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12 Best Waxes for White Cars in 2017

Being the proud owner of a white, beautiful car may seem like a splendid idea until you realize that maintaining it in top form is quite challenging. Keeping that shiny, gleaming look seems like an impossible mission to every driver unless you live in a clean area in which dust is extinct. If you have […]

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12 Best Spray Waxes in 2017

Though waxing a vehicle can be an arduous task, it is a necessary one as it not only serves to help the car look good, but it also helps to protect the paint. It can take a significant amount of elbow grease and can leave a poor result, if all aspects of the process are […]

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12 Best Carnauba Waxes in 2017

Those that take pride in their vehicle will be aware that keeping it looking good takes more than a quick wipe with a sponge from a bucket of soapy water. Maintaining the bodywork of a car takes work, with one part of this being taking care of the paintwork. This can be achieved with carnauba […]

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12 Best Car Waxes in 2017

There’s nothing more satisfying than stepping back from a freshly washed and waxed car that we put our sweat and elbow grease into cleaning (well, for some of us). Since you set out in search of the best car wax, we have a hunch you are one of those people! In our detailed guide below, […]

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