12 Best Windshield Wipers in 2017

Being a responsible driver means more than just having an ability to drive well and with consideration for other road users; it also means having to ensure that your car is roadworthy.

Effective windshield wipers are an essential part of any car for safety purposes, as it is necessary to be able to see clearly through the windscreen at all times.

By fitting the best windshield wipers, you can ensure that your view is not obscured by water and/or dirt while driving.

Understanding the features that can be found on the best wiper blades will ensure that you get the most benefit.

Top 12 Windshield Wipers Ultimate Table

DesignNameLength (inches)QuantityRating (1-5)
  1. OEM Quality All Season Beam Windshield Wiper Blades 24 and 19 2 4.7
  2. ACDelco 8-4422 Advantage All Season Metal Wiper Blade 22 1 4.6
  3. OEM QUALITY 26″ + 16″ AERO Premium All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper Blades 26 and 16 2 4.5
  4. Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade 22″ 22 1 4.5
  5. Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade 26″ 26 1 4.3
  6. Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Flex Design 22 1 4.2
  7. Rain-X 5079280-2 24″ Latitude Water Repellency Wiper Blade 24 1 4.0
  8. Bosch 26OE ICON Wiper Blade 26 1 4.0
  9. Michelin 3720 RainForce All Weather Performance Windshield Wiper Blade 20 1 4.0
  10. ANCO 31-Series 31-26 Wiper Blade 26 1 3.9
  11. Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper Blade 22 1 3.9
  12. Bosch 19-CA / 3397006505E7W Clear Advantage Beam Wiper Blade 19 1 3.7

Features of the Best Windshield Wipers to Consider

  • Size – The size of the windshield wipers will be an important consideration as this will govern the extent of the windshield that they can reach. When selecting new wipers, have the measurements of your existing ones to hand so that you can ensure that you obtain the right size.
  • Compatibility – The packaging of the windshield wipers will usually confirm the cars for which they are suitable. As part of this step, it is also prudent to consider whether the wiper is also suitable for the rear windscreen, which is as important as the front.
  • Material – The material from which the blade itself is made will dictate how effective the windshield wipers are in cleaning the windshield. The material of the main body of the wipers will determine the strength and how long they are expected to last.
  • Quantity – Though some windshield wipers can be purchased in pairs, there are some that can be purchased singularly. If you are the type of person that likes to keep spares so that you are always prepared, consider how many that you want to buy and check the quantity before you buy.

Problems that Arise from Using the Wrong Windscreen Wipers

The maintenance of a vehicle must include the windshield wipers as a matter of course, and it is recommended that they are replaced every six months.

Having incorrect or ineffective windscreen wipers can result in a windscreen that does not allow clear vision, which can mean the car is not fit for purpose. At best, you could get pulled over by the police and cited for not having a clear windscreen, at worst, your inability to see could result in a serious accident.

Windscreen wipers that are not the right size will mean that only a limited extent of the windscreen will be able to be reached.

Blades that are unsuited to the task will fail to clean dirt, bugs and water from the windscreen, and will leave streaks that obscure the vision.

They can also stutter across the windscreen rather than glide smoothly, and create an annoying screeching sound every time it swipes back and forth.

Windscreen wipers that are poorly designed are more likely to need to be replaced more often than normal.

Top 4 Windshield Wipers Reviews

1. Aero OEM All Season Windshield Wipers

The Aero OEM All Season windshield wipers are a pair of windshield wipers that are designed as direct OEM replacements, and it uses a J-hook fitment.

They come in a pair of differing lengths that are suitable for the front windshield, and there are also different sizes available.

The shape is aerodynamic to prevent drag and the stuttering movement that can occur when the blade swipes the glass.

They are designed to be used in all weathers, and are even capable of limiting the build-up of ice and snow.

The blade of the Aero OEM All Season is made from high quality natural rubber, which is Teflon coated and protected against temperatures ranging from 158F to -40F.

The Aero OEM All Season is the best windshield wipers if you do not want to worry about them, regardless of the season.

2. ACDelco 8-4422 Advantage

The ACDelco 8-4422 Advantage is a single windshield wiper with a frame that is made from steel, which makes it strong enough to come with a 12-month warranty.

The design is such that it allows for a smooth back and forth motion as created by the dogleg construction. It is the type that is universal, so will be suitable for many different vehicles.

They are easy to fit into place without the need for any specialist knowledge, and can be completed within minutes.

The quality of the elements means that the motion of the wiper is fluid and does not hitch on the glass.

ACDelco 8-4422 Advantage is a sturdy windscreen wiper that is effective at sweeping away water and dirt.

3. Aero OEM Frameless Windshield Wipers

The Aero OEM Frameless windshield wipers come in a pair and has an appearance that differs from conventional windscreen wipers. However, this does not mean that they are not effective.

In fact, the design has created aerodynamic wipers that limits the drag that can result from windscreen wipers being used.

The quality extends to the fitment, which makes them easy to fix in place securely.

The blades themselves are made from a blend of rubber that is even capable of keeping the glass free from snow and ice.

They work well at speed without lifting away from the glass and do not make any noise.

The Aero OEM Frameless windshield wipers are an ideal set of windshield wipers when quality design in required.

4. Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade 22″

Bosch’s 22B ICON windshield wiper comes as a single, but they can also be purchased in pairs. This example is 22 inches long and has blades that are made from rubber.

The rubber is an exclusive type that is proven to resist the damage that can result from heat and from normal use, which helps it to last 40% longer than its standard counterparts.

The asymmetric style of the design ensures that the force imposed on the blade is distributed evenly, so that the motion is clean and effective with the downward stroke clearing any debris.

It does not stutter across the glass or leave streaks, so the windscreen remains clear even in extreme weather conditions.

The shape of the blades helps it to fit the windscreen as it has the correct contour to make it smoothly sweep away anything on the glass’s surface.

The Bosch 22B ICON is a high quality windscreen wiper that can be effective on a wide range of vehicles.