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12 Best Weighted Keyboards in 2017

Keyboards are the popular choice because they are portable and easy to fit in small places. The cheapest versions of a digital keyboard will generally have unweighted keys, but a truly great one will have weighted ones. If you are looking for the best weighted keyboard that will offer you that acoustic piano feeling, this […]

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12 Best MIDI Keyboards in 2017

Whether you have taken up music as a hobby or you are a professional musician, the chances are that you will be looking at some point for the best MIDI keyboard. It’s an essential piece for most music studios and one that you simply can’t go without if you want your recording to go smoothly. […]

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12 Best Keyboards for Beginners in 2017

Keyboards are a fun, affordable alternative to the regular acoustic piano, allowing you to create your own unique tracks and music recordings or simply practice chopsticks when an acoustic piano isn’t available. When you’re new to this type of technology, however, choosing one gets a bit complicated. The terms, the features, the details! In our […]

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