12 Best Winter Work Gloves in 2017

The minute after the cold weather settles in, purchasing the best winter work gloves is common sense, especially if you work outdoors.

The cold can slow you down, diminish your performance and harm your health and overall wellbeing. Why allow it to trouble you?

Thankfully, finding the best cold weather work gloves isn’t a challenging task any longer. There are plenty of fine options that will keep you productive, comfortable, and most importantly, warm throughout the day.

In this buying guide, we have focused on including the very best products on the market, after reviewing their performance and quality.

Top 12 Winter Work Gloves Ultimate Chart

DesignNameMaterialWaterproofRating (1-5)
  1. Wells Lamont Palm Leather Work Gloves, Insulated Grain Pigskin Leather No 4.7
  2. Wells Lamont Work Gloves with Winter Lining and Gauntlet Cuff 100% Neoprene Coating Yes 4.4
  3. Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Work Glove Polyester and Polyurethane Yes 4.4
  4. Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove Neoprene Yes 4.2
  5. Synthetic Leather Work Gloves- Touch Screen Functional Synthetic Leather and Spandex No 4.2
  6. Heritage Winter Work Glove Goatskin Leather Yes 4.2
  7. Wells Lamont Black Winter Gloves with Touch Screen Capability Synthetic Suede Leather Yes 4.1
  8. Winter Gloves, OZERO -40ºF Cold Proof Thermal Glove Microfiber No 4.0
  9. Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves with 100-gram Thinsulate Insulation Leather No 4.0
  10. G & F 1528XL GripMaster Cold Weather Outdoor Work Gloves Acrylic Terry Shell and Latex No 4.0
  11. Stark Winter Work Gloves – Skiing, Snowmobiling, Construction Thinsulate No 4.0
  12. Carhartt Men’s Winter Dex Kevlar Reinforced Spandex Work Glove 94% Nylon and  6% Polyurethane Yes 3.9

What to Look For

Similar to other purchases, you need to make sure that the product you choose fits your needs and specifications. That being noted, you should know that not all winter work gloves are made equal.

Depending on your working environment and the climate in which you live, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Waterproof – Yes or No? – Depending on your job, you may need your working gloves to be waterproof, especially if you work in a snowy, wet area. Working outdoors during winter comes with many challenges and staying dry is one of them.

If, for instance, you know that you get your hands wet now and then, it’s more than mandatory to look for this feature in your gloves. We have included some alternatives in our table that present decent performance in this department.

  • Material Blend – If you know that you’ll be working in freezing conditions, you should make sure that the gloves you choose live up to the challenge.

As for the material of the lining, this is of crucial importance. You should choose a product whose lining wicks away moisture. This way, you can make sure that your hands remain dry during the entire day, and any perspiration is eliminated.

The insulation is another important component that determines the level of warmth provided by a set of winter gloves. Thinsulate is believed to deliver the best performance in this area.

  • Windproof – Yes or No? – As it is expected, the best winter work gloves should also be windproof, especially if you do most of your work outside. By diminishing the wind’s capability of permeating the fabric, you will be able to keep your hands warm.
  • Touch Sensitivity – If you’ve tried different work gloves, you probably know this already – touch sensitivity is a feature you hardly find in thick gloves. Nonetheless, if you use gadgets regularly while working, you need a product that incorporates these elements successfully.

If, however, you work in a cold environment where the winter temperatures are rather acceptable, you should select a set of touch-screen compatible gloves.

Top 4 Best Winter Work Gloves Reviews

1. Wells Lamont Palm Leather Work Gloves

This set of gloves is ideal for mild winter working environments. They encompass the perfect balance of flexibility and protection, which means that they aren’t restrictive in any way, as other bulky gloves may be.

The long knitted wrist section is a great feature since it prevents debris and dirt from getting inside. This also ensures that the gloves are secured on the hand.

We couldn’t say that these gloves are 100 percent waterproof; however, they facilitate some protection from water, to some extent. The leather sections are more resistant to water as opposed to others.

We liked that these are lined with Thermofill insulation; therefore, you can depend on these that they will keep you warm. We also noticed that the winged thumb boosts one’s flexibility while wearing the gloves.

By and large, we loved that this is a well-made, high-quality product. It performs well under mild winter conditions. The manufacturer has placed a lot of thought into making the product as functional as possible.

2. Wells Lamont Work Gloves

There are cases in which you need a product that provides protection from water and chemicals alike. Fortunately, you may buy such a product that will keep your hands safe and warm.

These gloves manufactured by Wells Lamont perform excellently; their exterior is made of neoprene. At the same time, the interior acrylic terry inner lining gives you the warmth you need during winter.

Neoprene is resistant to abrasion, and it functions excellently in a range of working conditions.

Still, since they are rather big, this may limit your dexterity in completing some operations.

We think that these gloves are best for material handling, cleaning, refueling, and many others. They are among the best, most reliable products on the market.

3. Carhartt W.P. Waterproof Insulated Work Glove

These gloves are excellent for farming, plumbing, carpentry, and plenty of other activities that involve working in cold areas.

They are windproof and waterproof; however, they are more on the big side, which may restrict your movements, especially when it comes to delicate operations.

Buyers should also note that these tend to run a bit small; make sure that you consult with the sizing chart in advance.

Since these are rather long, they cover the entire wrist; this means you needn’t worry that snow or other debris may enter, not to mention that they maintain your hands warm, for good.

4. Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

Undeniably, the worst thing about working outdoors during winter is cold, combined with rain. And the gloves are the very first to get drenched.

To put an end to that annoyance, you should choose a set of gloves, such as the ones designed by Glacier Glove. They are created with this ultimate goal in mind: to keep water and cold at a distance.

Although they are meant as fishing gloves, we think they are fitted for other uses as well, especially in areas where winters tend to be rather harsh.

The ergonomic fit is an excellent feature that doesn’t let the warmth get out. That makes them flexible as well. So, if you want a product that enables you to move as you please while being water resistant, these are your best pick.

As you can see, choosing the best winter work gloves is easier if you follow our expert advice and recommendations. Bear in mind – if you go with any of our product recommendations, your hands will thank you later!