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12 Best Road Bike Shoes in 2017

You have been putting in heavy miles on your bike, and now it’s time for a performance upgrade. The bike itself is lean and performing well, so where do you go now? You’ve seen the pro’s clipping in and out of their pedals with fancy shoes that have all the bells and whistles. It’s for […]

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12 Best Bike Brake Pads in 2017

Most casual riders don’t put a lot of thought into the type of brakes on their bikes, they just know how to use them. Well, when it comes time to replace the factory set, things can get downright confusing unless you buy a factory replacement. That’s not always going to be an option, especially if […]

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12 Best Bike GPS Units in 2017

Riding bicycles is an activity people of all ages can enjoy, and they are used for far more than just rolling around the neighborhood these days. In some locales, they are more prevalent than cars, and for every casual rider, there is a half-dozen that ride seriously. If you fall into that category, there’s a […]

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12 Best Cycling Shoes in 2017

Whether you are serious about cycling or go for the occasional ride, having the best cycling shoes can make all the difference. These, however, can be difficult to shop for. You already know what to look for when buying sneakers or dress shoes, but this performance wear is different. Some aspects deserve much more attention […]

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12 Best Bike Saddles in 2017

It’s safe to say that even the most amazing bicycles may not be too comfortable out of the box. That’s because not everyone is the same width or shape, so what is comfortable for some may be painful for others. Comfort is key when it comes to cycling, and the bike saddle will make or […]

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12 Best Bike Shorts in 2017

Bike shorts can make all the difference in your trail riding. If you go biking without shorts made specifically for the sport, you’ll find before too long you’ll be sore and uncomfortable from sitting on a bike seat for so long. Even padded seats can’t keep you comfortable forever! The best bike shorts make biking […]

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