12 Best Undershirts for Men in 2018

Unlike most stylish shirts we find in stores, an undershirt will mostly have a practical purpose. Men will wear it under a dress shirt or a linen shirt in order to absorb the sweat – therefore allowing the outer fabric to remain dry.

If you are looking for the best undershirts for men that won’t fail you in your time of need, this guide will give you a couple of hints on what and how to choose them. Depending on your personal preferences, you can look at some styles and decide which ones suit your fancy the most.

Top 12 Undershirts for Men Comparison Chart

DesignNameStyleFabricRating (1-5)
  1. Sweat Proof V Neck Slim Fit Men’s Undershirt Micro Modal Odor Fighting Crew Neck Microfiber, Spandex 4.7
  2. Fruit of the Loom Men’s 6-Pack Stay Tucked Crew T-Shirt Crew Neck Cotton 4.5
  3. Hanes Men’s 2 Pack Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Polyester 4.5
  4. Calvin Klein Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Classic Rib Tank Top Tank Cotton 4.4
  5. Texere Men’s Crew Neck Undershirt Crew Neck Bamboo Viscose, Cotton 4.4
6. Hanes Men’s Comfort Blend V-Neck Undershirt V-Neck Cotton, Polyester, Rayon 4.3
7. Calvin Klein Men’s Undershirts 3 Pack Cotton Classics V-Neck T-Shirts V-Neck Cotton 4.3
8. Hanes Mens White TAGLESS & ComfortSoft & Crewneck Undershirt 7-Pack Crew Neck Cotton 4.2
  9. Sweat proof undershirts with underarm sweat pads Thompson Tee Original Fit DeepV V-Neck Combed Cotton 4.2
  10. Hanes Men’s 3 Pack Ultimate X-Temp V-Neck T-Shirt V-Neck Combed Cotton 4.1
  11. Neleus Men’s 3 Pack Sport Compression Under Base Layer Athletic Muscle Tank Top Sleeveless Polyester, Spandex 4.1
  12. Hanes Men’s FreshIQ TAGLESS ComfortSoft White Undershirt 6-Pack Tank Cotton 4.0

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Undershirt

At first look, one may think that there isn’t much to consider when you buy an undershirt. “You just wear it under your clothes, so why bother?” Well, you may want to “bother” a bit if you don’t want your shirt to be a sweaty, uncomfortable mess.

When you look for the best undershirts for men, there are various things that you need to consider, such as the fabric, fit or the style of the T-shirt. This may make the difference between wearing the undershirt every week and throwing it in a forgotten corner of your wardrobe, never to be seen.


While a regular T-shirt is designed to be worn on its own and hang loose on the body, an undershirt needs to fit snugly – but it shouldn’t be a tight or binding fit. It should be loose enough around the arms to allow full movement range, but not so loose as to add extra bulks under the shirt.

It is also crucial to pick an appropriate length. A longer shirt will allow you to tuck it into the waistband of your pants so that it doesn’t ride or scrunch over the small of your back. Keep in mind that if you pick a size that is too tight, it will surely start riding up each time you make a movement.

Choosing the Fabric

Traditional shirts are generally made from lightweight regular cotton that is easily washed and dried. Those are considered the most comfortable and are easiest to maintain. Still, a lot of blends have been created lately that are more popular than cotton due to the features that they provide.

Moisture-wicking T-shirts made from combed cotton, microfibers or certain polyester blends are becoming a popular hit since they can wick the moisture away from the body and keep you dry.

Other men also took a fancy to organic cotton blends with bamboo viscose, since they were made with no chemicals or additives. These are perfect if you are prone to sensitive skin or allergic reactions.

Some blends may include rayon or spandex to add some stretch to the shirt and provide a better fitting.

Setting the Style

There are various styles for you to choose from, regardless of the fabric that you select. Here are the most popular options:

  • V-Neck – Generally, these are cotton or cotton blend t-shirts with short sleeves and a V-neck going a few inches below the collar. These were to designed so that men could unbutton their top shirt button without bringing the undershirt in sight.
  • Crew Neck – Similar with the V-neck, only that it features a rounded collar around the collar bones. It is worn generally under casual shirts.
  • Tank – Also known as A-shirts, they are more or less the athletic shirt types. They feature shoulder straps and deep, rounded neck and back.
  • Sleeveless – This undershirt mixes the benefits of a tank top with the neck and shoulder coverage provided by a crew or V-neck.
  • Long Sleeve – Suitable for cold climates, a long sleeve can have either a crew or a V-neck. The fabric is generally lighter than a regular long-sleeve, which makes it perfect to wear under a shirt or a sweater.

Once you have decided on all of these aspects, you are ready to choose your favorite type of undershirt.

Top 5 Best Undershirts for Men Reviews

1. EJIS Sweat Proof Slim Fit Men’s Undershirt

This is a shirt that not only fits well but is also extremely flattering – and invisible at the same time. If you are not one to keep your shirt buttoned right to the top, this model is definitely for you.

The V-neck is deep enough so that your undershirt will not be visible in case you decide to “loosen up” a bit.

The padded part of the shirt isn’t bulky, so there won’t be any visible lines under your arms.

It is also made to be moisture wicking and absorbing so that you will not start sweating whenever you start moving for more than a few minutes. It will allow you to get through the day without any visible stains on your shirt.

The feel of the shirt is also brilliant. The microfiber is soft, something like a puffy cloud of silk. It will stretch enough to hug your body snuggly while keeping a strong form. It’s definitely a high-quality product that you need to purchase for a better life.

2. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Crew T-Shirt

When it comes to the most annoying things about a shirt, tags would definitely be winners. You buy a T-shirt that feels and looks heavenly soft, and when you try dressing in it, you suddenly feel it – the scratching feeling from hell.

And if, by any chance, you don’t notice it by the time you get out of the house, prepare for a day full of nightmares.

This crew undershirt is exactly the opposite of that. Made from 100% cotton, it feels very soft to the touch, and you will definitely love wearing it.

What’s more amazing is that it doesn’t have any annoying tags to ruin your day! It’s only the very comfy fabric.

It is also longer than your average T-shirt, which is why it stays tucked. You won’t have to worry that the shirt will come out of your pants each time you decide to sit down. Overall, this is what you’d classify as the perfect undershirt.

3. Hanes Men’s Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt

This is an excellent acquisition for the cold season. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a sweater or a wool shirt directly over the skin. You might get skin irritations, and it will overall ruin your day.

Made from polyester, these are the perfect moisture wicking undershirts.

The material is lightweight and breathable, so you’ll most likely even be able to wear it during summer. The fabric won’t allow for moisture retention – it will just wick it out.

What’s more, the fabric is very cool, and it will feel comfortable even if you are working under direct hot sunlight. It will literally feel like a breeze to wear this during the warmer season.

They don’t retain too much odor, so you won’t necessarily have to wash them after every “performance.” They don’t get wrinkly either, and they fit snugly around the body in order to prevent any bulges and hard lines.

4. Calvin Klein Men’s Rib Tank Top

Those who hold a particular fancy to tank tops will definitely love this Calvin Klein model. Made entirely out of cotton, these are the perfect undershirts to wear in the summer especially, when the hot sun makes you wish items of clothing weren’t a social requirement.

The fabric is soft and breathable, so you won’t have to worry about you getting hot in it.

The moisture will be absorbed and wicked away so that both your skin and your outer shirt remain dry.

The tank is long enough so that when you tuck it in, it stays tucked. There won’t be any instances of your shirt sliding out of your pants, leaving your back bare. This undershirt literally has you covered.

By creating a T-shirt that is soft, long and fairly sweat proof, Calvin Klein definitely did not disappoint. We can see why it’s a top brand when it comes to men’s fashion.

5. Texere Men’s Crew Neck Undershirt

This undershirt is most definitely a perfect fit for those with sensitive skin.

Combining cotton with bamboo viscose, it is not only very comfortable and breathable but also on the “eco” side.

The t-shirt is advertised to be odor-resistant – which is completely true. You may not want to put it to a test by wearing it day after day with no washing – but it will definitely smell less than regular cotton fabrics.

Many people may say that the shirt is too long, but it’s not any longer than your average undershirt. If anything, it only helps more in keeping the shirt tucked into your pants so that your back stays covered.

Final Thoughts

Undershirts need to be comfortable, snugly and be long enough to be tucked into a pair of pants without “escaping” every time you decide to take a seat. Also, considering that the purpose is not to get your visible clothing damp, it should be able to stop the sweat from pouring into the outer layer.

So far, EJIS seems to provide the best undershirts for men (and everyone, for that matter); although Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and Calvin Klein are also popular options. Choosing what model you get will mostly depend on your personal preferences in style.