12 Best Wireless Headphones for TV in 2017

Millions of people around the globe enjoy tuning in to their favorite TV show or catching a movie on the small screen. Well, that has also been the cause of many arguments over the years, including heated battles over noise at night. If you never want to argue about sound again, you may want to check out the best wireless headphones for TV use.

Some classic TV sets will allow you to plug a wire into the side, but that’s rare, and not something you will see on current 4K sets. You can still connect almost any headphones to your favorite TV, but not without the proper setup. We’ve taken care of the hard part for you with our table and buying guide below.

Top 12 Wireless Headphones for TV Ultimate Table

DesignNameFoldableWith ReceiverRating (1-5)
  1. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Yes No 4.6
  2. Wireless Universal TV Headphones No Yes 4.5
  3. Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Mic Yes No 4.5
  4. Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System No Yes 4.4
  5. Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF No Yes 4.4
6. Avantree Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Mic No No 4.4
7. Digital Wireless Over-Ear Headphones for TV No Yes 4.2
8. Wireless TV Headphones No Yes 4.2
  9. TV Ears Original TV Headset System NA Yes 4.1
  10. Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone Yes No 4.1
  11. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones No Yes 4.0
  12. Headphones for TV, AudioMX HG-21B Over-Ear Wireless TV Headphones No Yes 3.8

Tune in and Tune others Out with TV Headphones

TV headphones can be a lifesaver when one person wants to read or sleep while the other doesn’t want to miss their favorite show. Finding the right one for your needs is simple as long as you follow our quick buying guide.

Receivers & Connectivity

For the average consumer, wireless means “wireless” and things like RF or IR don’t generally come into play. When dealing with the best wireless headphones for TV use, things are different as those are two words you will want to play close attention to.

  • Bluetooth – If you have a smart TV, it may have Bluetooth connectivity built it. If it does, you can usually sync up any Bluetooth headphones, and you’re ready to go as long as there is no lag in the line. You don’t require a receiver if your TV and headset combo both utilize Bluetooth tech.
  • RF – If you buy a TV headphone setup with RF capabilities, it will use radio frequencies to connect. You have to pay attention the band you are on, but these receiver combos can power signals through walls and have a greater distance than IR or Bluetooth units in some cases.
  • IR – IR stands for Infrared, and is a type of tech used to transmit wireless signals from your headset to a receiver. It’s not as common today and requires a solid line of sight between your headset and transmitter.


Depending on which style of headphone you choose, you may need to consider storage. All receiver-based units come with a box or mini tower you’ll need to play near your TV set. You also have to consider how you’ll store them when not in use as this isn’t the type of gadget you will wear all the time unless you really have some issues at home over volume levels and quiet time.

Due to their size, all headphones can easily be tucked away under a coffee table or in a nightstand, but some actually fold up and come with their own cases. That’s a definite perk if you like to keep your equipment in top shape. You may also want to consider the look of the receiver as well. Some are a bit “retro” looking to put it nicely, and may not look right sitting next to your high-end audio and video equipment.


It does not matter if you plan to list to the last 30 minutes of a ball game or a two-hour Opera, comfort matters. All of our choices aside from one are either over-ear or on-ear headphones, so there is no need to fear if you have sensitive canals and don’t dig earbuds. You will need to consider the materials used in the cups and the overall style of the headphone, however.

Most headphones are “one size fits all” which is not always ideal if you have a large melon. If it’s too tight, it can pinch pressure points on your head, and some are easier to wear with long hair than others. Any headphone worth its salt will have comfortable pads for your ears, but pay close attention to the materials used – especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones for TV Reviews

1. Mpow Bluetooth Foldable Headphones

Our first pick comes from Mpow and is a regular pair of wireless headphones that can be used with or without your television set. The obvious drawback is the fact this one will not come with a receiver, which means your TV will need to have Bluetooth built in or you’ll need to buy your own. That may not be a bad thing if you need headphones you can use for different things.

The Mpow Bluetooth Headphones will be comfortable on your head for extended periods of time as they used a soft protein-based memory foam in the cups. They have a closed-back design that sits over your ear and sport 40mm drivers with a CSR processor for enhanced performance. The battery life is rated at between 13-15 hours in wireless mode, but these can be used wired as well. Not that you’ll need it for TV mode, but there is also a mic if you need to take a call.

Overall, the Mpow headphones are a solid choice if you require something that doesn’t have to be tethered to your TV at all times. As mentioned, you will need to buy a receiver if you don’t have one already. These also do not have ANC, so they only feature passive noise reduction.

2. MonoDeal Wireless Universal TV Headphones

The MonoDeal Universal TV Headphones were neck in neck with our top choice for the best wireless headphones for TV. This is a full unit complete with a receiver and is an RF model to boot. That means you won’t have to worry about lag as they have low-latency support with an estimated delay of only 32-40ms which you won’t detect.

If you need to move away from the TV or like to wander from room to room while listening to the big game, these are just for you. The MonoDeal TV headphones can blast a signal up to 164-feet, and it can travel through doors and other obstacles thanks to the RF tech. The transmitter has three channels to ensure a clean signal and no interference from other wireless devices. It will charge up your headphones when not in use and has a modern look that won’t stick out next to your big screen. The battery life is listed at around 25 hours but depends on your listening habits.

As for the headphones themselves, they have 40mm drivers and a bass boost feature if you want to “feel” the sound. The band is adjustable and split at the top while the cups are soft and should keep your ears relatively fresh. Setup should be a breeze for consumers with tech experience although there is a video tutorial and reliable instruction set if you happen to get stuck.

3. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headset

Skullcandy is a name audiophiles will recognize even if they’ve taken a bit of a backseat to Beats and others over recent years. The Skullycandy Crushers are not made for TV use but will work with your favorite set just the same if you have the proper receiver. While that may not be convenient for some, you will want to consider these nonetheless, especially if you appreciate high-quality audio.

The Crushers are arguably the best headphones on our list from a sound standpoint. The tuned drivers are bass heavy with stereo haptic bass but can handle the rest of the audio range as well which makes them a great fit for flicks and shows. The Bluetooth connectivity is strong as well while the battery is top-tier with a whopping 40 hours of juice. The noise isolation is better than many due to thick ear pads that help drown out the sounds. You can adjust the volume from the side of the headphone, and they fold up for easy storage when not in use.

The only drawback with this particular set of headphones is the fact you will need a Bluetooth TV or a receiver built for TV use. Aside from that, you can’t go wrong with the Skullcandy Crushers as they offer up high-end audio and amazing battery life.

4. Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphones

When we said the Crushers were “arguably” the best sounding headphones to make the cut, it was only because Sennheiser was right behind them with the RS 175 headphone system. These are made for Television sets, which gives them a leg up on units without receivers, and we believe you will be blown away with the audio quality as well.

If you are looking for a base unit that can really do it all, look no further. The Sennheiser RS 175 RF receiver uses radio waves that can give you a signal stretching up to 328 feet. They can work with multiple headsets and have a bass boost function with virtual surround sound to boot. Whether you are listening to a football game or a sci-fi flick, these headphones will sound great. You also won’t have to leave the comfort of your couch to make adjustments with controls mounted on the right cup.

We’re pleased to say there really is no downside to this setup as long as they are in your price range. They have outstanding battery life at 18 hours, and there is even an analog input on the receiver. The main set comes with one pair of headphones and one receiver, or you can opt for the bundle that includes two headphones if you want to score an extra pair.

5. Sony MDRRF986RK Wireless RF Headphone

Sony knows a thing or two about producing high-quality headphones, especially wireless ones. They Sony MDRRF985RK is a mouthful, but one of the top headphones you can buy for TV use. The come complete with an RF base station that is powerful enough to fire signals through the walls of your home up to 150 feet away. That said, you may want to clear up a spot for this one.

Sony’s TV headphones have a tall receiver that is good looking but will take up some space next to your flat screen or on a nightstand. The base station doubles as a charger when the battery gets low and a storage rack for your headphones when they are not in use. You won’t have to charge them daily however with a battery life of around 25 hours. Other features to note on the headphone side of things include a noise reduction system, 40mm drivers and a tuning system with three channels to ensure you are getting a clean connection at all times.

This 900Mhz setup will work wonders in your living room or bedroom if you’re trying to watch TV while your significant other slumbers. As it is Sony, they have even included some tech specs for audiophiles as the headphones have a frequency response of 10 – 22,000Hz and an impedance of 32 ohms. The set comes with everything you need out of the box including a HeroFiber cleaning cloth.