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12 Best Ukulele Strings in 2017

A ukulele is a string instrument that resembles a miniature guitar and has its origins in Hawaii. Being able to play it can be a skill in itself, but it can also be used as a way to learn how to play a guitar. In order to ensure that a ukulele sounds in tune and […]

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12 Best Ukuleles for Beginners in 2017

Congratulations on taking the plunge! You’ve decided to get ukulele. Before you can start strumming your way through life though, you must answer the question: which ukulele? There are a dizzying amount of resources and ukuleles to choose from. All very helpful I’m sure. But, it all can also no doubt be a bit overwhelming […]

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12 Best Tenor Ukuleles in 2017

It’s such an exciting time of life! You’re looking for your very own tenor ukulele. Which one should you get? What aspects are important, and which really don’t matter? Whether this is your first uke, or one in a long line of ukuleles, choosing the very best tenor ukulele for you is an important decision […]

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12 Best Ukuleles in 2017

A ukulele can be an ideal instrument for an experienced guitar player, or for someone who wants to learn how to play. It is versatile enough to allow a range of different tunes to be played with only four strings, and without the effort required of a full sized guitar. It can be argued that […]

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