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12 Best Heated Jackets in 2017

As technology has gotten better, it has found ways to creep into our daily lives in interesting ways. That includes clothing, as you can find plenty of high-tech garments and footwear these days. That includes heated jackets, a nice alternative to regular coats on a blustery winter day. Jackets with heaters inside may sound dangerous, […]

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12 Best Leather Jackets for Men in 2017

Jackets can be used as a fashion statement or to keep you warm in colder climates when winter rolls around. While they are made from all types of fabrics including cotton and nylon, leather has been a popular choice for decades and is the subject of our best leather jackets for men list. We have […]

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12 Best Rain Jackets in 2017

When it’s raining cats and dogs, getting drenched to the skin is the last thing you want. In order to stay dry, and prevent this from happening, you need the best rain jacket. This piece of clothing becomes essential when the seasons turn and the cold temperatures settle in. Whether you’re running, hiking, climbing, biking, […]

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12 Best Jackets for Men in 2017

A jacket is much more than a necessary garment that protects you from the cold. One could say that a coat is a fashion statement, as well as a practical and functional acquisition. The best jackets for men come in a variety of styles. Depending on how you usually dress, you may find one jacket […]

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12 Best Winter Jackets for Men in 2017

Anyone who experiences differences in the seasons will be aware that it is necessary to make preparations in order to get ready for it. Whether you live in an area that suffers harsh winters or you are planning to travel to one, it will be necessary to ensure that you are properly protected. Though there […]

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12 Best Lightweight Rain Jackets in 2017

Did you know that the best lightweight rain jacket is made of nylon? That is because nylon is lightweight and water-resistant, two of the main reasons why umbrella manufacturers use it on the canopy of umbrellas! Up until this point, you probably didn’t put much thought into choosing a rain jacket. In fact, we are […]

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