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12 Best Harmonicas in 2018

The harmonica, which is also referred to as the blues harp, is a small instrument used in an array of music genres such as jazz, blues, rock, and country. Considering the simple nature of the harmonica, it is the first option for music enthusiasts that want to learn to play an instrument. Not to mention […]

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12 Best Pianos for Beginners in 2018

Being able to play the piano is an enviable skill that is enjoyable to exercise, though even commencing the process of learning can be a daunting task. Though it is possible to learn with a tutor who has a piano, having one at home on which to practice can decrease the learning time. Alternatively, if […]

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12 Best Turntables Under $1000 in 2018

To some people, vinyl is making a come back, while to others, it never went away. In either case, having a turntable is necessary to be able to enjoy the music. Alternatively, you may have an extensive vinyl collection that you want to convert to digital files. Whether you are a professional DJ or you […]

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12 Best Microphones for Recording in 2018

When it is necessary for you to make a recording, you will need a certain range of equipment with an important one being the microphone. Whether you are recording songs or the spoken word, the quality of the sound is important and needs to be high to produce a decent result. There are many factors […]

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12 Best Alto Saxophones in 2018

If you are part of a saxophone quartet or a regular concert band, the chances are that you will want to invest in an alto saxophone. While the instrument is relatively new, it’s definitely a key piece for experienced musicians. This guide will tell you what you need to know about saxophones, how to choose […]

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12 Best Audio Interfaces in 2018

If you are genuinely interested in recording or producing, it goes without saying that you need the best audio interface. In plain English, such a device enables you to obtain top-notch recordings. If you’re sick of inconsistent quality in your recordings, you have come to the right place. Our purpose was to narrow down the […]

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Top 6 Guitar Blogs

When you have a question about guitars, you hit the internet to seek the answers. You’ll find articles written by guitar experts, tutorials about how to play the guitar and pretty much everything in between. Which websites have the most valuable information to offer readers? We find blogs to be some of the best resources, […]

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