12 Most Comfortable Ballet Flats in 2017

Ballet flats can be the most convenient footwear in many situations, such as when you need to be on your feet all day or intend to walk a significant distance, making an ideal alternative to pumps, stilettos, wedges or sandals.

Can even be folded away and stored in your handbag when the pain of the pumps becomes too much to bear. They can also be work with a formal outfit where sneakers would be inappropriate.

However, many women will have discovered that ballet flats can hold their own when it comes to causing pain.

It is not necessary to write them off completely, it just requires some research into which are the most comfortable ballet flats to ensure that you can enjoy them without a problem.

Top 12 Comfortable Flats Comparison Chart

DesignNameMaterialOther ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Jessica Simpson Women’s JS-Mandalaye Ballet Flat Leather Yes 4.5
  2. Easy Spirit Women’s Gessica Ballet Flat Synthetic Yes 4.4
  3. Taylor Hot Chocolate Rubber Yes 4.3
 4. DREAM PAIRS FLEXSOLE Elastic Ballerina Synthetic Yes 4.3
  5. Lucky Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat,Bourbon Leather Yes 4.1
  6. Hush Puppies Women’s Chaste Ballet Flat Leather Yes 4.1
  7. Crocs Women’s Mammoth Flat Synthetic Yes 4.1
  8. Anna Dana-20 Women’s Classic Comfortable Ballerina Flats Faux Suede Yes 3.9
  9. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Joliet Ballet Flat Fabric/Leather Yes 3.8
  10. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Fielding Ballet Flat Synthetic Yes 3.8
  11. Twisted Womens Lindsay Floral Crochet Almond Toe Ballet Flat Cotton/Faux Suede Yes 3.8
  12. PUMA Women’s Bixley Glamm Ballet Flat Synthetic Yes 3.8

Features of the Most Comfortable Ballet Flats

  • Integrated Insoles – Effective insoles will help to alleviate pain to pressure points on the feet.
  • Arch Support – Effective arch support can be the difference between being comfortable on your feet all day and suffering pain.
  • True to Size – Many people find that the size of some ballet flats is not quite right, so it is prudent to try on before purchase so it can be determined if half sizes need to be considered.
  • Heel Cushioning – Wearing flat shoes can often cause a heavy impact on the heels, which can cause significant pain over time. Additional cushioning in the heel can help to prevent this problem.

Accessories to Consider

  • Straps – Straps can make ballet flats more secure on the feet. They can be elasticized, secured with Velcro or tied and can be around the ankles or the top of the feet.
  • Foldable – A pair of foldable ballet flats can prove convenient as they can be slipped into a handbag so they are available when necessary.
  • Buttons – The use of buttons on ballet flats can add a decorative touch that makes them differ from other shoes.
  • Decorative Stitching – Stitching in particular patterns or a contrasting color can add a stylish touch that makes ballet flats stand out from the rest.

Top 4 Most Comfortable Flats Reviews

1. Jessica Simpson Women’s JS-Mandalaye Ballet Flat

These Jessica Simpson JS-Mandalaye ballet shoes look like they are a cut above other shoes of the same style.

They are made from quality leather, which can be determined by their look and feel. The look of the material, as well as the style of the shoes as a whole, makes them suitable for either casual or formal attire.

These shoes are literally like ballet shoes in contrast to others that are known by the same name. This is because they have a flattened toe rather than a rounded or pointed one that is more common. They even comprise similar style straps that wrap around the ankles, though they are elastic.

They are flexible enough to allow them to move with the foot as they are held in place with the straps. This also eliminates the problem of the heel rubbing against the back of the shoe and makes it unnecessary to curl the toes to keep them in place.

These JS-Mandalaye ballet shoes are not only stylish, but they are comfortable as they have a heel of 0.5 inches and a slightly padded insole.

Cute and comfortable ballet flats, even after standing all day.

2. Easy Spirit Women’s Gessica Ballet Flat

These Easy Spirit Gessica ballet flats come is a wide range of different colors and have a top cap, some of which are in contrasting colors.

They offer more cushioning than they look like they should as neither the sole nor the body of the shoes is very thick. However, there is a small platform and a small heel.

The synthetic material used to make these Easy Spirit ballet flats offers sufficient to give to make them a suitable option for people with wide feet. In addition, they comprise elastic to make them fit more closely to the foot.

The soles are flexible, which makes it easier for the shoe to move with your foot without slipping off.

An excellent, versatile pair of ballet flats that suit everything from skinny jeans to summer dresses.

3. Taylor Hot Chocolate

The clean lines of the Oka b Taylor Made in USA ballet flats make them suitable for a range of different occasions as they would suit any outfit.

They are lined with anti-microbial fabric that is also odor resistant to increase their comfort and means it is unnecessary to wear any hosiery.

These Oka b ballet flats comprise a slight heel so they are not completely flat, which makes them easier on the calves.

The toe section is of a length that makes it show toe cleavage. The flower pattern on the soles not only looks good but also provides good traction.

They are made entirely of rubber so they are waterproof and also offer a considerable amount of giving to the point where they can seem half a size larger than their actual size.

An easy to wear casual pair of flats that are comfortable to walk in.

4. DREAM PAIRS FLEXSOLE Elastic Ballerina

Dream Pairs Flexsole ballet flats are available in a number of different colors, including contrasting sections, so they can match different outfits.

The size feels smaller than the stated size and half a size up felt much more comfortable.

They are fully lined so feel comfortable when wearing without any hosiery, and they are quite a low cut so even footie socks would be visible when worn with these Dream Pairs Flexsole shoes.

The manmade material is thicker at the back, which makes it more stable to prevent this slipping down and inadvertently being crushed by the heel of the foot. The toecap has a reduced risk of scuffing due to the decoration.

The elastic around the upper edge helps keep the shoes in place and prevents walking out of them. This is particularly useful for those with narrow feet. The soles are flexible and the rest of the shoe material moves with it to stop the foot from sliding about in them and causing sore spots.

The heel is only very slightly raised, which helps to reduce the wear.

These Dream Pairs Flexsole shoes are the most comfortable ballet flats and a great way to keep your feet comfortable on a formal occasion, or to smarten up a casual outfit.