12 Best Touch Screen Car Stereos in 2017

There’s nothing like hopping in the car, rolling the windows down and listening to some music while you put your cares behind you. People have been enjoying this for as long as we’ve had radios in vehicles although today’s head units are far fancier than the ones your parents used.

If you want a top-tier car stereo these days, it can be confusing with the sheer number of options offered up by manufacturers. There are high-tech radios that look like classic knobbed models and head units with touch screens that take up a portion of your dash. The best touch screen car stereo can vary depending on your needs, but we have dug down deep to find a wide variety of models that should suit everyone.

The models on our list consist of Single and Double Din units, some of which are decked out with cool features like GPS Navigation, Apple Play or Hands-Free. Those bells & whistles will help you decide which system is right for your vehicle and we’ve broken things down below to help streamline your buying decision.

Top 12 Touch Screen Car Stereos Ultimate Table

DesignNameDisplay SizeTypeRating (1-5)
  1. Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 2-DIN Receiver 7-inch Double Din 4.5
  2. Kenwood DNX573S Double DIN DVD Bluetooth Navigation Receiver 6.2-inch Double Din 4.4
  3. Pyle Single Din 7-inch HD Touchscreen GPS Navigation 7-inch Single Din 4.2
  4. JVC 6.8-Inch In-Dash Touchscreen Receiver 6.8-inch Double Din 4.2
  5. PIONEER AVH-X7800BT 7″ 1Din DVD Receiver Bluetooth 7-inch Single Din 4.2
6. Pioneer AVHX3800BHS 2-DIN Receiver 6.2-inch Double Din4.2
7. JOYING 7 Car Stereo 2GB 32GB Android 5.1 7-inch Double Din 4.2
8. Panlelo 7 Inch 2 Din Head Unit Android 5.1 GPS Navigation 7-inch Double Din 4.2
  9. Kenwood DDX23BT 6.2-Inch Monitor Receiver 6.2-inch Double Din 4.1
  10. Sony XAV-AX100 6.4″ Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver 6.4-inch Double Din 4.1
  11. Jensen VX7012, 7″ DVD Navigation Receiver 7-inch Single Din 3.6
  12. BOSS Audio BV9976B Single Din 7-inch Single Din 3.3


Putting a touchscreen stereo in your car can liven up an old ride by bringing it into the modern age. Before you settle on a model, keep these quick tips in mind.

DIN Size

DIN is the keyword to familiarize yourself with. This refers to the size slot in your dash where your radio resides. Any standard car stereo from the 60s to the 90s is probably going to be a single DIN unit with a few exceptions and oddballs mixed in. These are by far the most common in older vehicles and are easy to identify by their size. The standard size in the United States is right around 7 1/8” wide by 2 1/8” tall.

As the name implies, double DIN head units are twice the size of their single DIN counterparts. They are the same width, but 4” tall and are found in most modern cars or older ones with a lot of bezel around the tape deck and CD player. They are also found in many of the best touch screen car stereo units to make our list as that extra height allows for a functional display.

Display Size

While all the car stereos on our list have a touch screen display, the size varies between 6 to 7-inches. Most clock in at a minimum of 6-inches as let’s face it, any smaller may become difficult to use. Touch screens are supposed to make things easier, not leave you stabbing at a tiny button while you drive. That said, sometimes you may want to keep things small.

If you have a double DIN head unit already, you know what to expect as the size will remain the same. If you currently sport a single DIN setup, going to a touch screen could cause a few issues. These models have motorized displays which pop up above your head unit. While the system will fit the slot, you still have to consider placement if you have anything in the way when the screen pops up.


Display resolution differs a bit from gadget to gadget, but the basics remain the same. Whether your touch screen stereo is 6-inches or 7-inches, the more pixels you have, the sharper the display will be. You will not find any 4K or UHD panels on this list, however, as most run between HD and FHD. That’s around 1,280 x 720 for HD and 1,920 x 1,080 for FHD or Full HD.

Top 5 Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

1. Pioneer AVHX5800BHS Receiver

You can’t have a best touch screen car stereo list without an entry from Pioneer. Our top choice come from the middle of their touch screen arsenal with the Pioneer AVHX5800BHS. That means it won’t bust your piggy bank wide open like the 9000 series but provides almost all the same features. In other words, it’s an amazing piece of tech that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Some in-dash units only offer up a CD player, but this is a full multimedia receiver which means it can also play DVDs. The internal amp is average but solid at 50 watts across 4 channels peak or 14 watts RMS. Own an iPhone? If so, you will be thrilled with the built-in controls including Siri Eyes Free although you won’t get Apple Car Play or Android Auto. Due to its Bluetooth nature, that shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but still something to keep in mind.

Other perks for the AVHX5800BHS include SiriusXM compatibility with Traffic & Weather Now, sports flash, and HD Radio. The display sports a wide array of customization options as well with various colors, background images and 112 hues to match your interior illumination.

2. Kenwood DNX573S Bluetooth Navigation Receiver

As we’ve mentioned, some of the best touch screen head units can do a bit more than others. That’s the case with the Kenwood DNX573S as it will play your CDs but can also work as a full-fledged navigation system. We’re not talking about syncing up your smartphone with Waze either, as Garmin will handle navigation duties through the continental U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

Being able to get assistance with directions is definitely a nice perk to have, but the audio capabilities are really where the coolness lies with this one. It can handle FLAC audio files from a flash drive, or you can tune into HD Radio. Want to listen to Pandora? That is built-in, and this model is Apple CarPlay compatible with Siri Eyes Free. The amp has some punch as well with 22 watts RMS or 50 peak across 4 channels. Not too shabby.

Whether you have an SD card, USB stick or a DVD, this player can handle it and offers up a 13-band EQ with high and low-pass filters as well. Other features of interest include an HDMI and rear-view camera inputs, 6-channel preamp outputs and SiriusXM compatibility.

3. Pyle HD Touchscreen GPS Receiver

Pyle is an old-school name audiophiles will know as the affordable brand has been putting out equipment for ages. Their HD Touchscreen GPS model is a bit of a rarity as it is a “Single” DIN system which means it will fit in any older cars that aren’t double DIN. That automatically gives it a leg up but is far from the only thing this model brings to the table.

When it touch screen mode, the Pyle HD gives you a solid 7-inch surface to tap on for directions, audio adjustments and even phone calls. When you want it out of the way, it will hide in the housing, but you will still be able to access all the important functions through the main panel. It supports Bluetooth as well, which means it can sync up to your Android or iOS device.

The Pyle single DIN navigation receiver is a solid chose for those on a budget. While it does lack a few features you’ll find on more high-end models, it performs admirably and allows you to adjust or tilt the screen due to the nature of its design.

4. JVC In-Dash Touchscreen Receiver

The JVC KWV320BT may not have a fancy moniker, but it does have a large 6.8-inch touch screen display with variable-color illumination control. The usable space is listed at 6.2-inches however so don’t get too impressed by that first number. Either way, the colors on that panel will pop, and you can set the lighting to match your mood or any interior lights inside your vehicle. It can play CDs, DVDs, and is SiriusXM compatible, but you will not get CarPlay or Android Auto this time around.

While that can be a downer, the fact that this one is Bluetooth allows you to still use Android controls and Siri Eyes Free. There are six preamp outputs to go along with a sub preamp output, and it’s rated at 22 watts RMS or 50 watts x 4 channels. You can also go hands-free with gesture controls including a circle on the screen for volume, or a swipes to change tracks.

5. Pioneer AVH-X7800BT DVD Bluetooth Receiver

Pioneer is the only company to get two car stereos into our top 5 and their second one is actually more impressive than their first despite its placing. That’s because it’s another single DIN head unit, which is arguably the best one on the market due to the quality build and tech involved with the Pioneer AVH-X7800BT.

This model is a DVD Bluetooth Receiver, so you can pop that 800 x 400 screen out to watch a film when you’re in park. Obviously, you can also change tracks and take calls thanks to Bluetooth, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The company’s AppRadio One is included as well which works with Android and iOS devices. Google Voice, Pandora, and a half-dozen other streaming services are available, and you can even hook up two phones with Dual Bluetooth connections.

Needless to say, if you have an older model car or just don’t dig the double Din style, this one is well worth a look. The preamp power and resolution are standard, and nothing to write home about, but the features and interface are certainly worthy of your attention.