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12 Best Wah Pedals in 2018

There are plenty of ways to change up the sound of your electric guitar whether you are a Pro or a rookie. Effects pedals are one simple (and fun) way to change things up with the old Wah-Wah pedal being a fan favorite for decades. Looking for the best Wah pedal? Well, look no further. […]

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12 Best Overdrive Pedals in 2018

As guitar players, whether we’re out playing gigs or in the basement practicing, there will be many times when you need your tone to have a little bit of crunch and attitude. That’s where overdrive pedals come in. If you’ve been shopping around for a “stomp box” of your own, then you know that there […]

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12 Best Pedalboards in 2018

Getting a new electric guitar is exciting, but as with most instruments, they can be difficult to master. Once you get a handle on your chords, most folks turn to pedals to give their playing some extra pizazz. As cool as guitar pedals are, they can also be a hassle considering they take up space […]

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12 Best Guitar Pedals in 2018

If you’re a guitar player looking for ways to incorporate new and different sounds into your music, you should look into adding some pedals to your setup. Many of the greatest guitar heroes of all-time, from Jimi Hendrix to Jack White, have used effects pedals to achieve unique and totally unforgettable playing styles. The range […]

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