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12 Best Portable Turntables in 2017

The best part about spinning some records is doing it with friends, and if you want to take those tunes with you wherever you go, you need to find out which is the best portable turntable for your money. The portable turntable market has exploded over the last few years, and now there are a […]

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12 Best Turntables in 2017

Although the world of music has been irrevocably changed by technology, the love, and passion for vinyl records remained untouched. This passion is the primary reason vinyl records can be found, to this day. Not only that they sound beautiful and unique, but they also have a distinct, nostalgic element that makes them more attractive. […]

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12 Best Vintage Turntables in 2017

Though many manufacturers are continually striving to provide consumers with the latest products, there are times when the original is best, and many people may consider this to be the case when it comes to turntables. Having a vintage turntable will enable you to use a device that works well with particular décor, especially if […]

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12 Best Turntables Under $500 in 2017

Whether we are ‘80s kids or modern people of the 21st century, we all have a certain amount of appreciation for a vinyl record. It’s a memory and a piece of history at the same time. And honestly speaking, we are sure that your parents still have their old vinyls at home, just waiting to […]

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12 Best Turntables Under $1000 in 2017

To some people, vinyl is making a come back, while to others, it never went away. In either case, having a turntable is necessary to be able to enjoy the music. Alternatively, you may have an extensive vinyl collection that you want to convert to digital files. Whether you are a professional DJ or you […]

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