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12 Best Cowboy Hats in 2018

It takes a special type of person to rock a cowboy hat, but you don’t have to live on horseback to buy one. Anyone with a degree of style (and confidence) can give one a go. That led us on a quest to find the best cowboy hats available, which turned up a few surprises […]

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12 Best Boonie Hats in 2018

The boonie hat – while originally intended for use by military G.I.s – has become a staple item for a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. From fisherman and hunters to hikers and beachgoers, everyone can benefit from the boonie! When shopping for one, what key features should you be paying attention to and what are the […]

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12 Best Bucket Hats in 2018

Originally known as a “fisherman’s hat,” bucket hats have grown in popularity since they were first invented in 1900. In their early years, bucket hats were the traditional headgear of Irish farmers and fishermen. The style of the hat offers excellent protection from the rain and the sun. For workers who were going to be […]

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12 Best Hats for Sun Protection in 2018

If you spend a significant amount of time in the sun, wearing a protective hat is a must – it’s a tried and true way to keep the skin on your face and neck safe from sun damage. Whether you are a professional who works outdoors, a research scientist doing field work, or a tourist […]

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12 Best Hats in 2018

Whether you want to create an accent to a suit or dress, or protect your head, hair and eyes from the elements, a good hat can be all that you need, and with the wide of types to choose from this should not be difficult. The right type of headwear can be used in both […]

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12 Best Minor League Hats in 2018

There are only a few reasons to wear a minor league baseball hat; you are a dedicated fan, it adds to your personal street style, or you play a bit of ball and need a quality hat kicking around. In any of these cases, you can find a high-quality hat that suits your needs and […]

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