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12 Best Flip Flops for Walking in 2018

When the weather is hot, no shoe provides more relief than the classic flip flop. While old school rubber flip flops don’t exactly provide much support, these days there is a huge variety of flip flops that are downright comfortable. You can wear them all day long, even when you are walking long distances. There […]

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12 Best Flip Flops in 2018

Choosing flip-flops is easy, but choosing great flip-flops requires experience and knowledge about this specific style of footwear. We have both the experience and knowledge it takes to choose a good pair, so in our extensive guide, we will be sharing share our most useful tips with you. Aside from the fact that you want […]

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12 Best Flip Flops for Men in 2018

When it comes to informal events, there is nothing that suits more occasions than the humble flip flop, and this is why men have been turning to this fashion staple for years and will continue to do so. The increasing popularity of this shoe has resulted in a flood of high-quality flip-flops but also a […]

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12 Most Comfortable Flip Flops in 2018

Flip flops are sandals, but not all sandals are flip flops; so what’s the deal with flip flops? They represent the more practical version of sandals that we can wear on every occasion – because yes, there are classy flip-flops out there too. If you are looking for the most comfortable flip flops out there, […]

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