We Test the Facts to Help Consumers Find Better Products

Test Facts uses a fact-based approach to product reviews. Test Facts provides lists of the best products, and combine these with product buying information, to help consumers find better products.

All reviews are created based on in-depth research, product tests and analysis. Our findings are consolidated into concise and clear recommendations and information.

Background of What We Do

Many people do not have time or energy to spend hours researching which products to buy. We solve this by providing clear top lists of the best products within different categories, to make it easy to choose.

Our buying information also helps visitors to easily understand their purchases. Instead of spending hours doing research, our visitors can find the right products in a few minutes.

We started Test Facts out of frustration of how unreliable some online reviews can be. Expert reviews are often based on the opinion of one reviewer, and consumer ratings sometimes contain fake reviews written by manufacturers themselves. In order to combat this, we decided to choose an approach that combines many factors into a final rating. It includes current reliable expert and consumer reviews, research reports, historical trends and our own in-depth product tests, and we test facts harder than anyone else we know of. We believe this produces highly accurate product ratings.

Our Mission

Our product recommendations help thousands of people choose products every month. We love to see how our visitors’ everyday lives improve with good products.

The more buyers that use accurate product reviews, the more manufacturers will be forced to produce better products to be able to sell them. This forces manufacturers to focus more on research, development and quality materials, rather than on marketing for example. We believe this gives all consumers better products and helps the world move forward.

Even if not all consumers use our product recommendations, for the ones that do, we make a difference.

Research and Quality Assurance

Our review approach has been developed and improved for years to give our visitors the most accurate product top lists online. The process is built around finding factual data to support our recommendations, whether it is by finding statistically significant conclusions in consumer reviews or in our own product tests. We always test the facts.

Our team is made up by researchers, scientists, and editors, and have many years of experience in product testing and reviews. We follow a clear process to set the product ratings, which ensures the consistent quality of all our reviews. More information on our rating process and team can be found below.

In order to provide accurate product recommendations, we must also ensure that we have no bias towards the manufacturers. We ensure this by buying all products we test ourselves, and we never accept any product samples. Our test and review department also works completely independently of our monetization department to ensure that there is no conflict of interest in terms of providing accurate product reviews.

Our Rating Process

For every category list of the best products we create, we use a 7-step process:

  1. We specify which products to include in a category. To decide whether certain products should be considered part of a category or not can require extensive research.
  2. Based on the specifications, we gather a full list of all available products in the category. This list usually contains hundreds of products, sometimes thousands.
  3. We rate all products in our list by calculating the average of all available expert and consumer reviews. Unreliable reviews are deleted and the expert reviews are weighted depending on the level of expertise.
  4. Then we adjust the ratings further based on other metrics. For example, based on research reports within the field, sometimes technical specifications (depending on the product category), year of product release and interviews with experts. Ratings may also be adjusted further based on the products’ fit for the category.
  5. From our list of rated products, we take the 12 highest rated products and conduct our own tests of those products. These tests can take days or up to several months to complete, depending on the category. We aim to test all the facts, and to conduct more in-depth tests than any other reviewers.
  6. We adjust the ratings of the products based on our completed product tests, and we have the final list of the top 12 best products within a category. We then proceed with writing the buying guide.
  7. Finally, we follow-up on our guides on a regular basis to find newly released products that may be worth researching, testing and adding to our top lists.

Meet Our Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula of great product reviews!  – Dan Bennett, Founder & CEO Test Facts

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