12 Best Travel Shoes in 2018

It is important to carefully consider the shoes that you will wear whilst travelling as they need to be able to adapt to different environments, whilst remaining comfortable.

No matter what your method of travel, you are likely to need to do a significant amount of walking and standing – even more than you might realize.

Going from one climate to another can cause havoc with the feet, resulting in ailments that cannot be immediately alleviated. Regardless of your destination, there are certain constants and these can be made easier with the use of the best shoes for travel.

In order to avoid crippling foot pain or swelling before even reaching your destination, you will need to consider the necessary qualities to get a pair of the best travel shoes.

Top 12 Travel Shoes Overview Table

DesignNameMaterialOther ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Clog 4.6 Yes Leather/Fabric/Rubber
  2. Ahnu Women’s Maia Sandal,Chocolate Chip 4.5 Yes Leather/Rubber
  3. Propet Travel Walker II 4.4 Yes Synthetic
  4. Skechers Sport Women’s Take It Easy Slip-On Fashion Sneaker 4.4 Yes Mesh/Rubber
  5. Ahnu Women’s Karma Flat 4.4 Yes Leather/Rubber
  6. OluKai Nohea Mesh Shoe 4.4 Yes Synthetic/Rubber
  7. Jambu Women’s Blossom Flat 4.3 Yes Leather/Rubber
  8. Eastland Women’s Sunrise 4.3 Yes Leather/Fabric
  9. Fitkicks Flexible Flats 4.1 Yes Nylon/Rubber
  10. Sidekick Foldable Flats 4.1 Yes Synthetic/Rubber
  11. KEEN Women’s Mercer Ballerina CNX Shoe 3.8 Yes Leather/Fabric/Rubber
 12. Propet Women’s Travellite MJ Walking Shoe 3.8 Yes Synthetic/Rubber

How to Choose the Right Shoe Color and Style

Choosing the color of your ideal travel shoes may seem to require no more effort than simply selecting your favorite color and style. However, other factors should play a part in the decision.

Think about the type of clothes that you will be wearing to travel and whether the style and color of the shoes are appropriate.

The shoes need to be suited to different climates and easy to clean and maintain.

Being able to transport them easily will also be useful so that they can throw in a bag, without suffering damage or losing their shape.

Aspects of Travel Shoes to Consider

  • Fit – getting travel shoes that are the right fit is crucial to ensure that they can be beneficial. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can result in skin, corns, blisters and hammertoes as well as the related pain.
  • Flexible – one feature that helps to make shoes more comfortable is the flexibility of the sole, as well as the material of the upper, which allows it to move with the sole effectively. In addition to flexible shoes enabling you to fully move the foot whilst walking, they are also more like to provide more space to allow for movement of the toes.
  • Slip-Ons vs. Lace-Ups – shoes that are easy to put on and take off will be handy to limit any fuss while travelling.

Velcro straps are an ideal alternative to laces for those who do not want to worry about laces coming loose at inopportune moments or needing to untie and tie them again when they are removed.

Slip-ons are also particularly useful for air travel when it is often necessary to remove your shoes to enable them to be x-rayed.

  • Material – the material of travel shoes will play a part in the overall comfort they provide as it is instrumental in whether the skin in able to breathe. Some materials will also be easier to maintain than others will.
  • Quality – it is tempting to believe that a cheap pair of travel shoes will suffice on the basis that you will only be wearing them while traveling. This can prove to be a false economy as the price can dictate the quality. Instead, look for sales and money-off deals to find good quality shoes for a bargain price.

The quality of the shoes will also determine how well they stand up to travel and whether they are sufficiently hardwearing.

Top 4 Best Travel Shoes Reviews

1. Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime Clog

These Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime mules are a good alternative to sneakers, especially for those people who suffer from swollen feet as the back is open.

The mules hold their shape and they are easy to slip your feet in and out as necessary.

When wearing trousers, it is difficult to tell that they are mules as the style of the front means they could pass for a standard pair of sneakers.

The rubber sole comprises a bit of a platform and a heel of about an inch, which makes them comfortable for walking.

They are true to size, so they stayed on the feet despite the back being open and having walked a significant distance through the airport.

The sole extends a little way up the toe so there is extra protection against scuffing.

These Easy Spirit Women’s Traveltime mules are a comfortable pair of shoes that are excellent for travelling.

2. Ahnu Women’s Maia Sandal

The Ahnu Women’s Maia sandals are made of leather and available in three different colors. We got the ones known as Chocolate Chip, but the color was more olive. However, they are still pretty and timeless sandals.

The straps are arranged in a criss-cross pattern that creates a pretty design and which ensure your feet will stay in the shoes, along with the back piece that effectively cradles the heel.

The rubber sole has good traction, so they are great for a number of different circumstances even though they are open-toe.

The lining is made from antimicrobial material and there is arch support that is unexpected from an average sandal. This made them comfortable to walk in and pain-free at the end of the day.

A great pair of shoes for women who still want to be comfortable while still looking good.

3. Propet Travel Walker II

The Propet Women’s Travelwalker II can be found in a range of different colors, with the white sole in contrast.

They look like average sneakers, but the laces are far from average as they are elastic and secured with a toggle. This prevents the risk of laces coming undone or the need to double knot them to stop this from happening.

The cushioned insole cradles the feet well and limit the pressure that can come from bring on your feet all day.

The material of the upper shoe is mostly mesh, but there is some protection around the toe in the form of synthetic leather. This stops the damage that can occur from knocks and scrapes and normal wear and tear. There is also a heel cap that prevents damage at the other end.

4. Skechers Sport Women’s Take It Easy Slip-On

These Skechers Sport Women’s EZ Flex are lightweight and come in a range of colors that will make it easy to find a suitable pair.

The upper of these slip-on shoes is mesh, which is one of the reasons that it feels so light. The memory foam insole also seems not to create any significant addition to the weight.

The memory foam molds to the feet and the rubber sole comprises a heel of about an inch high, which makes them comfortable over long distances.

The tread of the sole offers some serious traction and were highly beneficial in maintaining grip while walking up a steep incline.

These are the best travel shoes as they suit casual and smart attire and offer a great pair of travel shoes suited to a casual travel look.