12 Most Comfortable Flip Flops in 2018

Flip flops are sandals, but not all sandals are flip flops; so what’s the deal with flip flops? They represent the more practical version of sandals that we can wear on every occasion – because yes, there are classy flip-flops out there too.

If you are looking for the most comfortable flip flops out there, this guide will definitely offer you some clues. There’s nothing like stepping into a pair of cozy shoes, regardless if you are planning to stay in or set out.

Top 12 Comfortable Flip Flops Ultimate Table

DesignNameStrapSoleRating (1-5)
  1. Clarks Women’s Brinkley Keeley Flip-Flop Textile Synthetic 4.7
  2. Skechers Cali Women’s Meditation Slingback Yoga Flip-Flop Fabric Synthetic 4.6
  3. Teva Women’s Olowahu Flip-Flop Textile Synthetic 4.5
  4. Volcom Women’s Forever 2 Flip-Flop Faux Leather Synthetic 4.5
  5. Volcom Women’s Forever 2 Flip-Flop Faux Leather Synthetic 4.4
  6. Reef Women’s Sandy Flip-Flop Sandal Textile Rubber 4.2
  7. NDB Men’s Classical Comfortable II Flip-Flop Textile Rubber 4.2
  8. Teva Women’s Mush II Flip-Flop Textile Rubber 4.2
  9. Havaianas Women’s Top Flip-Flop Rubber Rubber 4.2
  10. Desen Women’s Floral Summer Satin Wedge Flip Flops Fabric Rubber 4.2
  11. Langforth Women’s Slim Flip Flop Thong Sandals Rubber Rubber 4.1
  12. Reef Men’s Leather Smoothy Sandal Leather Rubber 4.1

Why Flip Flops?

A flip-flop is a flat sole that is held onto the foot by a strap shaped in a Y that also goes under the name of “thong.” This passes from between your big and pointer toe and then around the sides of your feet.

The name flip flop was given because of the slapping sole sound we hear whenever we are walking. People love them so much that they even created the National Flip Flop Day on October 3rd.

What Makes Flip-Flops Comfortable

We wear flip-flops simply because we can no longer stand uncomfortable shoes that restrict our movement. We want our feet to be free, to feel as if we are walking on a cloud of plush.

Therefore, when looking for the most comfortable flip flops, you need to keep the cushion in mind. Extra plush will offer you a velvety and soft feel, sort of like stepping on a new fluffy carpet.

Another thing you need to consider is how it molds to the foot. A flip-flop doesn’t need plush cushions if the sole offers proper support. Regardless if you have a high or low arch, the flip-flop should make you stand just right and pain-free.

The Materials Used

Last but not least, you need to consider the materials. It’s recommended that you avoid plastic soles, since they may make your foot feel still and not very comfortable.

Choose between rubber and synthetic soles; rubber is the most flexible one, but other synthetic soles such as foam or cork soles may work as well.

As for the thong, you may want to choose between fabric (soft), textile (hard) materials, and leather. They are the least likely to be uncomfortable, as opposed to cheap plastic straps.

Also, you may want to get flip flops that have a thicker strap or thong, since they are the least likely to dig into your skin. They will also last a longer time, due to the fact that they offer more coverage.

Choose a Model That Fits Your Style

One of the most important things to consider when buying flip flops is whether or not they meet your style. If they don’t, you will simply end up buying them for comfort – but will be too embarrassed to wear them.

Earth colors are always safe and will not show dirt as openly, so you may go for such an option. Other than that, simply look for patterns and accessories that you like – but which won’t put a strain on your comfort level.

Top 4 Most Comfortable Flip Flops Reviews

1. Clarks Brinkley Keeley Flip-Flop

These stylish flip flops not only look cool, but they are also amazing to wear.

The perforated thong strap is in contrast with the sole, which was made to be sturdy. It sounds like a flip flop, but it feels like a super comfortable sandal.

The strap is easily adjusted to fit the width of your foot, so you don’t have to worry if yours is particularly wide or narrow. Also, it is a known fact that most flip flops stretch as you wear them; with these, the problem no longer exists, because it’s readjusted by the touch of a strap!

The sole has great support, so your feet will not tire easily. You can walk for miles, and you will feel as if you are walking through ocean and beach sand; it’s a very comfortable feeling!

2. SKECHERS Cali Slingback Yoga Flip-Flop

What’s better than a pair of flip-flops that stay securely on your feet? These yoga flip flops were made so that you never feel that your footwear is coming loose. It will be held securely and comfortably by the soft fabric from which the thong was made. It will also wrap around the foot, adding an extra touch of security.

The sole is made from synthetic foam designed to provide comfort to your feet. It will provide excellent support for your arch as you are walking around, and will make sure that your feet will not tire as easily.

These yoga flip flops are also very stylish. They can be bought in simple, colored models or other crazy multicolored patterns.

Regardless of your personality and taste, there’s a flip flop for you here as well.

3. Teva Women’s Olowahu Flip-Flop

We are all used to seeing flip flops held by a single strap; but what about flip flops covered by multiple straps? They are still flip flops. They’re squishy, they flop, and they mold around your foot so that you get all the arch support that you need.

As opposed to the one-strap flip flops that always seem to come loose, these actually stay on your feet.

You can walk around for hours without worrying, and you will not be bothered either by the sole or the fabric. They are both so soft; you will basically want to sleep with them on!

They are also very cute and modern-looking so that you can wear them for outdoor activities with confidence.

They are easily cleaned and they don’t keep on dirt easily.

4. Volcom Forever 2 Flip-Flop

Ever had that feeling of walking barefoot when you actually have shoes on? No, we are not talking about barefoot sandals; but of a pair of flip flops that will make you feel as if you are walking through a breeze.

The synthetic sole of this flip-flop is lightly padded with a soft material designed to offer you comfort. It will mold to your foot, offering support to your arch and allowing you to walk for hours.

They are also very cute and practical. The material makes them easily dried, so you can take them at the beach, at the pool or whatever watery places you may go to.

They are easily slipped on and off and they can be worn with whatever item of clothing you may have.

The most comfortable flip flops are the ones that offer you the best arch support while giving you that ‘barefoot’ feeling. They need to stay snuggly on your feet, without loosening or slipping off.