12 Best Walking Sneakers in 2017

Whether you are new to walking for fitness or if you’ve been walking to stay in shape your whole life, chances are you’ve figured out that you need a great walking shoe to stay comfortable during your hobby.

The best walking sneakers must provide comfort, support, and long-lasting durability throughout their lifetime. When every shoe brand claims to be the best, how are you supposed to choose?

Let us help you find the perfect walking shoe for you. First we’ll teach you what to look for in a great walking shoe then we’ll take a closer look at some of our examples so you have a place to start!

Top 12 Walking Sneakers Ultimate Table

DesignNameWomen’s or Men’sLaces or Slip-OnRating (1-5)
  1. Reebok Women’s Skyscape Chase Walking Shoe Women’s Laces 4.6
  2. New Balance Men’s MW411V2 Walking Shoe Men’s Laces 4.5
  3. RYKA Women’s Devotion Walking Shoe Women’s Laces 4.5
  4. Tanly Women’s Flex Comfort Slip On Walking Shoes Women’s Slip-On 4.5
  5. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe Men’s Laces 4.4
6. Juan Men’s New Light Weight Go Easy Mesh Walking Shoes Men’s Slip-On 4.4
7. RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe Women’s Laces 4.3
8. DREAM PAIRS Women’s New Light Weight Go Easy Walking Women’s Laces 4.2
  9. Mxson Women’s Casual Sneakers Ultra Lightweight Breathable Mesh Sport Walking Women’s Laces 4.2
  10. New Balance Women’s WW511BB1 Walking Shoe Women’s Laces 4.1
  11. ASICS Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoe Women’s Laces 4.1
  12. Womens (9, Green) Athletic Knit Mesh Running Sneaker Women’s Laces 3.3

How Do You Select the Perfect Walking Shoe?

No matter how you walk (casual or speed-walking) or where you walk (sidewalks or mountain trails), you should expect nothing but comfort and support from your walking shoes. To find the best sneakers for walking, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Get the Right Fit 

When shopping for walking shoes, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different parts of the shoe that affect the fit. This way you can be very specific about your choice based on your feet.

  • Heel Counter – The heel counter is the area of the shoe directly below your heel, supporting both it and the Achilles tendon. This area should not be too tight, but rather cup the heel to prevent excessive pronation (the inward roll of the foot) and supination (the outward roll of the foot).
  • Midsole – This is the place between the tread and the cloth (upper) of your shoe. This is the most important component of the shoe because it holds most of your weight while you walk. Make sure it’s cushioning.
  • Insole – The insole sits atop the midsole and is the actual point of contact with your feet. The insole should be sturdy and work in combination with the midsole as a shock absorber.
  • Toe Box – This is the whole area of your walking shoe surrounding the toes. The toe box is where people usually notice discomfort in a bad fitting pair of walking shoes. The toe box should be tight enough to prevent your foot from shifting in the shoe but loose enough to allow your toes to wiggle freely so you don’t cut off circulation!

What Are Some Helpful Features for Walking Shoes?

A walking shoe is technically any shoe that you can comfortably walk-in, but shoes built for walking will have some features that make it stand out from other athletic shoes. These features offer the extra support that is needed from many years of walking for fitness:

  • Achilles Tendon Protector – Often taken for granted as just part of the shoe, this is the raised portion that touches your Achilles tendon and slightly “wraps” around it. Cushioning the very exposed Achilles tendon is essential to a long life of walking!
  • Heel Collar – The heel collar comes down on each side of the Achilles tendon protector to form a protective halo around your ankles. Make sure the walking sneakers that you choose cushion your ankles, not cut into them!
  • Gel/Foam/Air Midsole – In the best walking sneakers, the midsole will be cushioned using some form of gel, foam, or air to keep your feet protected. Although walking is a pretty low-impact activity, any prolonged force can cause damage to your feet!

Other Things to Consider

Besides the technical aspects of choosing the right walking shoe, the rest is up to your personal preference.

  • Where Do You Walk? – If you only walk on the sidewalk, a lightweight mesh shoe will probably work great but if you walk on trails you may need something more durable.
  • Waterproofing? – If you are a rain or shine walker, make sure your walking shoe is waterproof or at least able to be treated with a water-resistant coating. Trail shoes are also a great alternative walking shoe if you like to go out in bad weather.

Time to Get out There and Walk!

Now that you know what to look for in a great walking sneaker, let’s take a closer look at some of the top designs from our list!

Top 5 Best Walking Sneakers Reviews

1. Reebok Skyscape Chase Walking Shoe

Reebok, of course, is one of the most well respected shoe companies in the world. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that they take up our number one spot for best walking sneakers!

  • Cushioned Midsole – The midsole on the Chase Walking Shoe is made of synthetic foam that offers superior impact absorption for every mile out on the road.
  • Soft Outsole – The soft outsole on this shoe is very unique. It adds a third layer of cushion that normally stops at the midsole! It also reduces the over-all weight of these walking shoes, making them some of the lightest on our list. Not only that but the flexible outsole means your feet have more flexibility too, for added comfort.
  • Weather-Resistant – Reebok’s Skyscape Walking Shoes are scotch guard-treated for weather resistance right out of the box.

Reebok’s innovative cushioned outsole and lightweight design make it easy to recommend these walking shoes as our number one pick! These shoes look cool and will keep your feet comfortable for many walks to come.

2. New Balance MW411V2 Walking Shoe

New Balance is another well-known shoe company that made our list multiple times. The MW411V2 men’s walking shoe is a simple and straightforward design that delivers comfort and durability for any type of walker.

  • Durability – Because this shoe is made of leather, the 411V2 is probably one of the most durable walking shoes on our list. You can be comfortable taking these for a light trail walk or for a casual stroll through your favorite neighborhood. Leather is also easy to waterproof!
  • AIMEVA Midsole – New Balance’s Injection molded EVA midsole (EVA is a synthetic plastic) provides the cushion you need to protect your feet.
  • Walking Strike Path™ on Outsole – New Balance added a proprietary technology to this walking shoe as well. The Walking Strike Path™ technology combines with full ground contact sole to help stabilize and support your specific gait.

New Balance’s proprietary tech and EVA midsole make this a great recommendation for people who need a durable yet comfortable walking shoe.

3. Ryka Devotion Walking Shoe

A woman’s walking shoe should be more than just a man’s design in a smaller size. Ryka is a company that specializes in walking shoes for women. Their Devotion has a narrower heel and roomier forefoot, giving it a more secure foot bed for women walkers everywhere!

  • Re-zorb™ Cushioning – Ryka uses their Rezorb™ technology throughout the Devotion walking shoe. It can be found in the midsole as well as in sections of the outsole for maximum cushion.
  • Removable Foot bed – Not that you would want to, but the supportive fast-return foot bed is removable if you would like to replace it with an insert or orthotic of your own.
  • Padded Tongue and Collar – This walking shoe has the supportive heel collar that we recommend in our guide. That, combined with the padded tongue gives you excellent ankle support while you walk.

If you are a woman, we can’t recommend Ryka’s walking shoes enough. They really have taken the time to understand what female walkers need for their specific foot shape.

4. Tanly Flex Comfort Walking Shoe

Tanly brings us what we think is the most comfortable and casual walking shoe on our list. If your things are nightly walks around the block after dinner or gentle strolls in the morning, the Tanly Flex Comfort Walking shoe is definitely for you.

  • 4-way Stretch Fabric – The Flex Comfort Walking Shoe offers a slip-on design using straps of light, breathable fabric. This also makes the shoe very lightweight.
  • Flexible Outsole – A flexible outsole can make for a very comfortable shoe because your feet don’t have to work hard to move around inside of them! This combined with the stretch fabric design can make it seem like you aren’t wearing a shoe at all!
  • Multiple Color Options – Another reason we love this shoe is because it comes in all sorts of different colors! You will surely be able to find a design that fits your personality.

For the casual walker, you can’t go wrong with the flexibility and lightweight design of Tanly’s Flex Comfort Walking shoe.

5. New Balance MW877 Walking Shoe

New Balance continues to show off its durable, effective designs with their MW877 walking shoe. This men’s walking shoe can be taken on all sorts of terrain and offers an almost casual, every-day style so you can comfortably walk anywhere.

  • Rubber Outsole – The rubber outsole not only provides durability. It also gives you extra grip in wet conditions for a sure-footed feeling. Rubber also provides an additional shock-absorbing surface to the shoe.
  • ABZORB™ Midsole – New Balance’s ABZORB™ cushioning technology is used in the midsole for a comfortable “ride” on long walks.
  • Breathable – Despite its durable outsole and construction, the MW877 still remains breathable by utilizing a mesh upper.

New Balance tends to be a little pricier, in general, than their competitors, but they bring to the table proprietary technology that other companies just can’t offer. We recommend their MW877s to anyone looking for a comfortable, durable, and even fashionable walking shoe.