12 Best Tire Shines in 2018

Tires are like shoes. You want to make sure that they are clean, shiny, and that they always look their best. That is why you keep applying shoe polish whenever you go out of the house; you want to make them look glossy and slick.

Well, there’s no reason why your tires shouldn’t be the same. If you are on the lookout for the best tire shine that will make your “car shoes” black once more, this guide will give you a few ideas about what you should look for.

Top 12 Tire Shines Ultimate Chart

DesignGelNameContainerTypeBaseRating (1-5)
  1. Tire Shine Spray Dressing for Wet & Slick Finish Spray Bottle Liquid Water 4.7
  2. Griot’s Garage 10938 Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating Aerosol Liquid Silicone 4.7
  3. Chemical Guys TVD_102 New Car Shine Premium Dressing Canister Liquid Water 4.6
  4. Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel Capped Bottle Gel Silicone 4.6
  5. Chemical Guys TVD_109_16 Silk Shine Sprayable Dressing Spray Bottle Liquid Water 4.5
  6. Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Vinyl Capped Bottle Gel Water 4.5
  7. Armor All 77960 Extreme Tire Shine Gel Capped Bottle Gel Silicone 4.4
  8. Meguiar’s G12024 Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Spray Spray Bottle Liquid Silicone 4.3
  9. Tire Shine Gel – High Gloss to Matte Tire Black – Trim Restorer Capped Bottle Gel Water 4.3
  10. Black Magic BM23 Tire Wet Spray Bottle Liquid Silicone 4.3
  11. Black Magic 5072647 Tire Wet Gel Capped Bottle Gel Silicone 4.3
  12. Lucas Oil 10513 Slick Mist Tire and Trim Shine Spray Bottle Liquid Water 4.2

Why Do We Need Tire Dressing?

There are several reasons why we need to dress our tires to be nice and shiny; however, the most important ones will boil down to these two:

  • It will provide sidewall visual enhancement.
  • It will help protect against the premature aging of the tire.

In truth, most tire dressings are acting not only as shine providers but also as tire protectors. Since most tires need to be replaced regularly due to worn tread or weather damage, most people should invest in one that can both protect and offer shine.

The visual enhancement of the tire will be more effective if the quality of the tire continues to be up to par. Therefore, the best tire shine should also be able to prevent the apparition of premature damage.

Dressing Bases

There is not “one tire dressing to rule them all.” Each one has a different base, with a different purpose and result. They are categorized as following:

  • Water-Based Shine – Water-based shines are generally products that are a combination of synthetic and natural oils. They will provide a refreshing, shiny appearance to the tires, making them look almost new.

These types of water-based products are environmentally conscious, so the risk of tire dressing sling is very slim. Some products may even come with UV protection that prevents your tires from cracking because of high temperatures.

  • Silicone-Based Shine – The silicone shines were made to be water resistant and to provide a longer-lasting shine than water-based products. They are promoted to keep your tires looking new for a longer period.

Silicone used to be problematic, since it would collect dirt and dust, making people have to continuously “dress” the tire. It would be ideal to clean your tires thoroughly before applying a new layer of silicone-based gel.

Chemical engineering today, however, managed to create formulas that offer the best out of both silicone and the water-based world:

  • Silicone dressing that stands up for a longer term.
  • Silicone dressing that dries as fast as water-based dressing, eliminating the risk of dirt buildups.

Both types of products have their advantages, and the new technologies offer protection for both water and silicone-based products.

Regardless of what your preferences are, the market certainly has something that you can call the best tire dressing for your car.

Top 4 Best Tire Shine Reviews

1. Tire Shine Spray Dressing

This product is the fastest and easiest way to give your tires that fresh, shiny appearance.

The advanced coating system and the protection that this tire shine offers will make your tires look like new, thus preventing the premature aging of the tire.

Thanks to this spray shine, your tires will no longer be yellowing, cracking or fading. Its renewal system will return vigor even to already-aged tires, and therefore, it will make your gray tires look black again.

Considering that it is water-based, it also counteracts any grime and dirt that you may collect along the way. Plus, depending on how you apply the product, you may even control your shine level; it can be low, medium or high shine.

Opting for this product is indeed a great long-term investment for your tires. They will always have a gloss that lasts and shines beyond your imagination. It is one of the only products that has such long-lasting effects.

2. Griot’s Garage Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating

This is one of the top rated products for a good reason: it was created to darken and pump up the brilliance of your tires.

It is a premium dressing that was designed to offer maximum coverage and an excellent gloss that will make people turn their heads around.

The unique formula makes this dressing to be highly water resistant. It will provide superior quality and the incredible ability to adapt to any wet conditions such as rain or multiple car washes.

The fact that it is contained in an aerosol enables the user to have complete spray control. There will be minimal over-spraying, and the result will be an even and smooth application. Plus, it also has a nice scent, that’s quite pleasing to users.

3. CHEMICAL GUYS New Car Shine Premium Dressing

This product is a versatile one that can be used on different vinyl and rubber car parts, but it works especially well with tires.

The fact that it comes in a one-gallon canister will enable for longer use, being as economical as it is efficient.

It will dry within a few seconds of the application while still retaining that glorious shine we all want on our tires.

Its formula is water-based and works by protecting the tire from dust, dirt and UV damage. It’s definitely a tire shine you would like to invest in.

4. Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

This product doesn’t say “endurance” for nothing. It stops your tire from going brown (or any other different color) for a longer period – even weeks.

Since your tires are exposed to most of the road contamination, you’ll want to keep them protected for as long as possible and this product can help with that.

Therefore, Meguiar’s unique silicone formula will provide:

  • Tires that will stay black and shiny for weeks at a time, even when exposed to rainy weather.
  • Easy spraying, making drips and spots disappear.
  • Silicone formula that stops the browning of the tires.

It’s a formula that has been created for all tires, modern and vintage, so you will not regret making this acquisition.

Tires represent one of the first things that people notice about your car; so in order to avoid any embarrassing situation, you may want to invest in the best tire shine. Get one that applies to both your taste and your convenience.