12 Best Travel Guidebooks in 2018

The majority of us get to relish a few weeks of holiday every year; tops. Since you want to enjoy the most out of your traveling time, planning is of the real essence and when you plan your holiday, you’re in need of accurate, comprehensive information that will introduce you to the country/city you intend to explore!

In our opinion, the best travel guidebooks can be life changing, making this planning process less grueling and time-consuming. When chosen right, a travel guidebook will present the most crucial elements you should find out before you embark on your adventure. This way, you can relish your holiday at the side of your dear ones!

Stay with us to get acquainted with our selection of top travel guidebooks. We have also made sure to add a handful of tips on how to choose the guide fitted for your traveling preferences.

Top 12 Travel Guidebooks Ultimate Table

DesignNamePoint of interestNumber of pagesRating (1-5)
  1. Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook Maui Island 316 4.7
  2. Rick Steves’ Pocket Rome Rome 224 4.7
  3. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: London London 440 4.6
  4. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: France France 672 4.6
  5. Fodor’s Arizona & the Grand Canyon Arizona & Grand Canyon 512 4.6
  6. Rick Steves’ Pocket Paris Paris 240 4.6
  7. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Jerusalem, Israel, Petra & Sinai Jerusalem, Israel, Petra & Sinai 328 4.5
  8. Fodor’s Italy 2016 (Full-color Travel Guide) Italy 992 4.4
  9. Enjoying India: The Essential Handbook India 306 4.4
  10. National Geographic Traveler: Japan, 4th Edition Japan 400 4.4
  11. Lonely Planet Puerto Rico (Travel Guide) Puerto Rico 288 4.1
  12. Lonely Planet Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand (Travel Guide) Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Thailand and Laos 528 3.9

Buying Information

Browsing the travel shelf for the best travel guidebooks can be quite confusing. Establishing which guide is the right one for you isn’t an easy task.

It’s also clear that you have to select a product that suits your budget, personality, and traveling style.

If you wish to plan a trip to a particular country or city, we recommend you to go for a city or country guidebook. These are often more detailed and insightful, especially if you intend to spend an extended period in that location.

Choosing the Best Guidebook for First-Time Travelers

When you’re headed to a new destination for the very first time, you’re overwhelmed with excitement and a clear feeling of anticipation.

We consider that selecting the right guidebook will aid you to enjoy the most out of your holiday. That is why our list of recommendations enlists of guides that are fitted for first-time travelers.

These combine information regarding the cultural and background context of a location with actual sightseeing recommendations.

Consider the Expiration Date

Do bear in mind that a typical guidebook may imply at least six months of researching and writing. Add six more months to that which are compulsory for editing, printing and distributing the publication.

In other words, the information in the guidebook isn’t fresh from the oven. Inevitably, things alter in the meantime.

Although major sightseeing points aren’t bound to change overnight, some restaurants or hotels may close down. The prices may go higher, and some other interesting museums might have opened in the meantime.

On that note, we advise you to be flexible when it comes to this type of changes. One thing is for sure: the most expensive hotels are bound to remain that way, while the cheapest will stay the cheapest, even with a difference of 10 bucks.

It’s a Matter of Personal Preference

Depending on how you like to travel, you might like a guide more than another.

For your general information, DK guidebooks are filled with photographs, street maps, as well as cut-away plans of museums and cathedrals. They also provide short descriptions and some H&R (hotels and restaurants) listings.

On the other hand, Lonely Planet guidebooks are made to fit the specifications of the adult budget traveler. These guides aim at transferring you in the atmosphere of a specified destination.

To sum it up, we think that, before you purchase a traveling guide, you should find out the type of content it includes.

Most guides encompass travel advice, news, detailed maps, info regarding cultural background and significant sightseeing points. Still, if you’re looking for something more specific, you ought to look for more detailed travel guidebooks.

The Importance of Pre-Holiday Planning

Impulsive traveling may appear heavenly in romantic movies. Nonetheless, traveling without the basic comprehension of the area may make you miss a lot of things.

If you wish to grasp the spirit and vibe of a place, being informed can make the world of a difference.

Sometimes, the best things in a city/country are the ones that are less familiar and known. Such information is often found in travel guides. So, considering that they are quite affordable, traveling guides are essential.

Top 5 Best Travel Guidebooks Reviews

1. Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook

This guidebook is written by best-selling author Andrew Doughty who uncovers the secrets and fascination of Maui Island.

This guidebook takes you on the island itself; it reveals the pristine, remote beaches, stunning trails, hidden waterfalls and so on.

Moreover, we like that this travel guide is complete. Here, you’ll also find information regarding restaurants and hotels accompanied by personal and anonymous reviews.

This way, you can take an informed decision before your much-awaited trip.

What we most liked about this guide is that the information is so accurate and helpful in any way. We also consider this book would make an excellent guide for first-time travelers to the beautiful island of Maui.

Many travel guides affirm that they provide info regarding dining and lodging. Still, this kind of information is often irrelevant. Not with this guidebook, though.

We also consider that the information regarding the conditions of the road to Hana is helpful.

We also found guidelines concerning sites that aren’t worth visiting or those that are difficult to be accessed: all valuable, noteworthy information that makes the trip worthwhile.

It’s true that the book doesn’t encompass every restaurant in Maui, but, as outlined above, that is entirely explainable since new restaurants and hotels are opened all the time.

All in all, this is a guidebook that most travelers will find useful. Think of it as the guarantee to a delightful stay in Maui.

2. Rick Steves’ Pocket Rome

This pocket guidebook accounts for a colorful, compact book that enables you to plan your time wisely.

Whether you intend to spend one day or two weeks in Rome, you’ll consider this guidebook suitable.

It is the one thing you need to prioritize your time so that you don’t miss anything worthwhile.

Considering that it is pocket size, you can easily carry this with you while exploring the city. This way, you can soak in all the information you need while on the road.

The guide encompasses a map that introduces you to the most important sightseeing points in the Italian capital. Afterward, each significant aspect is presented in detail for travelers that are interested in expanding their knowledge.

This guidebook highlights the history of a particular area or sightseeing point as well as things that you’d be better off avoiding.

In addition, this travel guide lets you know about the best eating places in the city.

Apart from that, there is a separate section consisting of the most commonly met phrases in Italian.

3. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: London

DK Eyewitness Travel is well-known for supplying travel guides that are informative and insightful.

This particular guide presents a collection of thorough itineraries. The most important sights are accompanied by 3D drawings to make the information easier to digest.

Essential information concerning the culture and history of the places enables you to comprehend the stories behind the beautiful sights.

The fact that the views are categorized by neighborhood prevents you from missing any important sights. On the opposite, that aids you to plan accordingly and add important spots on your itinerary.

So, this guide combines historical information with recommendations on best times to go, weather, festivals, so on and so forth.

But, probably our favorite part is represented by the street maps, pictures, and drawings of famous sites.

4. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: France

This travel guide acquaints you with France. Discovering this country without having background knowledge regarding its culture and history will minimize your experience.

In this direction, this guide highlights helpful information that travelers will find insightful.

Apart from that, we like that this handbook presents a blend of three-dimensional drawings, detailed neighborhood maps, floor plans and Metro stations.

In a nutshell: it’s all you need to know to enjoy a memorable holiday.

This guide comprises of four different sections. The first one introduces you to the country and the ones that follow cover information regarding the most important regions.

If you’re not a photography enthusiast, the photographs in the guidebook will account as the perfect souvenir.

5. Fodor’s Arizona & the Grand Canyon

Fodor’s travel guides provide advice to individuals of many tastes and budgets.

This particular book presents a combination of maps linked to basic information. Another helpful feature is that here, you can find numerous restaurant and hotel recommendations.

Whether you intend to explore the most popular attractions or those that are off the beaten track, this guide is self-sufficient.

Meanwhile, the information is laid out in a style that is easy to follow. The maps are also helpful. This book will save you from spending your entire holiday googling for restaurants, hotels, and famous sights.

Still, bear in mind the prices listed in this guidebook might have altered in the meantime; so, don’t depend entirely on the prices you find here.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, we are confident that you have found the information you were looking for.

One thing is sure: the best travel guidebooks are the ones that are fitted to your traveling style. In other words, what some might convey as the best-traveling guide may not be the same to others.

What do you prefer to visit while traveling? Did you purchase one of the traveling guides we have added in this buying guide? If so, how well did you get along with it?