12 Most Comfortable Underwear for Women in 2018

As underwear is hidden beneath clothing, it is easy to believe that it does not require much forethought and that anything will do.

This can lead to a drawer full of uncomfortable underwear.

There are few things worse than uncomfortable underwear, which can result from a number of different factors, such as being too tight or having unfortunately placed labels.

By simply ensuring that a few factors are taken into account, you can ensure that you can enjoy the most comfortable underwear for women.

Top 12 Comfortable Underwear for Women Overview

DesignNameMaterialOther ColorRating (1-5)
  1. Jockey Women’s Underwear Elance Brief Cotton Yes 4.6
  2. Warner’s Women’s No Pinches No Problems Hipster Panty 4-Pack Nylon, Spandex Yes 4.6
  3. Boody Classic Bikini Panty Size S – Organic Bamboo Underwear Bamboo, Spandex Yes 4.6
  4. Bali Women’s Microfiber Brief Panty Nylon Yes 4.5
  5. Warner’s Women’s No Pinching. No Problems. Modern Brief Panty Nylon, Spandex Yes 4.5
  6. MAMIA Women Seamless Stretch Boy Shorts Panties Nylon, Spandex Yes 4.4
  7. Maidenform Pure Genius Seamless Boyshort 40848 Nylon, Elastane Yes 4.1
  8. Sakkas LP0198SBX Women’s Seamless Stretch Panties / Boy Shorts – Assorted Color 6 Pack Nylon, Spandex Yes 4.0
9. Hanes Women’s Comfort Soft Stretch Bikini Cotton, Spandex Within Pack 3.8
  10. Ruthy’s Apparel Women’s Fleece Lined Thermal Underwear Set Top & Bottom Polyester, Spandex Yes 3.8
  11. Sexy Basics Womens 12 Pack Grab Bag Spandex Hipster Panty Cotton, Spandex Within Pack 3.7
 12. Xcellent Global 3D Padded Women’s Bicycle Cycling Underwear Shorts Underpants – FS015 Polyester, Nylon No 3.3

Qualities of the Most Comfortable Underwear for Women

  • Material – The material of the underwear can play a part in how comfortable it feels to wear. As an example, it may seem chic to wear lace, but this may feel scratchy beneath clothes.
  • Style – When deciding on underwear, there are many options from which to choose and the style will be one of the main aspects in determining how comfortable they are. A style that looks good when worn alone may not be the best option for functional, everyday purposes when it is necessary to wear clothes.
  • Size – The size of underwear – that is, the amount of material used to make it rather than the body size – will be a factor in the comfort of the underwear. For example, full underwear can bunch up when worn beneath tight clothing, while thongs can ride up. Underwear that has a hem which falls partway down the leg can be uncomfortable when worn with certain clothes.

The cut of the underwear will also be a factor as one of the main causes of discomfort is that it is too tight. Consider the width of the elasticated

  • Additions – Additions to underwear, such as decorative touches or labels, can cause discomfort though they are not an integral part of the underwear.
  • Quality – Where the quality of the underwear is poor, it is more likely to suffer damage, such as the trim coming loose or the stitching coming apart. Damaged parts of underwear can cause discomfort.

The quality of the elastic used will also be a factor as if it is too tight, it can dig into the skin, though if it becomes slack there is the risk that they will not stay up.

How to Choose Underwear According to Your Clothes

The comfort that can be gained from underwear is often linked to the clothes that are worn over them, so it is prudent to choose your underwear in accordance with your outfit.

There are so many types of underwear on the market that it makes it much easier to find a pair that can be comfortable.

Start by thinking about the type of close you wear most often, taking into account a range of factors, such as whether they are close-fitting, color and type of fabric.

Consider your size and examine the underwear to determine whether the fit may be on the small or large size to ensure an accurate fit. Avoid any delusions as to your true size as wearing incorrectly sized underwear is sufficient in itself to cause discomfort.

Fabric is important when it comes to figuring out which underwear will be comfortable, as there are some that will cause you to feel too hot. A fabric that allows the skin to breathe will prevent this from being a problem and sure that the underwear remains comfortable for as long as it is worn.

4 Most Comfortable Underwear for Women Reviews

1. Jockey Elance Brief

The Jockey Elance Briefs comes in a pack of three, with combinations that allow you to obtain them all in a single color (black, white or sand) or multicolored and patterned.

It is a full sized style brief, so the waistband falls at the waist and fully covers the bottom well. The elastic of the waistband is covered with fabric so it feels soft against the skin.

They are 100% cotton, which is also soft and comfortable to wear as it adapts to curves efficiently so there is no riding up and does not cut into the leg.

The strength of the elastic is sufficient to keep the waistband at the waist, but it was not so tight that it dug in. The fit is true to size, so it is easy to get the right size.

The Jockey Elance Briefs are ideal for those who want basic underwear that is still practical.

2. Warner’s Hipster Panty

The Warner’s Hipster Panty is available in a pack of four, with each containing a range of colors that makes it easier to find a pack that contains all the colors you like.

They are made of nylon and Spandex, so they are pliable and stretchy and fit to the body well.

The waistband is wide and lace-trimmed and holds up the panties without any undue pressure, and the cut does not restrict the movement of the legs, but still fully covers the rear.

Warner’s Hipster Panties do not ride up and work well with the body to prevent any bulges from being seen.

3. Boody Organic Bamboo EcoWear

The Boody Organic EcoWear Classic Bikini is designed for those who are really vigilant about the clothing they are prepared to lay against their skin. This is due to the fact that it is made from organic bamboo, which produces the rayon that is used as part of the fabric.

The soft fabric also contains a nylon and Spandex, so it fits nicely against the body without feeling too tight.

It does not ride up, cut into the waist or legs and does not sag.

These panties are available in three neutral colors and they are free from any seams, so they do not show any telltale lines beneath clothing.

The Boody Organic EcoWear Classic Bikini underwear provides practical comfort.

4. Bali Seamless Brief Panty

The Bali Comfort Revolution Seamless Panties are made from nylon and are machine washable so are easy to take care of.

They are a full-sized style so they sit at the waist where the waistband does not roll or pinch.

They are available in a number of different colors, which will allow an appropriate color to be obtained in accordance with the clothing worn so they will not be visible.

The material is smooth and the lack of any seams means that they do not show any lines from beneath clothing.

The Bali Comfort Revolution Seamless panties are the most comfortable underwear for women due to its design and fabric.