12 Best WiFi Baby Monitors in 2018

When it comes to baby monitors, there are two main styles these days. You have the classic digital style setup that is for use in your home or set locations or WiFi monitors.

WiFi baby monitors are not new but do come with a few issues that don’t pop up with the closed monitors. They also tend to come with far more features and can do some interesting things including monitoring the temperature in your child’s room. Want to talk to baby while you are halfway across the globe? They can handle that with ease due to their wireless nature.

The search for the best WiFi baby monitor was tough, but we have compiled a list of 12 monitors that are all wireless and come with a mobile app. Most will have features like night vision and audio recording as well, but some perform far better than others do where it counts.

Top 12 WiFi Baby Monitors Ultimate Table

DesignNameMobile AppResolutionRating (1-5)
  1. FREDI Baby Monitor Wireless WIFI IP Surveillance Camera Yes 1080p 4.3
  2. SOTION Super HD Internet WiFi Wireless Network IP Security Surveillance Video Camera Yes Varies 4.3
  3. FREDI Baby Friendly Protector Baby Monitor Wireless WIFI IP Surveillance Camera Yes 720p 4.2
  4. Toguard Wireless IP Camera WiFi Baby Monitor Home Security Surveillance Nanny Cam Yes 720p 4.2
  5. Palermo Wifi Video Baby Monitor Yes 720p 4.1
6. ComfortCam Pro HD Baby Monitor Yes 720p 4.0
7. Plater Smart Baby Monitor Wifi Video Camera Yes 720p 4.0
8. Wansview Baby Camera, 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Security Camera Yes 1080p 3.9
  9. FREDI Day&Night Night Vision WiFi Camera Yes 720p 3.8
  10. iBaby Monitor M6S 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart Digital Baby Monitor Yes 1080p 3.7
  11. LeFun Wireless Camera, Baby Monitor IP Camera Yes 720p 3.7
  12. Snug Baby Monitor v2 – WiFi Video Camera Yes 720p 3.6

Baby Monitor Buying Tips

Connected baby monitors are more high-tech than their digital counterparts or nanny cams which means there is more ground to cover if you want to make an informed buying decision.


It’s in all caps for a reason folks as it should be the very first thing you think of with a WiFi baby monitor. For every nice elderly lady in your neighborhood, there could be a few creepers. They are not the type of person you want listening or looking in on your home. Unfortunately, even the best WiFi baby monitor around can make that fairly easy.

We’ll make this simple as some manufacturers have their tech to deal with security issues. Use a password. Do not leave your connected baby monitor “open” under any circumstances, and do not make your password the same as the rest of your passwords. Just a little common sense goes a long way in this area so secure your home network as well which can include your modem, router and baby monitor.

Resolution & Night Vision

If you need to keep an eye on your child, being able to actually see them is an obvious perk. If the video resolution is poor, little Bobby or Susie could look like a shapeless blob instead of your child. It’s not an invasion of the body snatchers; it’s just a video camera with poor resolution or poor night vision.

With the resolution, the bigger the number, the better off you are. While there is something to be said for lens quality, the number you will want to shoot for at a minimum is 720p. Most cameras will have night vision as standard, but the quality depends on the tech used. The more LEDs, the more you will be able to see in the dark.

Legal Issues

If you are just going to use this at home with your significant other, you are good to go in most cases. That said, if a nanny, caretaker or even an in-law will be involved with your child, there are some legal things to consider. If you camera records audio, you need to keep permission from your sitter, and you cannot place them in any rooms that would be considered “Private” like a bathroom.

Some rules can vary from state-to-state as well. What’s cool in California, may not go down the same in Wisconsin, so if you are in doubt about any legal issues, check your state laws beforehand.

Top 5 Best Baby WiFi Monitor Reviews

1. FREDI Wireless Baby Monitor

Our top choice for the best WiFi baby monitor hails from FREDI and is also a lock for the cutest monitor on our list. It looks like a panda, which should put your baby at ease along with the nanny if you use one. Like all the monitors on our list, this one will work with a mobile app that lets you check in with your child or significant other on the fly from your smartphone or slate.

The FREDI is cute, but it is also very smart and flexible. While stationary, it has a super wide 185-degree viewing angle which gives you a nice wide angle on the action. You can zoom, but cannot tilt and pan like you can on some models. That’s the only downside to this one as it has all the other bells & whistles like night vision, two-way talk, and a microSD card slot.

Want to be notified when baby gets restless or stands up in the crib? The FREDI’s motion detectors will keep an eye on the tot as long as they are within its range. It can alert you through a push message and send you a photo as well. While you may occasionally get a picture of the family pet, that isn’t a bad thing as it means it is accurate.

2. SOTION Super HD Wireless Baby Camera

SOTION’s baby camera doesn’t look like a panda or penguin, but it can hang with the best monitors around when it comes to features. It takes video with a 960p camera with is a step down from full-HD but a step up from 720p. That’s just the base model however as there is also a 1080p variant that has the same features, but a slightly better lens.

Either way you slice it, those images will be crisp in daylight, and the same can be said for the crystal clear audio. You’ll be able to hear the baby burp or cry and can console them through the monitors two-way talking setup; this may put your child at ease and buy you a few more seconds to sleep in. The SOTION baby cam also sports a solid tilt & pan setup at 355-degrees and 110-degrees respectively.

As for the night vision, this one is rated to around 30-feet which should be more than enough for most folks. We are looking after babies, after all, not spying on the neighbors. Other features of interest include and alarm & alert setup, live video streaming, and recording to a microSD card slot.

3. FREDI Baby Friendly Wi-Fi Monitor

If your baby is not partial to pandas and prefers four-legged pets like puppies, you will appreciate the FREDI Baby Friendly Protector Monitor. This one looks a bit like a puppy, but can handle and record video at 720p along with real-time audio. Want to talk to your child through the puppy? It can handle that as well but is not nearly as stationary as our top choice.

This model allows you to pan 355-degrees or tilt 90-degees to ensure every spot in a room or areas is covered. You can do this by simply dragging your finger across the screen within the app and zoom is just as simple as well. Whether you want to setup preset positions, motion detecting or just keep a watch in the dark, this one can do it all and will look good doing it.

4. Toguard Wireless Wi-Fi IP Baby Camera

The security baby monitor from Toguard may be a little too robotic looking for some parents that like to stick with the cute vibe in their baby’s room. Well, don’t let those looks fool you as this particular monitor can do far more than just keep watch over your slumbering baby.

As the name implies, Toguard built this one for security along with baby monitoring which means you will get a few extra features. Something called “Alarm linkage” is one of them and includes a loud 105DB siren in case things really go south at home. It can be linked up to work with doors, windows and other triggers in your home and push a message your way if something is amiss as well.

While that is nifty, the camera has two-way talk, can record audio or video and has a very solid night vision setup with a range of 30-feet. Other features worth noting include a mobile app and the push above messaging setup which can send a photo and alert to three different devices at once.

5. Palermo HD Wi-Fi IP Camera

The Palermo HD IP Camera for Baby is another easy to use IP camera built for keeping an eye on your child (or caretaker) when you cannot. It works alongside a mobile app to turn your smartphone or slate into a monitor and offers up sharp images with its 720p video camera. The audio is solid, and you can record either through a microSD card slot on the base.

While the Palermo won’t win any beauty contests, you may noticed it looks a bit different from some of our other models. It has a large ring of LEDs around the main lens which greatly enhances its night vision capabilities. It sports the popular tilt & pan function to boot so you can track your child’s movements with a simple swipe across your touchscreen.

This baby monitor can be hooked into other pieces of “smart tech” as well if you choose, but remember what we said about security if you decide to go that route. The Palermo HD is only available in White, but stylish and will leave an attractive footprint wherever it resides.