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12 Best Call Center Headsets in 2017

The way call centers are setup and the types of people you’ll deal with while working at one vary wildly across the board. You know what doesn’t vary at all? Noise, because all call centers can go from a mild mumble to a roar in a matter of seconds. Everyone that works there also uses […]

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12 Best Behind the Neck Headphones in 2017

If you love listening to music, then you want to make sure you can tune in to your favorite songs at any point throughout the day. Headphones come in all sorts of shapes and styles, so finding something that works for your needs and listening expectations is quite easy. Whether you want to be discreet […]

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12 Best Vlogging Cameras in 2017

Remember when MySpace was the only social network in town and sites like blogger were still a popular way to go? Well, times have changed, and vlogging has grown in popularity – everyone wants to show off videos and it is a great way to modernize your blog. Before you jump into that wild world, […]

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12 Best Doorbell Cameras in 2017

The doorbell is one of the go to methods for announcing yourself at someone’s home. Knocking is great, but sometimes those inside the home can’t hear you! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could screen the guests at your doorstep without opening a curtain or letting them know you are home? Today’s doorbells have become […]

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12 Best Laptops Under $700 in 2017

We are fond of saying, “There is something for everyone.” when dealing with products of any kind, especially tech. That’s never been truer than when dealing with laptops as they can range from 10 to 21” in size and some are more powerful than desktops. There is also a price for every consumer, including folks […]

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12 Best DSLRs for Video in 2017

Before the rise of DSLR cameras, folks had to make due with Instant Cameras or 35mm marvels from Olympus and others. It is safe to say digital cameras change the game, and while smartphone cameras have dampened their popularity, it’s still the best way to go for a quality snapshot. They are also fantastic at […]

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12 Best Selfie Cameras in 2017

While many of us rely on smartphones for taking selfies, the images they capture aren’t exactly worthy of being published on the cover of Vogue Magazine. For social media and small screens, these equally small images are sufficient, but when it comes to printing or viewing them on larger screens, you need a camera with […]

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