12 Best Waxes for White Cars in 2018

Being the proud owner of a white, beautiful car may seem like a splendid idea until you realize that maintaining it in top form is quite challenging. Keeping that shiny, gleaming look seems like an impossible mission to every driver unless you live in a clean area in which dust is extinct. If you have found such a place, do tell us.

Nonetheless, until then, one can always turn to the best wax for white cars. Without a doubt, that is the easiest solution to maintaining that unique sparkle. Plus, you won’t have to wash your car as often as before.

So, without further anticipation, stay with us to get acquainted with top twelve products we have attentively reviewed for you. After trying one of these, you’ll be convinced.

Top 12 Best Waxes for White Cars Ultimate Chart

DesignNamePackagingSizeRating (1-5)
  1. Chemical Guys GAP_620_16 White Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Bottle 16 oz. 5.0
  2. Adam’s BW2-16 Car Wax Bottle 16 oz. 4.8
  3. Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax Jar 11 oz. 4.8
  4. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax Jar 6.2 oz.


  5. Eagle One 824336 Wax-As-U-Dry Spray Bottle 23 oz. 4.6
  6. Turtle Wax T-465R ICE Paste Polish Wax Jar 8 oz. 4.5
  7. S100 13700W Carnauba Paste Wax Jar 6.2 oz. 4.5
  8. Meguiar’s G6107 White Wax Paste Tube 7 oz. 4.4
  9. Turtle Wax T-123R Super Hard Shell Liquid Car Wax Bottle 16 oz. 4.4
  10. Turtle Wax T-223 Super Hard Shell Paste Wax Jar 9.5 oz. 4.4
  11. Chemical Guys WAC_301 XXX Hardcore Carnauba Paste Wax Jar 8 oz. 4.3
  12. Chemical Guys WAC_110_16 Extreme Top Coat Wax and Sealant in One Bottle 16 oz. 4.3

Types of Car Waxes

Car waxes come in the form of liquid, spray and paste. Read along to know the advantages and disadvantages linked to each option.

  • Liquid – Liquid car waxes are excellent for obtaining an unmatched gloss. Plus, these tend to be more durable in comparison to others. Nonetheless, the fundamental drawback to this type of product is that it can be quite challenging to apply it evenly. We concluded that most products dry to a haze in about a minute or so. Still, external factors such as the thickness of application, wind, and sunlight influence the overall result as well.
  • Paste – First and foremost, paste waxes are popular because they are easy to apply. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert to obtain an excellent Nonetheless, the disadvantage is that their overall performance isn’t as promising as that of liquid waxes. Note that this sort of wax tends to dry to a haze in approximatively 30 seconds.
  • Spray – Spray waxes are particularly recommended for cars with excellent finishes. They are also popular due to their plastic compatibility, convenience, and ease of application. You can apply the product quickly, and most products can be easily wiped out without additional drying. Nonetheless, they are not suited for cleaning purposes, and they rank low regarding durability.

Things to Consider

All types of waxes demand patience, time and the right equipment. Varying on how quickly you work, and how attentive you are to detailing, you should expect to spend about an hour to obtain a promising result.

Your Car’s Age

If your vehicle is about one or two years old and has a beautiful finish, the best wax for white cars for you may be in spray form. That is because a spray wax treatment aims at reinvigorating your vehicle’s appearance.

Nonetheless, do bear in mind that these types of products are best suited for special occasions or weekly applications since they wear out the fastest.

Also, in the case in which you don’t intend to change your car in the foreseeable future, you should note that waxing it on a regular basis will conserve the finish in the long term.

Still, if you’re the owner of an older car, we would recommend you to consider a product that presents decent cleaning properties. That contributes to reinstating your vehicle’s previous finishing. After delivering our tests, we concluded that liquid waxes rank highest when it comes to cleaning properties.

Keep an Eye out for Abrasions

Some waxes can be abrasive due to the presence of fine, tiny particles or harsh chemicals. These can leave noticeable scratches on your car’s finish. We noted that dark vehicles tend to be more prone to scratching, which means good news for white car owners, right?

Either way, you should steer clear of products that received low scores in hazing tests. Nonetheless, since most manufacturers usually indicate whether a product is recommended for clear-coat finishes or not, you can rest assured.

Plastic Compatibility

Some waxing products can leave discernible residue on non-porous, non-glossy plastic parts such as door trims, body panels, so on and so forth.

If you know that your car has these plastic components, then we advise you to consider purchasing a product that is compatible with plastic. Otherwise, as soon as the wax gets on those surfaces, it will be quite challenging to get rid of it.

Top 5 Best Wax for White Cars Reviews

1. Chemical Guys GAP_620_16 Radiant Finish

This is a fantastic product that promises to enhance the paint and gloss of your white-colored automobile. Chemical Guys is a prominent name in the automotive market because they provide high-quality products to car enthusiasts. And this car wax is no exception.

After reviewing it for days, we noticed that it delivers a deep and bright shine, granting the car a luxurious look. We can also testify that this is a premium waxing product that is created to improve the aesthetic appeal of white automobiles.

We noticed that, after applying this on the car, the visibility of minor scratches is significantly diminished, which makes it a great product for new and old cars alike. So, if you’re looking for a product that will aid you to discard off unsightly minor imperfections, this is your go-to.

What is more, this wax promises to safeguard your paintwork from water spots, pollution, and damaging ultra-violet rays.

This product is not only perfect for white cars, but it performs excellently in the case of colorful cars as well, which makes it versatile. We cannot think of a disadvantage to using this product, that’s how pleased we were with its performance.

2. Adam’s BW2-16 Car Wax

This carnauba wax is effortless to apply, and it’s even easier to take off. We really liked its buttery consistency. Even after leaving the wax for an extended amount of time, we still didn’t encounter any difficulty in removing the wax off the car.

In fact, you can even apply the wax in direct sunlight, without coping with any complications, which is another pro. Where and how you use the wax doesn’t seem to influence the final results.

Regarding the look we obtained, we couldn’t have been more pleased. This is a high-quality wax that doesn’t encompass any toxic, abrasive cleaners or powders that may jeopardize your car’s finish.

The manufacturer has improved the original formula; this way, annoying, tiny imperfections vanish into thin air. We also found that a typical application necessitates a little amount of wax, which means this is a durable product.

So, if you didn’t use car waxes until now because you thought it involves a lot of arm work, this product will change your mind!

3. Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax

The Mequiar Ultimate Wax is recommended for avid car detailers and beginners alike. The fact that this is so easy to apply makes it an attractive product.

In order to obtain the results you want, you need to use a thin layer of product. So, you’ll be using this wax for a long time.

As for the final appearance of the car, we couldn’t have asked for more. Every time we used this, the car looked spotless and shiny. It didn’t leave any unsightly streaks either.

Due to state-of-the-art hydrophobic polymer technology, water beads immediately roll off the paint. We also concluded that this product is efficient and works great on clear coats and glossy paints.

If you want your car to look like a show car, this ultimate paste wax will aid you to accomplish that. Guaranteed.

4. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

This product embodies a combination of beeswax and carnauba wax. It has the property of reinstating your car’s gloss, even if it’s long gone.

You can apply it based on your personal preference: with a wax foaming pad or by hand. That won’t compromise your car’s aesthetic appearance in any way.

This wax considerably reduces the discolorations and imperfections in paint coat. We applied it quickly, and the removal process was just as effortless.

Plus, we also established that, after application, there are no unpleasant white stains on plastics or rubber. So, if your car has some plastic components, you may consider this product.

The only disadvantage is that this wax is a bit pricier than other options.

5. Eagle One 824336 Wax-As-U-Dry

This spray wax is ideal for dry and wet surfaces. The best part about it is that the application process is made effortless.

Although this won’t help you obtain the same result as you would with a liquid or paste wax, the result is decent, making it an excellent choice for drivers that don’t have much time at their disposal.

We think this is a good alternative for owners of new cars that don’t necessitate the concealment of imperfections and scratches. This doesn’t leave any residue; on the opposite, it only leaves your vehicle smooth and shiny.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, since we didn’t notice any significant distinctions between our recommendations for the best wax for white cars, we can testify that each product is worth its price.

Some products deliver a boosted protection from ultra-violet radiation while others diminish the visibility of scratches. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what you need based on your car’s age, model, and specifications. We hope that our buying guide has initiated you in the realm of car waxes.

Remember, each of these waxes will boost your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, making it look spotless for an extended time span. What more could you ask for?