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12 Best Slimming Leggings in 2017

Leggings are the most versatile closet essential for busy modern women. They match everything, and they can effortlessly take you from an exercise class to brunch with friends or a day with your kids. These days, many leggings also have a slimming effect to make your waist look taught, and your legs look smooth and […]

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12 Best Leather Belts in 2017

Belts have been around for hundreds of years. Whether they’re used practically to help prevent pants from sliding down or as a fashion accessory, leather seems to be the material of choice when it comes to this type of accessory. While there are belts of all colors and styles, we have put together a list […]

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12 Best Friend Sweatshirts in 2017

Most of us have had a best friend in our lives at some point, and if you are reading this, you probably have one right now. Your bestie can be a guy, girl or even your spouse if you’re lucky. Actually, it can be anyone including Mom or Dad, and everyone can use a good […]

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12 Best White T-Shirts in 2017

We aren’t sure who is responsible for the world’s first T-shirt, but we would sincerely like to thank them. The comfortable piece of clothing is work by folks around the world, and the famous White t-shirts are still popular today. You can wear them by themselves or under dressy attire, and they are perfect for […]

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12 Best Cowboy Boots in 2017

Cowboy boots have taken mainstream fashion by storm. You see people sporting cowboy boots everywhere from shopping at the mall to buying groceries at the supermarket. While boots aren’t the type of footwear you’d see at the gym, they are a staple item to have in your closet. There’s different brands and styles to consider […]

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12 Best Arch Support Insoles in 2017

If you have issues with your feet, then walking without insoles can feel like a test to your pain tolerance as each step becomes more painful than the last. Even if you do not have issues with your feet, but put them under a lot of stress throughout the day, having the best arch support […]

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12 Best Slippers in 2017

Having the right pair of slippers is key to feeling completely relaxed and cozy at all times. Whether you’re lounging in your favorite chair or cooking pancakes on Sunday morning, the best slippers will keep your feet comfortable in any situation. Not sure which slippers are worth the purchase? We have collected together a list […]

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12 Most Comfortable Sneakers in 2017

The hunt for comfortable sneakers is something that everyone understands from those going for casual walks or those getting out on the running trails. Most guides will provide you with basic information about fit and quality of the sneakers and therefore don’t help much. We have crafted a list of the most comfortable sneakers on […]

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12 Best Flats in 2017

Shoe shopping is truly overwhelming due to the sea of sneakers, heels, boots, flip-flops, flats and loafers out there. Finding decent flats seems to be particularly difficult, not just because there are an endless amount of styles available, but also because you need to factor in the level of quality before choosing some. Our guide […]

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