Test Facts’ Best Choice Award

Test Facts uses a fact-based approach and provides product recommendations based on in-depth research, product tests and analysis. We do this to help consumers select the right products.

Test Facts’ endorsements are an important part of how we help people find those products.

A Symbol of Value for Consumers

Consumers have many choices when deciding on which new products to buy. Test Facts’ endorsements give consumers the confidence they need when making purchasing decisions.

Products bearing the Test Facts Best Choice badge have been carefully evaluated and rigorously tested. The award is a symbol of good product performance and value, and it signifies products that are the best of breed in their respective categories.

The award is a seal of approval and value people look for when shopping, and it sets your product apart from the competition.

Using the Best Choice Badge

We encourage the use of the Best Choice badge and Test Facts logo on other websites, on product packaging and in advertising. Usage of the Best Choice badge is restricted to those products that have been added as the top 1, 2 and 3 best products in our product guides.

No pre-approval is needed for distribution.