12 Best Winter Socks in 2017

Taking care of the feet in cold weather is important as it can often be difficult for blood to circulate in the extremities of the body.

The need for the best cold weather socks is especially relevant for those that suffer particular illnesses and ailments, such as arthritis or diabetes.

Failing to dress effectively for the cold weather can have a range of negative consequences, but these can be avoided with the use of the best warm socks.

By using the best winter socks, you can not only ensure that you are comfortable in winter, but you can also prepare for other occasions, such as hiking or skiing.

Top 12 Winter Socks Comparison Table

DesignNameGenderVarietesRating (1-5)
   1. Keaza Womens 4-pack Vintage Style Cotton Knitting Wool Warm Winter Fall Crew Socks Women’s 5 4.7
  2. Carhartt Men’s Extremes Cold Weather Boot Socks Men’s 4 4.6
  3. People Socks Unisex 71% Merino Wool Antimicrobial Crew Socks Unisex 10 4.6
  4. TeeHee Eco Friendly Heavy Weight Recyled Cotton Thermals Boot Socks Unisex 9 4.5
  5. Carhartt Women’s 4 Pack All-Season Boot Socks Women’s 2 4.5
  6. Loritta Women’s 5 Pairs Vintage Style Winter Knitting Warm Wool Crew Socks Women’s 5 4.5
  7. EBMORE Women Fashion Casual Comfort Warm Crew Wool Cotton Winter Socks Women’s 2 4.5
  8. Women’s 6 Pack Wool Fashion Warm Thick Thermal Cushion Crew Quarter Winter Socks Women’s 14 4.4
  9. Pack of 5 Womens Thick Knit Warm Casual Wool Crew Winter Socks Women’s 5 4.4
  10. Field4U Women’s Wool Knit Winter Socks Women’s 21 4.3
  11. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Crew Socks Men’s 6 4.2
  12. Pack of 5 Mens Thick Warm Casual Wool Crew Winter Socks Mixed Colors Men’s 5 3.8

Reasons to Get Good Winter Socks

There are a number of qualities that a decent pair of winter socks must possess in order for them to be useful; these can include:

  • Thickness – The thickness of the socks can dictate how comfortable they are and whether they will be able to ensure that the boots you wear with them fit properly. Accordingly, this needs to be taken into account when choosing socks.
  • Material – Many winter socks will be made from a combination of different materials, which work together to create an accessory that is beneficial during winter and easy to care for.
  • Length–Socks are available in varying lengths and the right one will be determined by the clothes and footwear that you intend to wear with them. When wearing knee-high boots, for example, socks that are also this long will help to protect the calves as well as the feet.
  • Reinforcement – The heels and toes of socks will often wear down before other parts of it, so reinforcement will often be beneficial to prevent this and provide extra cushioning.

In the winter, you are more likely to spend time wearing boots, so longer socks that will also protect the calves is likely to be more suitable in this scenario.

Socks will need to go through regular laundering, so they will need to be able to stand up to this and not wear out quickly or suffer unduly.

Get the right socks to avoid getting to a stage where your feet become painful.

How to Choose the Right Socks for Cold Weather

It is necessary to consider the features of socks that are designed for winter to ensure that they will meet your specific needs.

Accordingly, it is necessary to take into account the use to which you intend to put them. For example, the ability of a pair of hiking socks will need to exceed that used for everyday short periods.

This is due to the fact that they will be worn for longer periods and you will be more likely to sweat in them.

Selecting the right winter socks is just one part of the process for taking care of your feet, as there are a number of aspects required to ensure that you do not encounter any problems.

The steps to take care of the feet can include:

  • Regularly change socks and do not wear the same pair twice in a row without washing them.
  • Make sure socks are laundered and fully dried before putting them on.
  • Where it is possible, rotate your shoes to give them the opportunity to dry.
  • Wash your feet regularly and take care when drying them to ensure that this step is completed thoroughly, especially between the toes.
  • If you have a problem with excessive sweating of the feet, use a spray or powder deodorant that is designed to prevent this.

Top 4 Best Winter Socks Reviews

1. Keaza Womens Vintage Style Winter Fall Crew Socks

Keaza provides a 4-pack of vintage style winter socks that are designed for women.

They are mostly made from combed cotton but also comprise a certain amount of wool, which makes them warm and comfortable.

The cotton makes them breathable and makes it possible to wear them for extended periods as they do not cause your feet to get sweaty.

Though the pattern on each of the four pairs of socks are the same, the colors differso it is easy to ensure that the right pairs get coupled after they are laundered. They are also easy to care for as they are machine washable.

The elastic at the cuffs ensure they remain in place and stay comfortable.

The Keaza 4-pack of Vintage Style socks are the best winter socks for their style and qualities.

2. Carhartt Men’s Extremes Cold Weather Boot Socks

The socks by Carhartt Extremes are designed to be worn with boots and comprise vents at the ankles to prevent them being too bulky.

They are made from a combination of acrylic, wool, nylon and Spandex, and incorporate FastDry Technology that helps to wick away sweat. This is aided by odor control, which prevents any embarrassment from unwanted odor.

They have a reinforced sole and cushioning for warmth and comfort, which helps prevent friction.

For those that require decent socks for outdoor activities, the Carhartt Extremes will meet their needs.

3. People Socks Wool Antimicrobial Crew Socks

The four pairs of socks that make up the pack provided by Peoples Socks are all of the same color and design, though there are various colors available. They are also available in different sizes and are unisex.

They are mostly made from Australian Merino wool, so they need to be washed in accordance with best practice for wool which is cool to warm hand wash and low heat tumble dry or air dry.

The material is medium thickness and cover the ankles to reach up to the bottom of the calves.

They are soft and warm and both the heel and the toe are reinforced to reduce the risk of holes developing and for added comfort.

The logo is displayed across the side of the sole.

The four pairs of socks from People Socks offer an ideal way to keep the feet warm.

4. TeeHee Eco Friendly Cotton Thermals Boot Socks

The Soxnet TeeHee Eco Friendly socks come in a pack of four and are made to be worn beneath boots in cold weather as they are thermal.

Partially made from recycled cotton, they are ideal for those who recognize that is not necessary for every component of an item to be brand new.

The socks are warm and comfortable and are cushioned to prevent the discomfort that can arise from repeated impact.

These unisex socks contain 2% Spandex, so they stretch well without being too tight.

For those who are concerned about not increasing wastage, the Soxnet TeeHee Eco Friendly socks will satisfy.