12 Best Ukulele Strings in 2018

A ukulele is a string instrument that resembles a miniature guitar and has its origins in Hawaii.

Being able to play it can be a skill in itself, but it can also be used as a way to learn how to play a guitar.

In order to ensure that a ukulele sounds in tune and like it should do, it is important to have a set of quality strings.

Whether you play for enjoyment or on a professional level, having spare strings will ensure that you never miss a note.

Use of the best ukulele strings will ensure that your instrument can always be played as it should be and sounding as it should.

Top 12 Ukulele Strings Ultimate Table

DesignNameSetSizeRating (1-5)
 1. Aquila New Nylgut AQ-4 Soprano Ukulele Strings Soprano Yes 4.7
  2. Aquila 7U Concert Ukulele Strings Set Concert Yes 4.7
  3. Martin M600 Standard Ukulele Strings Soprano/Concert Yes 4.6
  4. D’Addario EJ88C Nyltech Ukulele Strings Concert Yes 4.3
  5. D’Addario EJ88T Nyltech Ukulele Strings Tenor Yes 4.3
  6. D’Addario EJ87B Titanium Ukulele Strings Baritone Yes 4.3
  7. D’Addario J65 Ukulele Strings Soprano Yes 4.3
  8. D’Addario J71 Pro-Arte Ukulele Strings Tenor Yes 4.3
  9. D’Addario EJ87S Titanium Ukulele Strings Soprano Yes 4.3
  10. Aquila New Nylgut AQ-15 Tenor Ukulele Strings Tenor Yes 4.2
  11. Aquila 21U Baritone Ukulele Strings Set Baritone Yes 4.1
  12. Aquila 23U Baritone Ukulele Strings Set Baritone Yes 3.6

How to Choose Ukulele Strings

The strings of a ukulele play a major role in the quality of the sound that the instrument is able to produce. With this being the case, it is worth taking the time to undertake the necessary research to obtain the right strings for your ukulele.

  • Length – Ukuleles come in different sizes, so the strings will need to correlate to the size of the instrument in order to fit properly.
  • Warranty – You will not want strings that will break at an inopportune moment, so a guarantee that will last for a specific period of time will give you confidence in their ability to be used for the specified length of time.
  • Strength – Ukulele strings need to be put under a certain amount of tension in order to be used, which will mean they need to be strong enough to cope with this without stretching or breaking.
  • Recommended – Some ukulele manufacturers will recommend particular strings to use, which can help guide you as to the right ones to obtain.
  • Number – Consider whether the strings are sold individually or as a set, which will normally include four strings; for the latter, consider whether they are the right notes for your requirements.
  • Material – Many ukulele strings are made of nylon, but there are also other synthetic materials available that rival the tones of natural strings. For those that prefer the more traditional, gut strings can also be obtained.
  • Tuning – In order for a ukulele to sound right, you need to be able to tune it correctly.
  • Color – If you have a ukulele that has a specific design, it may be the case that the strings play a part in the overall look, which may mean that you want them of a certain color.
  • Gauges – The gauge of ukulele strings denotes the weight of them, which will play a part in the tone that they can produce.
  • Price – The price of ukulele strings will need to be a factor and will have a bearing on quality. You may not want to obtain the highest priced strings if you are just starting out in learning to play the ukulele.

To ensure that your ukulele can be played as it should, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. By keeping in mind the manner in which you intend to use the ukulele, you can ensure that you get the right strings for you.

Why Obtain Ukulele Strings

Your ukulele likely came stringed so you may wonder why you need to buy new ones.

The strings will not last forever, so even if they seem fine at the moment, keeping some strings spare will not cause any harm. This will ensure that you are ready to change them in the event that any of the strings break.

If you are not sure how to change the strings, get some advice before beginning to avoid doing any damage and to ensure that you complete the process correctly.

Being able to easily replace the strings of your ukulele will mean that you are not hindered from playing for the want of strings.

You can also obtain ukulele strings to create your chosen design and sound with the use of the color and notes of the strings.

Top 4 Best Ukulele Strings Reviews

1. Aquila New Nylgut AQ-4 Ukulele Strings

The Aquila AQ-4 is a set of four ukulele strings that are sized to fit a soprano ukulele.

They are made from nylgut, which is a blended material that is designed to provide a sound that is superior to strings made of traditional materials.

The properties of the material mean that it is less likely to be affected by moisture and, therefore, will not need to be replaced so often.

The strings are designed for high G tuning and are gauged for accuracy with differing densities.

The solid sound they produce are similar to those produced by gut strings.

The Aquila AQ-4 are the best ukulele strings for those people that want an effective alternative to natural strings.

2. Aquila 7U Ukulele Strings Set

The Aquila 7U set of strings are for a concert-sized ukulele that are made from synthetic nylgut. This material is capable of creating a sound that that closely resembles natural strings, creating a warmer tone than other synthetic strings.

The nylgut material also makes them more durable than other types of strings. They have the same qualities that can be expected of natural strings.

They are made in the key of C and the gauges G, C, E and A.

Aquila7U are ideal strings for anyone who want the confidence that comes with using strings that are commonly included with ukuleles.

3. Martin M600 Standard Ukulele Strings

Martin M600 is a set of four strings that is designed for a soprano ukulele.

These strings are made from a strong material that creates a rich tone that is well amplified.

They are easy to fit and hold the tension well without stretching. The material also makes them less inclined to succumb to the damage that moisture can cause.

The gauges are .191, .0256, .0340 and .0216 and the package shows details of this, as well as the notes.

The Martin M600 are an easy to use full set of strings that are suitable for beginners and experienced ukulele players.

4. D’Addario EJ88C Nyltech Ukulele Strings

The D’Addario EJ88C ukulele strings are made in the US and designed to create a tone that mimics real gut strings.

They are designed to be fitted to any ukulele that is of concert size and are tuned to standard GCEA.

The nyltech material from which they are made is exclusive to the brand and has been specially designed to create strong notes while remaining durable.

The gauges are .024, .031, .037 and .026.

The D’Addario EJ88C strings are ideal for those who want the warm tones of natural strings with the use of synthetic strings.