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12 Best Beginner Drum Sets in 2017

If you are just starting out with playing the drums, then getting a full sized professional kit may seem like a daunting prospect. With the use of a beginner drum set you will enable you to get a true taste of it during the process of learning. The best beginner drum set will have the […]

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12 Best Double Bass Pedals in 2017

A bass drum is indispensable in a drum set because it brings harmony between the other drum sounds. One could say that a drummer plays more than one instrument at the same time, which is actually true considering the number of drums they have to beat. In order to be a perfect drummer, you will […]

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12 Best Drum Sets in 2017

There is no band if there isn’t a drummer. While they may be thrown in the back and are not really in the spotlight like the guitarist or the vocalist, the drummer is what keeps the entire group in sync. If you want to pick up drumming or are a drummer who only wants what’s […]

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12 Best Electronic Drum Sets in 2017

A full sized drum set is an expensive piece of kit, requiring a significant amount of space to be able to set up and play comfortably. In many an average home, this space will be difficult to find. Besides this, it will require a serious financial commitment even to start learning how to play. An […]

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12 Best Drum Sticks in 2017

Whether you play a standard percussion drum kit, or you are honing your skills with an electronic drum kit, an essential requirement is a decent pair or drumsticks. Drumsticks – quite literally – need to be able to take a battering, due to the manner in which they are used. They need to be effective […]

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