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12 Best Guitar Loopers in 2017

Playing the electric guitar can quickly become an expensive hobby. Beginners just see that shiny new ax and think how cool they will look playing one, and may even consider an amplifier. Once you being, you will quickly find out there are millions of accessories that can alter your tone or even give you a […]

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12 Best Acoustic Guitar Strings in 2017

Getting a new guitar is exciting, and many consumers choose to go acoustic their first time out. You smile when you strum the strings for the very first time, although that smile will quickly fade when you pop a string. It’s bound to happen, especially if you are a beginner and not used to tuning […]

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12 Best Pickups for Metal in 2017

There is little that influences your tone more than your guitar pickup; this is one of the most important components of your overall sound and therefore needs to be given serious consideration before you make a purchase. Our experts are here to make your search for the best pickups for metal easier. We have done […]

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12 Best 7 String Guitars in 2017

It is safe to say 99% of the guitars in the world have six strings. Yes, there are 12-string guitars and all types of variants, but it’s rare to see anything else unless you are shopping for a specialty instrument. Today we are going to talk about a unique model new guitarists may not be […]

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12 Best Beginner Electric Guitars in 2017

Learning to play an instrument can be difficult, but guitars have always been a nice entryway into music for many. That said, electrics are easier to play than acoustics for many reasons including the fact that it “sounds cool” even when you don’t have a clue what you are doing. When looking for the best […]

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12 Best Guitar Humidifiers in 2017

Whether you’re a casual guitar player or someone who just “owns” one, you will probably find it sitting on a stand or cased in a closet. While the latter will protect it from dust or any potential mishaps, it cannot stand up to bad humidity that can wreck your guitar in a short period. If […]

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12 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 in 2017

Want to play the electric guitar? It’s easier than it looks thanks to an array of learning tools and games available today. You will need to own a guitar, however, which is where the tough part comes in. When looking for the best electric guitar under $1000, there are several things to consider although we’ve […]

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12 Best Guitar Pickups in 2017

The effect that a high-quality pickup can have on your guitar’s sound is so underrated that many beginner players never consider them to be too important. Your guitar, the amp, and the pickup are the three components that make up the sound, and they are all equally crucial. For those starting out, it can be […]

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12 Best Bass Strings in 2017

To achieve those rich, deep tones that every bassist loves, you definitely need to be using the highest quality of strings. There are now so many options on the market that it can be very difficult to know which ones will give you that exact tone that you love. We have crafted this guide to […]

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