12 Best Work Bags in 2018

Bags are necessary for us to carry our personal belongings and essentials to work. A work bag needs to be able to hold everything in it without looking bulky – and it doesn’t hurt if it makes you look good, too!

Luckily, there are several attractive options for both men and women, sporting all the features that make them an excellent choice for work. This guide will offer you several ideas on how to choose the best work bags, as well as offer you several excellent suggestions.

Top 12 Work Bags Comparison Chart

DesignNameStyleMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. Overbrooke Classic Laptop Tote Bag Tote Polyester 4.5
  2. Rustic Town Leather Canvas Messenger Bag Messenger Leather 4.5
  3. ECOSUSI Vintage Crossbody Messenger Bags Messenger Faux Leather 4.5
  4. Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag Messenger Canvas 4.5
  5. SKORCH Luxury Messenger Bag Satchel Laptop Bag Messenger Nylon 4.5
6. ECOSUSI Ladies Faux Leather Briefcase Shoulder Laptop Messenger Bags Messenger Faux Leather 4.4
7. ZMSnow Women’s PU Leather Handbags Tote Leather 4.3
8. Canvas Leather Travel Business Work Computer Shoulder Bag Tote Canvas 4.2
  9. ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag Messenger Canvas 4.2
  10. Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack Backpack Polyester 4.0
  11. DDDH New Large Hobo Handbags Leather Purse Hobo Leather 4.0
  12. Vintage Leather Briefcase, Berchirly PU Faux Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag Laptop Briefcase Leather 3.8

Purchase Information

When we say “work bag,” we do not mean a bag that was created solely to take to work; we mean a regular bag that CAN be taken to work with your necessary belongings. In order for a bag to act as a work bag, it needs to sport certain features.

It’s definitely not easy to find the best work bags, considering that there are countless options and styles to choose from. Here is, however, what you need to consider when looking for a work bag.

Features to Look For

A works bag is usually more than a daily accessory you carry around to complete your outfit. It needs to be lightweight, durable, and spacious enough to hold everything you may need with you on a work day.

The best bags for work will have several pockets and dividers to separate the items. This will make them easier to find in a hurry, and it will also help organize folders or reports.

You may want to look for bags with zipper enclosures; these will keep the contents of your bag private and offer more security. Magnetic snaps, on the other hand, are also great if you always seem to need quick access.

Work Bag Materials

The material from which a work bag is made is also very important. It can affect the product’s strength and durability – which is the exact thing that we’re looking for in a bag. Here are some fabrics that are usually used in a work bag:

  • Fabric – Usually woven from synthetic or organic material, fabrics are strong and flexible. These can be canvas, polyester, or any fabric with a woven look.
  • Leather – Made from cured animal skin, leather is soft, waterproof and durable. As a result, this is also the most expensive kind of fabric.
  • Faux Leather – If you want the leather look without having to spend the cash, you may go for faux leather. It’s just as waterproof, but depending on how it is treated, it may not be as durable.
  • Plastic – Not a very popular option when it comes to looks, but it is a good choice when you are low on cash. It’s also pretty durable if kept right.

Regardless of the quality of the material, all of them can be highly influenced by the craftsmanship. A good piece of leather on a bag may be ruined if the sewing and construction are not up to par.

Styles of Work Bags

Work bag styles can depend on both the setting and the person. If you are someone who can’t stand tote bags, it is obvious that you’d go for something easier to handle, such as a messenger bag. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Here are the most popular styles of work bags that you can opt for:

  • Tote Bag – This one is a regular square bag with a top zip. It generally features two handles which you can wear on your shoulder or carry it in your hand. This type of bag is usually large, which means you can take a lot of items with you.
  • Messenger Bag – A rectangular-shaped bag with a single long strap, the messenger bag is worn on the shoulder and hangs at waist level. It’s easily carried around since it leaves your hands free.
  • Hobo Bag – Similar to a tote bag but featuring a crescent shape, the hobo bag is a great option for work. It’s very comfortable and spacious, and a larger hobo could easily store a laptop.
  • Backpack – If you aren’t in the mood for elegant bags, a backpack may be the option for you. It’s spacious, it keeps your hand free, and it usually has pockets – lots and lots of pockets.
  • Briefcase – This one has always been a classy accessory for workplaces. It’s known pretty much as the messenger bag’s grandfather, with a sturdy design and several pockets/dividers to keep your items organized.

Always check the features of a bag before you decide to purchase it – and of course, make sure that it suits your style.

Top 5 Best Work Bags Reviews

1. Overbrooke Classic Laptop Tote Bag

If you are the kind of woman who carries everything with her – from a laptop to papers and a make-up case – then this tote bag is just the thing for you. Sure, it might look great if you decide to take it out to dinner, but it’s perfect simply because of its price and utility.

The advantage of this tote bag is that it is literally equipped with a padded laptop compartment. While it may not be recommended to drop the bag on the ground from waist level, it will definitely protect it if your bag gets knocked around in a group of people.

The fabric is water resistant, so if by any chance you will be caught in the rain with this tote bag, your belongings will not get wet. Stains can be washed away pretty easily as well.

2. RUSTIC TOWN Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

Those who are fans of the vintage look will definitely love this bag. Made from a mix of leather and canvas, this item combines flexibility, durability, and water resistance. It’s casual enough to be worn on a weekend and formal enough to be taken on a work day.

This style goes pretty well with most outfits, regardless if you are on the casual side or the fancy, elegant style. It can enhance your look in heels just like it can let you rock a pair of sneakers.

The bag is very spacious, with several dividers that will allow you to keep your stuff organized. It also has compartments and zippered pockets galore, so you won’t have to rummage through your stash of documents simply because you’re looking for a set of keys.

3. ECOSUSI Vintage Crossbody Messenger Bags

If leather it too expensive for your budget, then you may want to try this faux leather bag. Even though it is synthetic, this does not mean that it is also low-quality; it’s actually quite the opposite.

The style is pretty exquisite; it’s shaped like a briefcase, but the shoulder strap allows it to be carried as a messenger bag.

It’s not only comfortable and practical but stylish as well.

The bag is very spacious, with several compartments where you can store things such as phones, papers, notebooks or whatever else you may need for work.

It is also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry that your report will be damaged if you are caught by the rain.

4. MOBILE EDGE Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag

This 17-inch messenger bag is perfect to be taken on a work day. You can easily fit a laptop and its accessories in, along with several documents or items you may want to take along with you.

Smart and eco, this messenger bag is not only great for you but for the environment as well.

Made from natural cotton canvas and Velcro-backed holders, this bag is not only practical, but it also looks fabulous.

This Mobile Edge bag is also very organized. It has several bigger and smaller pockets, pen holders and spacious main compartments.

It is also padded, so if you happen to hit your laptop by mistake in a crowd, it will absorb most of the shock (although you may want to avoid dropping it entirely on the floor).

5. SKORCH Luxury Messenger Bag

Smart, luxurious yet also casual, this multi-purpose bag will make any man or woman stand out from the rest. Made from high-quality nylon, this one is as water resistant and durable as it can be.

This messenger bag is not only very spacious, but it’s also very organized. It has several pockets and dividers so that you will know for sure where your laptop is, where to look for your keys and iPad and how to safely store your documents.

Another plus to this messenger bag is that it comes with a shoe bag where you can – obviously – store your shoes. This is very convenient if you work, for instance, in a hospital, and you constantly have to carry around a pair of clean, sanitary shoes with you.

Final Thoughts

It seems that when it comes to work bags, the messenger types are usually the go-to. Since they can be easily thrown on the shoulder, they will leave you with your hands free for other activities. So if you have your hands full with a stack of documents, you won’t have to worry that your bag is another inconvenience.

So far, one of the best work bags is Overbrooke, followed closely by Rustic Town, Ecosusi and Mobile Edge. Still, in the end, choosing which one you take to work with you will depend on your personal sense of style.