games were reserved for the younger crowd. Well, those teeny boppers grew up, but their inner-child did not. Gaming is a billion dollar business today which means there are millions of gaming peripherals to choose from. In other words, your brain can go into a meltdown when it’s time […]

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