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12 Best Beginner Violins in 2018

While the violin as we know it today has been around since the 16th century, string instruments were already quite common well before this era. We’re sure that those of you who are new to this instrument will read much more about the history as you learn to play it, so for now, our easy-to-read […]

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12 Best Electric Violins in 2018

When many people think of a violin, they will automatically picture the acoustic wooden stringed instrument as this is traditional. However, another way to go is with the use of an electric, which can be a practical alternative. Many think that the distinctive sound of a violin can only be created by the instrument in […]

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12 Best Violins in 2018

The venerable violin has been part of our lives ever since music started flourishing. This beautiful instrument is popular in a wide array of music genres; not just classical. If you’re ready to start playing one (or replace the one you’ve been using), then you are definitely in the right spot! In our guide below, […]

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12 Best Violin Strings in 2018

A violin comprises several component parts that all play a part in helping the violin to create its signature sound. The most important of these can be said to be the strings. In order to get the best sound from a violin, it is necessary to use quality violin strings. The gauge, length and material […]

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