12 Most Comfortable Bras in 2017

Every woman will know what it feels like to wear a bad bra, even if they do not realize it at the time as they will simply bear it and only feel relief once it is removed.

Whether it is too tight, fails to offer sufficient support or has an underwire that digs into the skin, it is not a nice feeling from what is a necessary undergarment for many women.

By understanding all the components and considering what is needed from the underwear, it will be possible to find the most comfortable bra and put an end to the discomfort.

Top 12 Comfortable Bras Overview Table

DesignNameFastenerLargest SizeRating (1-5)
  1. Bali Women’s Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing Foam Underwire Bra Hook & Eye 42DD 4.5
  2. 2 or 4 Pack Kalon Nylon Spandex Removable Pads Comfort Bras Pull-On One SizeS/M 4.5
  3. CC Junior’s Seamless Padded Bralette with Adjustable Straps Pull-On One Size 4.5
  4. Hanes Women’s Ultimate Comfy Support Wirefree Hook & Eye XX Large 4.4
  5. Bali Women’s Woman’s Double Support Cotton Wire-Free Bra Hook & Eye 42DDD 4.3
  6. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Comfort Bra Hook & Eye 48 4.3
  7. Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Ultimate Lift And Support Wire Free Bra Hook & Eye 46DDD 4.2
  8. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wire Free Bra J Clasp 42DD 4.2
  9. Fruit Of The Loom Extreme Comfort Bra Hook & Eye 44C 4.2
  10. Hanes Women’s Comfort Shape Concealing Petals Wire Free Bra Hook & Eye 46DDD 4.1
  11. Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Side and Back Smoothing Wirefree Bra Hook & Eye 40D 3.6
  12. Genie Bra Women’s Big Twin Pack Pull-On 4X Plus 3.6

How to Find a Comfortable Bra

The first step is to know your size. While this may sound like obvious advice that is to be scoffed at, many women will spend years wearing the wrong size as they have decided on the size themselves.

Specialist underwear stores – and often many department stores – will have assistants who will be able to measure you properly to determine your correct bra size. This will involve measuring both immediately beneath the bust to determine the band size, and the fullest part of the bust to find the cup size.

They will also usually also be able to offer advice in respect of the style of bra that is right for you.

Think about the use you put your bras too, such as whether they are only ever worn for practical purposes or whether you want something sexy that you can show off. This will dictate which style of bra will be suitable.

Particular circumstances also need to be considered, such as if you are nursing. This will not only mean that the bra needs to be comfortable, but it will also need to have certain abilities, such as being able to unfasten the cup only.

The material from which the bra is made will be a factor in how comfortable a bra is, with materials that allow the skin to breathe being most beneficial.

Decide whether you require an underwire bra or whether a soft one will be useful.

The versatility of the bra will play a part in how comfortable the bra will be, and factors like front fasteners or removable straps will help make bras easier to wear.

Bra Features to Consider

  • Clasp – Though a hook and eye fastener is commonly used to fasten bras, even this will differ in respect of the number that is used. Other clasps are available, like those formed of two halves of a disc that slot together to make a whole, or a post and slot design.
  • Cup Style – It is not only the size of the cup that needs to be considered but also the style as there are many types available, for example, full, balconette and t-shirt.
  • Decoration – Though decorative touches can look lovely, many types of decorative touches will show from beneath close-fitting clothing. Decoration like embroidery, lace and ribbon should be reserved for bras that are not for practical purposes.
  • Strap Style – The different types of bra strap available mean that it is possible to find one suitable for every type of outfit. Detachable straps will enable much versatility and allow you to go strapless and wear clothes where the straps would otherwise be visible without needing to forgo a bra altogether. Similarly, stick on bras will enable a backless dress to be worn.
  • Color – Certain colors will show more prominently beneath certain colors of clothing, which should be a consideration.
  • Underwire – If your cup size is on the large size, then underwire may be a necessity. However, if you do not strictly need it, you may find that bras that omit this feature may be more comfortable.

Top 4 Most Comfortable Bras Reviews

1. Bali Underwire Bra

The Bali Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing Foam is a bra that offers practical benefits while still being pretty. In addition to coming in a number of different colors, it comprises decorative overlays on the straps.

It fastens at the back with a double hook and eye fastener, which is easy to use and remains secure.

The cups of this bra are smooth and molded from foam that fit the bust nicely and offers effective support. Because they are seamless, the bra cups do not show any tell-tale signs from beneath clothing.

It comes in a number of sizes from B – DD cup and contains an underwire.

The back is designed to create a smoothing effect, which prevents any bulges from showing as can often be emphasized by other bras.

The Bali Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing Foam bra is excellent for providing effective support without needing to be displayed beneath clothes.

2. Kalon Bra Nylon Spandex

The Kalon Spandex Comfort bra is available in a pack or 2 or 4, and the packs contain bras of different colors so it is not necessary to purchase them separately.

The colors are all multi-marl and are fun and vibrant.

The bra contains Spandex and they stretch enough to enable it to be put on by pulling it over the head. The straps can be adjusted to the right size to ensure it fits correctly.

The cups have removable padding, which leaves them seamless and able to be used under most clothes.

They are one size and listed as S/M, which makes them suitable for band size 32 – 36 and cups size A – C.

The Kalon Spandex Comfort bra is a great non-restrictive, non-underwire that provides comfortable support.

3. Cotton Cantina Seamless Padded Bralette

The CC Cotton Cantina Seamless Padded bra is available in one size, which is suitable for smaller frames, up to around 34B in size.

It pulls over the head and is soft and easy to adjust the length of the straps can be changed, as appropriate, and there is no restrictive underwire in it.

The cups are smooth and cup the bust to provide good support.

The CC Cotton Cantina Seamless Padded bra is beneficial for those who want a comfy bra that does not dig in to the skin.

4. Hanes Wire-Free Bra

The Hanes Ultimate Comfy Wire Free bra comes in a number of different colors.

Not only does the comfort come from the lack of wire, but also from the fact that the material is soft so it contours to the body well. The resulting look is a smooth effect that does interrupt the line of clothes.

The bra has two hook and eye fasteners in the back so it can be adjusted to make it fit more precisely, and it does not have any labels that can irritate while it is being worn.

Hanes Ultimate Comfy Wire Free is the most comfortable bra as it has offers all the qualities needed of a comfortable bra.