12 Best Vacuums Under $100 in 2018

When you set out shopping for a product, and you have a certain price point in mind, it can be time-consuming to navigate through all the options.

Vacuums, for example, come in many shapes and sizes with prices that vary greatly, so finding a decent one that doesn’t exceed $100 is a true challenge!

We’re going to simplify your search by presenting you with a list of the top 12 products and help you understand how to choose one.

Not sure which is the best vacuum under 100 dollars? Find out here in this detailed guide.

Top 12 Vacuum Under $100 Ultimate Table

DesignNameTypeCorded or Cordless?Rating (1-5)
  1. Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Bagless Broom Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Stick Corded 4.6
  2. Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac 500-Watt Handheld Corded 4.6
  3. Vacmaster 12 Gallon, 5 Peak HP, Wet/Dry Vacuum Wet/Dry Shop Vac Corded 4.5
  4. NEW Bissell Best Hand Vac Handheld Cordless 4.4
  5. BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass Bagless Upright Corded 4.3
6. DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vac Handheld Cordless 4.3
7. Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Stick Cordless 4.2
8. Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium Ion 2-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum Bagless Stick & Handheld Cordless 4.2
  9. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Bagged CanisterCorded 4.1
  10. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Air Steerable WindTunnel Bagless Upright Corded 3.9
  11. Ovente ST2000 Featherlite Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum Bagless Canister Corded 3.9
  12. Eureka AS ONE Bagless Upright Vacuum Bagless Upright Corded 3.6

How to Choose a Quality Vacuum When You Only Want to Spend $100

Your first step is to narrow down the options. What type of vacuum do you want?

  • Upright – In the upright vacuum category, you have bagless and bagged options.

We like the fact that bagless models don’t require additional purchases (you will need to purchase replacement bags for bagged uprights) and that they are more environmentally-friendly.

Stick vacuums are another option in the “upright” family and the ideal choice for hardwood or bare flooring. Since they are light and compact, they’re easy to store and easier to push around than some of the larger upright models. Don’t expect them to pick up large, heavy debris, but for light cleaning, they get the job done.

  • Handheld – For spot cleaning and pet hair removal, handled vacuums are ideal.

Check to see how many accessories are included and decide whether or not you’re in need of any specialty attachments (powered head or something specifically for pet hair removal).

  • Canister – Canisters are great for areas with a mixture of carpeting and bare floors since they come with a selection of heads for each surface.

You can choose from bagged and bagless models, but as you can see from our table, they aren’t as popular in the $100 price range since their power and performance isn’t as powerful as the uprights.

Shop vacs are another great option for those who need to clean up both wet and dry areas, and the little Metro Vacuum Electric Duster is ideal for blasting dust out of tight space.

Can’t Decide? Ask Yourself a Few Questions

You want to find the best vacuum under 100 dollars? Then make a checklist of the features that your ideal vacuum should have and choosing one will be much easier.

To do this, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I Prefer a Corded or a Cordless Model?

We looked at quite a few vacuums, and we must say that it is hard to find a decent upright cordless model in this price range. The best option is a cordless handheld since the quality is decent under the $100 mark, but do keep in mind that battery life will limit your usage time. Corded models are always a good choice since they offer maximum suction power and you don’t have to worry about a dying battery. The only downside is that the cord length can limit your cleaning range and you’ll have to change outlets frequently.

  • Will I Be Using It on Carpeting, Bare Floors or a Mixture of Both?

Uprights are usually quite versatile and can travel from hard floor to carpeting with the flick of a switch. Some models can be rather heavy, which makes hauling them up the stairs a chore, but these are usually the best ones for carpeting since the brushes help lift dirt that has settled near the bottom of the fibers. Canisters are usually the best choice for areas that have a mixture of carpeting and hard flooring.

  • Am I in Need of Something to Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery or Would I Like a Car Vacuum That Won’t Break the Bank?

Extra Things to Consider

While you’re searching for the best vacuum under 100 dollars, you should also think about a few extra details such as the filter and attachments.

If you suffer from allergies and want to keep the allergens at bay, then a vacuum with HEPA filter is ideal.

We also suggest that you check out the type of attachments that come with it.

After you’ve weighed out the pros and cons of each type of vacuum and answered all of the questions that we listed above, you should have a pretty good idea of what type of vacuum to purchase.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Under $100 Reviews

1. Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid Broom Vacuum

Fuller’s two-in-one Spiffy Maid Broom is one of our favorite units for less than $100.

It functions as both stick vacuum and handheld since the canister detaches and becomes a portable spot-cleaning machine with the handy crevice tool attachment. The HEPA filter is perfect for keeping the pollen, dust and pet dander at bay if you have any furry friends in your home.

Let’s talk power. It runs on a 9-amp motor which provides you with excellent suction power and with the 30-foot cord, you’ll be able to reach most areas without having to switch outlets as often.

The dust cup has a 1-4-liter capacity, which is pretty good for a stick vacuum. It’s light, weighing in at just 9.8 pounds.

Overall, this vacuum is ideal for picking up light debris and spot cleaning but probably isn’t the best choice for those who need something that will pick up larger debris.

Considering everything you get with this vacuum for less than $100, we’d say that it is the top choice in its category.

2. Metro Vacuum DataVac (ED500P)

Metro Vacuum’s little DataVac is ideal for use in the home, the office or business where other vacuums can’t handle all the tight crevices or delicate surfaces.

As a specialty product designed to clean electronics, it comes with a hoard of attachments that are capable of effectively cleaning things like computer keyboards, screens and inside computer towers.

The most unique thing about this duster is that it doesn’t suck up the dust like a vacuum; it blasts out the dust.

Regular vacuums just aren’t effective enough to remove dust and debris from these tight spaces, but with the help of an air-blasting duster like this, you can access those areas and then suck up the debris with a regular vacuum.

Be careful when using it as the body of the duster will get quite hot if it’s been running for a few minutes straight.

Other than that, this is an ideal solution for those who need to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas.

3. Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower

Those in need of a decent shop vac for less than $100 will love this model from Vacmaster.

It comes with a long, 7-foot hose, two extension wands, a car nozzle attachment, crevice tool, an 8-inch utility nozzle.

One of the most useful features about this vacuum is that the top part detaches from the main unit and transforms into a blower whenever you want to gather lightweight debris together for easier pickup. It has a powerful 240 MPH blowing speed that will help you move larger debris, too.

Strangely enough, the motor is weaker than the little stick vacuum we looked at earlier (this runs on a 5-amp motor, and the Spiffy Maid ran on a 9-amp motor), but it is still powerful enough for most shop messes. The tank is large, too, with a 12-gallon capacity, which is plenty of room for leaf pick up.

Make sure your outlet you will use matches the voltage and amps required by this vacuum. If it doesn’t, you will pop the circuit.

An extension cord is inevitable if you want to use it around the shop or garage since the cord is only 12 feet long, but the fact that it functions as both wet and dry vacuum and has both suction and blower functions makes it a great find in this price range.

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

It wasn’t easy, but we did manage to find one handheld that was great at removing pet hair from furniture, car seats and pet bedding: Bissell’s Pet Hair Eraser.

Pet fur is notorious for creeping its way into fabric fibers and locking itself in place, but thanks to the motorized foot on this vacuum, it will effortlessly lift them away.

You can use this on upholstery or switch to the crevice cleaner to help you reach tight spaces (between the seat cushions or hard-to-reach areas in your vehicle), and since it is cordless, you won’t have to worry about being next to an outlet for it to work.

The battery isn’t that impressive – 14.4 volts – but it does have a one-stage filtration system that helps trap the dander.

5. Bissell One-Pass Vacuum (9595A)

Our final suggestion is Bissell’s One-Pass upright which – for under $100 – is a pretty incredible unit.

The combination of powerful suction and brush rollers, you won’t have to run back and forth over the same spot 10 times to remove debris. It runs on a 12-amp motor, which is quite powerful in this price range.

The dirt cup is also large (2.2 liters), and it works great on carpet (both high and low pile), upholstery (the rotating attachment brush helps lift dirt and fur from deep in the fibers), and is also stair-friendly.

While it doesn’t have a swivel head or a HEPA filter, we still feel that it is an awesome vacuum that won’t weigh you down physically – it’s only 15 pounds – or financially.