12 Best Weight Benches in 2018

Home-based gyms have always been around, although they have dipped in popularity with the rise of fitness centers across the United States. Not everyone looking to get in shape wants to do it in a building full of strangers, however, which is why manufacturers are still pumping out exercise equipment and weight benches for home use.

While there are several different types of weight benches, some fall into the “exercise” class and are made for use with dumbbells, but you can’t do a proper bench press or expect any extras.

We are going to focus on the best weight bench today, which means every item on our list has a bar catch or pin system. Many also come with extras that put them in the home gym territory.

Top 12 Weight Benches Ultimate Table

DesignNameWeight LimitBench StyleRating (1-5)
  1. Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench 300 pounds Standard 4.5
  2. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Preacher Curl 300 pounds Olympic 4.3
  3. Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench 600 total Olympic 4.3
  4. Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench 750 total Olympic 4.3
  5. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench 310 pounds Olympic 4.2
6. Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench 250 pounds Olympic 4.1
7. XMark International Olympic Weight Bench 700 total Olympic 4.1
8. Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer 300 pounds Olympic 4.1
  9. Soozier Incline / Flat Exercise Free Weight Bench 200 pounds Standard 4.0
  10. Competitor Olympic Bench 600 total Olympic 4.0
  11. Marcy Diamond MD 857 Olympic Surge Bench 600 total Olympic 4.0
  12. Innova Fitness WBX200 Standard Weight Bench 400 total Standard 3.7

Are You Looking for a Home Gym or a Simple Bench?

Any weight bench will help you get in shape when used correctly. Whether you want to get ripped and veiny by increasing your tone or add 10 pounds of bulk, it’s all possible if you have the best weight bench. Before you opt for the fanciest one or a small corner machine, you will want to ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish with your workout routine.

Do you plan to focus on your upper body only or want to have killer biceps? You may not need a large bench with a leg extension as a curl bar and or butterfly attachment will be your best friends. If you do need to work on your legs, look for a bench with a leg curl accessory or detachable squat rack. The former is something you’ll find on weight benches in any class while squat racks are usually reserved for home gym systems or bought separately.

Weight Limit

The weight limit for weight benches is far trickier than it should be in many cases. Some manufacturers are upfront and tell you how much weight each component will hold including your bar catch, the bench itself and even the leg extension. In our table, we went for the weight limit on the uprights which are what you’ll use for the bench press. That averages around 300 pounds although some can handle a bit more or less than others. Other companies prefer to give consumers a “total weight” so if you see a number like 600 pounds, that’s total weight, not for the rack.

As you might suspect, you need to heed the weight limit carefully on any gym equipment or benches as the results could be disastrous if you don’t. It also ties into your overall game plan for working out. If you intend to bulk up, buy a bench that can hold more weight than you currently can lift, otherwise you may have to upgrade sooner than you’d like. You can always buy heavier weights, so buy the right bench for you the first time around.

Olympic vs. Standard Weight Benches

There was a time when the term Olympic Weight Bench meant something special. It meant you were getting a large bench with a wide rack that could hold extreme amounts of weight. Well, times have changed, and you can find Olympic Class weight benches for home use although some do not quite live up to that name.

  • Standard – This style of bench is what we’d call a classic. It is a bench that may or may not come with a leg curl extension, but always allows you to do bench presses and other basic exercises. They are generally cheaper, and more lightweight than our next option.
  • Olympic – Olympic weight benches can hold longer 7-foot barbells and are have wider arms than a standard bench. They are the best choice for consumers with larger frames although the weight limit for home use is neck in neck with a classic bench. Olympic bars can hold more weight than a regular bar, but you still have to keep the overall weight limit in mind.

Top 5 Best Weight Benches Reviews

1. Marcy Folding Weight Bench

Our first bench comes from Marcy, a company you will become very familiar with by the time we reach the end of our list. They put out sturdy equipment for exercise enthusiasts of all sorts, including those looking to tone up or throw on a few extra pounds.

The biggest advantage to this bench lies in its name. The Marcy Folding Weight Bench is one of the more compact options on the market as the weight bench folds up vertically which gives you more floor space when it’s not in use. The arms have three adjustment spots that let you go flat, incline or decline, but the seat can be adjusted as well.

Want to build up those calves? That’s not a problem, and you can add bulk to your biceps with this bench. It comes with both a leg curl attachment that’s bolts onto the frame, and there is a curl pad that slips into the top. It can provide a full body workout; you just have to supply the weights.

Marcy’s folder is worth considering if you need a machine that can do your upper and lower body, but still need to save space in your home. This standard sized bench has a thick, powder coated steel frame and comes with a 2-year warranty out of the box. As for the weight limit, it’s average with 300 pounds on the bench.

2. Body Champ Weight Bench

A quick glance lets you know this one is an Olympic bench as it sports a wide frame and can handle a 7-foot bar for bench presses. It adjusts in the usual ways but comes with a few nifty extras that almost takes it out of the bench class and into the home gym range.

This weight bench offers up four different levels of precise adjustment. You can drop the seat, raise or lower the top half or change the height of the arms from 46.5” to 54”. As it’s in the Olympic range, you’ll need a wide grip and a big bar considering there’s 38.5” between the bar catch brackets. The arms adjust with a screw knob, which isn’t our favorite method, and there are two safety hooks across the top to keep your bar locked in place when not in use.

The Body Champ Weight Bench comes with the somewhat standard leg curl, but there is an additional attachment on the end that lets you do preacher curls. If you want to do some work on your core, you’ll be pleased to know this one come with an Ab Crunch accessory as well. It’s a bench that will look great in your home, but you’ll want to clean out some space for the Body Champ.

3. Marcy Diamond Weight Bench

Marcy’s second weight bench to make the grade is the Diamond, the complete opposite of their standard folding bench. It’s a black beauty with red and tan highlights, which qualifies it as one of the better-looking picks on our list. Unfortunately, it can only handle a total weight of 600 pounds despite being in the Olympic range.

What this weight bench lacks in weight capacity, it makes up for in comfort. Anyone who’s worked with heavy free weights knows what a bad bench can do to your back. They are uncomfortable to lay on, and when you throw 300 pounds into the mix, things get worse. The Marcy Diamond is one of the more comfortable benches we’ve come across with foam in all the usual places and ample padding where it counts. The bench adjusts so you can go flat, incline or decline and the rack itself has storage tubes on each side for your weights.

There’s nothing too fancy about the Diamond although it’s a slick bench that performs as advertised. Once you’re done slamming your barbell for the day, you can work on your legs or biceps through preacher curls using the attachment at the end of the bench. We also like the open nature of this one, which lets you use the arms as a squat rack even if they opted for knobs instead of solid pins.

4. Body Champ BCB3780 Weight Bench

Are you in the market for a simple, but effective solution for your home gym needs? If so, the Body Champ BCB3780 will be hard to pass up. It’s bare-bones when it comes to extras or additional flair, but solid where it counts – the frame.

This bench has a heavy-duty tube frame that can withstand the rigors of your daily routine. It also has the highest overall weight rating at 750 pounds total, which made it a lock as an option for the best weight bench. It has five adjustments for flat, military, incline and decline along with a leg attachment for those calves and quads. Want to get a full body workout? You can as the design allows this one to be used as a squat rack as well. Just remember, you will need an Olympic-sized bar and plates to match the bench.

While this may be one of the simpler alternatives when it comes to weight benches, it’s a fine choice if you just want to work out, and don’t need to tone up or hit every area of your body. It’s also one of the easier benches to put together, a definite bonus if you aren’t handy with tools.

5. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Workout Bench

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of weight benches on the market, and most look and perform about the same when it comes down to it. While features can make a bench stand out, you can say the same about the name in some cases. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Bench is going to attract plenty of attention due to the branding, but we think you’ll be thrilled with the weight bench as well.

The Gold’s GYM XRS 20 is a two-piece bench in the Olympic class with an open design; this means you can move the bench “out” from the rack and use it by itself with dumbbells or the included calf/preacher curl attachment. When you are ready to work on your chest, you simply need to slide the bench (or rack) into place, and you’re ready to go.

It doubles as a squat rack and comes complete with safety spotters built into the frame. That’s a nice feature to have if you work out alone as nobody wants to do the “roll of shame” when they get weights stuck on their chest.

Despite its two-piece nature, this bench is far from small with a footprint of around 73” long x 50” wide and 65” high. It has a user weight of 300 pounds, with a total weight of 610 although you aren’t supposed to go over 310 pounds with the bench press regardless of your weight. That said, the leg developer is better than expected as it can handle 150 pounds.