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12 Best Guitars for Blues in 2017

We want you to have the blues: the good kind of blues that come from the best guitar for blues! We know that finding the right guitar for your favorite sound can be intimidating, but we hope that with a little bit of information, we can show you to find the sound you want. From […]

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12 Best Guitar Strings for Metal in 2017

Finding the best guitar strings for metal isn’t just about getting the best sound, but it’s also about getting the right feel for your playing style. It sounds complicated because there are as many different kinds of strings as there are guitar styles, but we’ve done some of the legwork, and we think we’ve got […]

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12 Best Travel Guitars in 2017

Having the wrong travel guitar is like playing with only minor chords. You could do it, but it would always seem like there’s a better way. We will be sharing that better way with you here in our guide. Here, we highlight the best travel guitar models and provide you with useful shopping tips that […]

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12 Best Guitar Picks in 2017

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to lead a bluegrass stompdown or if you’re the lead in a face-shredding metal band, you need a great guitar pick, and we’ve got some great options to get you started. Anyone who owns a guitar already has a few picks, but maybe it’s time to freshen up your […]

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12 Best Guitar Pedals in 2017

If you’re a guitar player looking for ways to incorporate new and different sounds into your music, you should look into adding some pedals to your setup. Many of the greatest guitar heroes of all-time, from Jimi Hendrix to Jack White, have used effects pedals to achieve unique and totally unforgettable playing styles. The range […]

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