12 Best Tool Backpacks in 2017

There are certainly perks to having your own properly organized tool shelf or cabinet, but sadly, we cannot enjoy this if we are constantly on the road. That is why we need something which will act as a replacement to that convenient tool shelf.

If you are on the lookout for the best tool backpack to keep your belongings nice and neat, then this guide will definitely help you find just that. You no longer have to fear that your backpack will give in under the weight of your tools.

Top 12 Tool Backpacks Comparison

DesignNameMaterialTypeRating (1-5)
  1. Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician BagNylonClassic 4.6
  2. Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool BackpackNylon BlendClassic 4.5
  3. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer BackpackNylon BlendClassic4.5
  4. Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear 53 Pocket Lighted Back PackPolyesterClassic4.5
  5. DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack BagPolyesterClassic4.5
  6. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Organizer BackpackNylon BlendClassic4.5
  7. Milwaukee 48-22-8200 Jobsite BackpackNylonClassic4.5
  8. ToolPak OriginalNylonClassic4.4
  9. Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool BackpackPolyesterClassic4.4
  10. G4Free Outdoor Tactical BackpackPolyesterSling4.3
  11. Boxuan warehouse Outdoor Tactical Shoulder BackpackPolyesterSling4.3
  12. SUNVP Tactical Military Daypack Sling Chest Pack Bag Nylon Sling 4.0

Getting a Tool Backpack

One does not simply buy a tool backpack without spending some quality time doing research. You have to find out your needs, and THEN apply them to the item you want to purchase. If you are an electrician constantly on the road, the chances are that you already know what you need to stuff every day in your tool bag.

Choosing a quality tool backpack is actually easier to do than you’d think. All you have to do is count your tools, consider your strength and select the right material for your needs.

Tool Backpack vs. Regular Backpack

Some may ask themselves “so what’s the difference between a regular backpack and a tool backpack?” Well, imagine this scenario: you buy a lightweight daypack to take to work, thinking “this is going to hold my tools in one place just well.” You stash them all in the main compartment and then go along your way.

Somewhere along the way to work, you feel it – that sharp pain in your pack caused by a prodding tool that decided to shift and poke through the light fabric. Now you just wished you had just a little bit more padding to stop the annoying device from poking off your skin.

At the same time, the fabric of a tool backpack is not only padded for user protection but reinforced for durability as well. If you keep poking at a thin fabric, it’s obvious that eventually, it will rupture, sending all your tools on the ground.

Therefore, when shopping for a tool backpack, you need to ensure that it’s made of:

  • Nylon – Known for its durability and its water resistance.
  • Polyester – Known for its abrasive resistance and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Obviously, both fabrics need to be really dense in order to be durable. Ballistic blends are mostly recommended when it comes to any tool backpacks since they are advertised to literally withstand bullets. This is why tactical backpacks also seem to be a favorite choice when it comes to these bags.

You may also want to choose a bag that has a reinforced or solid bottom. That way, you can be sure that it will stand on its own when placed on the ground and not roll over like an overstuffed Thanksgiving turkey.

Choosing the Style

When it comes to all types of backpacks, you literally only have two styles to choose from: a classic or a sling backpack. Some would argue that a wheeled tool backpack is also a choice, but that is not really a comfortable solution.

When it comes to tool bags, we have to go as light as possible; the tools are heavy enough as they are, without the addition of extra wheels. That’s why most people prefer to avoid the hassle of a rolling backpack because let’s face it; it’s uncomfortable to roll a backpack on a working site packed with dirt and stairs.

Pockets and Dividers

Do not forget to look for pockets when choosing your backpack. The more, the merrier. The last thing you want is to get your cables tangled in a hammer or a pair of scissors and reach the horrifying truth that your power cable is now two halves of one.

Pockets will help keep your stuff organized. You will know exactly what goes where, and where to reach for what. Tool backpacks will also have specially designed pockets and holders for most tools wrenches or extension cords.

While interior pockets are important, look for exterior ones as well. Those are very convenient when you need a quick reach to tools such as flashlights or tapes. The more features it has, the easier it will make it on the worker.

Top 5 Best Tool Backpack Reviews

1. VETO PRO PAC Service Technician Bag

This backpack is definitely one of the best things you could take with you on a work day. Made from a very strong nylon mix, it can withstand abuse and abrasion like a soldier on the battlefield, and you will no longer have to worry that your tools will poke out from all the wrong places.

This backpack has a 3MM thick polypropylene base. Regardless of where you leave it on the ground, it will not tip over due to the weight, and the material won’t get thinned either like most regular backpacks do.

It has plenty of space where you can store your tools in an organized manner. There are several pockets, hooks, and dividers meant to organize your tools, and the bigger ones will fit just perfectly in the larger compartment.

Everything is kept safe and shut by the very tough zippers, which were made to resist abuse.

Overall, this is definitely one of the best tool backpack models you can opt for. It’s spacious, it’s organized, and it can definitely last you through a few good seasons of work.

2. Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack

When you have to take your tools out with you on a long distance, you need something that will make your journey as comfortable as possible. This is exactly why this bag is so perfect; thick and durable, you will have no fears that the fabric will break just when you need it the most.

The backpack in itself is very spacious. You have two main compartments: one for the tools and one for the parts.

Furthermore, you have 41 inner pockets and seven outer ones. You’ll be able to take your common tools and still have room to spare.

The backpack will not tip over, so it’ll stay clean throughout the day. Regardless of how much you stuff it, it’ll act more like a comfortable tool box than a backpack. Plus, it’s fairly inexpensive compared to other toolbox backpacks out there.

3. Klein Tools 55421BP-14 Tradesman Pro Backpack

Made from 1680D ballistic weave, this backpack was literally made to withstand the atomic apocalypse. It was meant to be durable and resist punctures from poking and prodding, adding to your own comfort as well.

It may not look like it, but the backpack is very spacious. It has a total of 39 pockets where you can organize your tools, two of them sealed with Velcro straps that will ensure that your smaller tools don’t run out of place.

This big bag has the advantage of tall pockets for longer tools. Your screwdrivers will no longer stick out and will always stay nicely in their place.

You’ll definitely love this backpack. Organized, spacious and fully molded, it will keep all of your tools in place so that you can properly do your job.

4. Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear 53

Have you ever found yourself in such a poorly lit place that you couldn’t reach your tools simply because you couldn’t SEE them? You always have to carry a flashlight with you – which adds to the weight of the backpack.

Well, this backpack fixes the problem with its incorporated LED lights with two brightness levels. That way, if there is no power source available, you can direct the light either at your tools or in your area of work.

The backpack has a dual compartment design that allows for a better organization.

It’s equipped with 28 pockets where you can store your tools, 14 accessory pockets and also 11 multi-purpose pockets. You’ll never run out of storage with this one.

It also features 2-inch straps for a cordless drill and battery charger, so it’s a pretty multifunctional backpack to have on you.

5. DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets! Packed with 57 pockets (48 inner and 9 outer), this backpack is great for keeping you organized.

The pads on the back are also highly appreciated for comfort while the base pad helps reduce abrasions.

This backpack also features a LED light that can be directed any place you want. It can illuminate your work area for better visual, or it can light into the backpack to make identifying the tools much easier.

Made from heavy polyester construction, this item was meant to last. The zippers are sturdy, which means that they won’t break from continuous usage. The double handles also allow for better grabbing while protecting the zippers.

Overall, this backpack is not only spacious but multifunctional and organized as well. You will most certainly love it.

Final Thoughts

A tool backpack needs to keep you comfortable and organized at the same time. Depending on how many tools you generally carry around, you need to consider how many pockets are necessary. If you don’t take many tools with you, you don’t need to purchase any huge backpack, because it would be a waste of space.

So far, the Veto Pro Pac is considered the best tool backpack to take around with you. With its four compartments and multiple pockets, it makes storage easy for every technician on the road. In the end, however, your choice will depend on your personal preferences.