12 Best Trampolines in 2018

Trampolines are the oddball of the fitness world. A few decades ago, there were seen as a fun way to tone up at home, but these days, they are mainly used for outdoor fun in the sun.

While there are different styles of trampolines, we went with two styles in our guide below – those for children and teens and those that adults can use for fitness.

Not sure which is the best trampoline style for your needs? Find out more about your options with the help of our trampoline experts here.

Top 12 Trampolines Ultimate Table

DesignNameSizeWeight LimitRating (1-5)
  1. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220 3.25 feet 225 lbs. 4.6
  2. SkyBound Stratos Trampoline Varies 330 lbs. 4.6
  3. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline 15 feet 200 lbs. 4.5
  4. SkyBound Super 7 The Perfect Kid’s Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline 7 feet 110 lbs. 4.5
  5. Merax Kids Mini Trampoline Parent-Child Trampoline N/A 250 lbs. 4.4
6. Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder Fitness Trampoline 3.5 feet   200 lbs. 4.4
7. SkyBound Children’s Trampoline 3.3 feet 100 lbs. 4.4
8. Giantex Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump Safety Enclosure Net W/Spring Pad Ladder Varies 350 lbs. 4.4
  9. Merax Parent-Child Trampoline Twin Trampoline 4.5 feet 180 lbs. 4.4
  10. Portable & Foldable Trampoline 3 feet 150 lbs. 4.3
  11. Giantex 55” Round Kids Mini Jumping Trampoline 4.5 feet 66 lbs. 4.1
  12. Stamina InTone Oval Jogger 3.5 feet 250 lbs. 3.9

Exercise or Play

Trampolines are a blast and used for getting in shape and for fun. While you can have plenty of fun bouncing around while watching a workout video, some are built for that and nothing else. It may seem confusing considering all trampolines have the same basic design, but things get far simpler once you dig down deep into the details.

Pro or fitness trampolines are going to have a few features you won’t find on regular models. Many rebounders in this class use cords instead of springs and some even have different levels of firmness. Higher weight limits are standard as well despite smaller frames. Play-based trampolines can be just as sturdy, but nets, thick padding, and other safety features are prevalent on those models.

Weight Limit and Size

The dreaded weight limit. On some items, you can take this particular rating lightly as it’s a guideline for safety, so it’s usually okay to go a little over if you’re purchasing a wheeled contraption or even furniture in some cases. With trampolines, you will want to follow that weight limit, and we recommend you do not exceed it. A few pounds isn’t going to cause a catastrophe, but even ten extra pounds over time can weaken springs or put extra strain on the pad. Pay close attention to the weight limit when choosing the best trampoline to suit your needs.

As for the size, that all comes down to how much space you have in your yard. We listed the diameter of each trampoline in our table, but that’s only one measurement as you may need to consider height as well. Larger outdoor models my require ladders due to their height, and once you factor on poles for enclosures, you could have a 10-foot tall trampoline outside your home. For indoor use, the same rules apply although height will not be an issue so just pay attention to the overall dimensions.


When you’re bouncing several feet into the air, accidents can happen no matter how athletic you are. Landing on your head aside, people have gotten their legs stuck between the padding and frames on poorly built models, and those springs can be an issue if not properly covered.

Pay close attention to the construction along with the thickness of the frame and padding whether you are using it indoors or outdoors. If it is outdoors all year long, UV resistant materials are ideal as well. For fitness enthusiasts or children, handrails are an attractive option on smaller trampolines. They allow you to keep your balance while bouncing on a small mat and can easily be removed more often than not.

Top 5 Best Trampoline Reviews

1. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220

There are hundreds of different exercise machines you can put in your home that can tone up everything from your calves to your triceps. Most of them take up a considerable amount of space, whereas the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline 220 can be stood in a corner or slid under furniture when not in use.

This trampoline can’t give you a full workout like a machine, but it can improve your balance, cardio and will have those legs looking sharp in no time. Unlike other trampolines, this one uses EnduroLast-2 cords in place of springs. The bounce area clocks in at 485 square inches, but that’s sans the skirt which is loose around the edges to lightly cover those cords. The frame measures 39” in diameter and has sturdy “no tip” legs with an arch to ensure you don’t go toppling off this little bouncer.

JumpSport’s Trampoline can handle folks up to 225 pounds with a rating of 400,000 bounce cycles before something wears out. It comes with an exercise DVD, and while the cord and mat have a warranty of 2-years, the frame’s guaranteed for a lifetime.

2. SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Our first big trampoline comes from SkyBound and is a beast regardless of the diameter you choose. It’s our pick for the best trampoline for outdoor use, and large enough to accommodate both children and adults providing you do not exceed the weight limit.

The first thing you’ll notice about the SkyBound Stratos aside from its size is the safety net. The 15’ trampoline has 12 poles attached to the net which is UV resistant so that it won’t wear out with the sun. Holding the pad in place is a series of high quality 8.5” springs that have been hot dipped while the frame utilizes a dozen spot-welded galvanized steel poles. In other words, it’s built to last, and this one blew through the ASTM safety requirements in the states. That said, we were not impressed with parts of the warranty considering your net and springs are only guaranteed for a year while the pad is 6-months.

The SkyBound Stratos is available in three different sizes with 12’, 14’ and 15-foot models. Installation is going to be relatively straightforward despite its size, just make sure you have ample space in your yard and enough clearance up top.

3. Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk

This outdoor trampoline shares a few similarities with the Stratos in regards to its size and the fact it’s well-built. It has eh same UV-resistant features, but also comes with something you won’t find with other trampolines – a basketball goal.

The Jump N’ Dunk lives up to its namesake by allowing you to jump, and dunk with ease. That means people with no hops that have dreamed of dunking can finally do so safely from the comfort of their backyard.

The hood and net are soft just like the padding you’ll find surrounding the trampoline which includes a series of six poles. The net has a dual zipper for easy access, and there’s plenty of room to jump on this 15’ trampoline with a surface area of 143 square feet. While it has plenty of springs to keep the mat taught, this one can only hold up to 200 pounds.

While we love the flexible hoop that comes with the Jump N’ Dunk and the sheer size of the jumping area, the weight limit is a downer. It automatically rules any large adults out, and you may be pushing it with a couple of teenagers. It’s available in five different colors with or without expert installation.

4. SkyBound Super 7 Kid’s Indoor Trampoline

Most of our choices can be used by both children and adults as long as you stay under the weight. This one is an exception as the SkyBound Super 7 is built especially for children. Compared to other outdoor models, the Super 7 is small enough to be used indoors if you have around 80” of free space and fairly tall ceilings.

Like all of the best bouncers for kids, the Super 7 has a safety net attached through a series of soft poles. It sits low to the ground, so no ladders are required, and the legs are even kid-friendly. They keep shins or other body parts from getting banged up but also allows you to bring it indoors as it won’t scuff up your floor. It has a 2-year limited warranty across the board and the weight limit’s listed at around 110 pounds or 220 pounds. The company wasn’t exactly clear on that detail, but as it’s for kids, play it safe and stay at under 150 pounds.

If you have younger children that aren’t quite ready for teenage toys, the Super 7 from SkyBound is an excellent choice. All the parts that could cause injury are padded and covered including the legs and the hexagon shape takes up a little less space than a traditional trampoline.

5. Merax Kids Mini Trampoline for Parent and Child

More than one person can use almost all large trampolines, but this one’s built especially for two. The Merax Kids Mini Trampoline is our first dual model and is one of the more unique options you’ll find on our list. That’s because you’re basically getting two trampolines for the price of one.

This trampoline set comes with two frames and mats that you can combine through a series of knobs that lock at the bottom. The adult model is several inches taller than the one built for children although both feature the same number of padded poles. There is a handle that fits between the frames and can be used by both parties as well. If you want to jump solo or break things down to save some space, they can be separated and the handle removed. We also like the fact his Parent-Child trampoline uses cords instead of springs, which helps cut down on the weight.

As for the weight, this one can hold a 250-pound parent on the larger side and a 150-pound child on the other. It’s also arguably the easiest trampoline to put together although you can opt for professional help if you don’t fancy using tools or need additional assistance.