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12 Best Studio Microphones in 2017

So you’re ready to start recording in your studio. Awesome! Before you can begin, you need to find that one perfect mic for your recording needs. But there are so many mics to choose from! How can you tell which is the best studio microphone for your needs? As many choices as there are, once […]

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12 Best Vocal Microphones in 2017

There are a number of situations in which a microphone will be useful, whether to capture and record the voice or to amplify it. When you are performing the spoken word or singing, being able to be heard properly is an essential requirement. The best vocal mic will enable you to amplify your voice effectively. […]

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12 Best USB Microphones in 2017

Wherever you are in the world of audio, everything you do comes back to how good your microphone is. Whether you are singing, making speeches, or leading a meeting in a conference room, if your microphone is lacking, your performance will suffer. Not only that, but if you’re on the go traditional microphones along with […]

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12 Best Cheap Microphones in 2017

Nowadays, having a high-quality, reliable microphone has almost become a necessity. Even so, selecting the best cheap microphone is similar to walking blindfolded in the department of microphones, since you cannot test drive the product before buying it. In this instance, our buying guide has the objective of pointing you in the right direction so […]

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12 Best Microphones for Recording in 2017

When it is necessary for you to make a recording, you will need a certain range of equipment with an important one being the microphone. Whether you are recording songs or the spoken word, the quality of the sound is important and needs to be high to produce a decent result. There are many factors […]

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